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28 Celebrations

Over the last couple years, my approach to birthdays—specifically mine—has evolved. My 21st was a Major Production involving multiple celebrations, a town-wide barhop including family and friends from all my different worlds. Another one in my 20s saw me telling every single person whose path I crossed on Bleecker Street that "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" and drunk-eating Artichoke Pizza out of the box held by my friend's boyfriend at roughly 4 a.m. in a dress not at all appropriate for late March weather. By 26 we were talking about a small gathering of favorite people at a favorite bar in town, and last year I enjoyed ramen with two best buddies on the Tuesday of my birthday.

This year, I'm finally falling into the "it's just another day" mindset, which, I have to confess, is nice to finally arrive at. It's not surprising, seeing as the past few years have seen me releasing the grip on other Very Important Days in which we're supposed to have Very Ex…

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