Before We Begin

I feel like there are a few things we should talk about before we really get started here.

Now don't be nervous — I realize I just kind of told you "we need to talk." But don't worry, usually when I say things like that what I really mean is that I need to talk. Because I like to talk. Which is why I have a blog. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe you should worry a little bit. About your own mental health, especially, if you're still here by choice.

I just wanted to let you in the loop on a couple of things. You're not in trouble, so stop panicking.

Firstly, you'll notice that there's a ".blogspot" in the — holy shit, I have no idea what that's called. URL box? — web address space {? is that it?} up there. You'll hopefully notice in a couple of days or weeks, at most, that that's not there anymore. It's there now because I'm a fantastic moron.

Long story short — I used to run a creative writing blog called alyssagoesbang — I love how I write that here as if it's news, even though I've said it in approximately 6 other places already. So anyway, I used to own the domain And then I decided to let it expire because I was over my creative writing blog and working on developing a lifestyle blog {this one, in case I haven't been redundant enough yet}, which in its infancy had a different name. Then I decided that alyssagoesbang is the place I want to be on the Internet and scrapped the other blog name.

But as it turns out, even after you let a registered domain expire, it still kind of exists somewhere in the universe and you can't just like walk on up to the Internet and be like "can I have it back please?"

So for now, we're going to hang out here until the domain-ownership-limbo phase gets its grubby hands off my URL and I can snag it back {if there are any thieves out there trying to beat me to the punch, please don't, k?} and we'll all go back to where we belong.

Okay, one down.

Item two. This maybe doesn't need to be said, as you'll come to find it out eventually {if you choose to stick around, of course} but I'm a cards-on-the-table kind of gal.

I am a planner, but I have never, ever, ever kept a blogging schedule, and I don't think I'm going to start now. At least not right away. Who can say what the future holds, but for now, I'm going to just post as much as I can/when it feels right/as long as you'll come back to read me every now and again. I'll be really optimistic and tell you that I'm shooting for at LEAST 3 posts per week, but beg you not to hold it against me if that fluctuates a bit.
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Three. One of these days I might go ahead and even have a real blog layout done and get a button and all that fancy stuff that real bloggers have. But for now, this totally incorrectly-hacked blogger template is what we're working with. Keep your mockery to yourself unless you're going to fork over some cash for me to get a delish and alyssagoesbang-worthy blog design, mmkay? {That was mean. I'm sorry.}

God willing, that's it for now. If I think of any more I'll just text you.


  1. Hi! Missed your words. Nice to see you around!


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