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Friday Five #2

David went to London for work this week, where he says it's been sunny and lovely every day. Here in New York, we've had rain on three out of four days so far. So that makes perfect sense and doesn't make me grumpy at all oh wait yeah it does. Again, I know complaining about the weather is stupid, but I am so tremendously affected by my environment that I can't not. Related, we're not looking at great weather for this weekend, NJ's (do other places do this like we do?) unofficial kick-off summer weekend. The shore opens, the traffic amps up 100% in NJ and it's impossible to get south by car on a Friday from now till September. Not that this affects me anymore as a carless NYC dweller, but after 27 NJ summers, certain things are ingrained in you. Anyway, the point. Right. So since the weather is supposed to be kinda crappy I'm making no waterfront plans (last time I was on a beach on MDW I left with sun poisoning that made me literally black out from the…

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