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The Things You Don't See

A writer on a site I casually read recently posted a thoughtful piece about the bits of life not seen on her social media. I happened to read it the same day I came to the realization that most of my recent Instagram posts had been of the green stuff around me, and that my Twitter shares had been few and far between (and of admittedly low quality). Don't get me started on Facebook; I share pretty much nothing there and might as well just delete the damn account.

If you look at my Instagram grid right now, you'll see a few things. One, I definitely do not post daily. Weekly is more accurate. Good thing I'm no longer concerned at all with my personal brand, huh? Two, my posts don't say much about the big things that are going on in my life right now. And three, there's probably more nature shots than you'd expect from someone who lives in Manhattan, a place not exactly known for its sprawling nature preserves.
I've been posting pictures of trees and grass and…

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