Day 1

Hi! My name’s Alyssa, and for some reason, I think this blog will be different for me.

Well, I guess I can say I know it will be, because it already is. For one, I actually put some planning and organized forethought into this one for a change.

The new {and non-creative writing-focused} alyssagoesbang is my first attempt at a life{style} blog, whereas all my past attempts have been more focused on creative writing. The problem is… that’s kind of a crappy premise for a blog when you don’t hold yourself to any sort of writing schedule and just go ahead and post something creative when you feel like it, which, as it turns out, is not all the time, especially when life gives you lemons or takes away all your free time or steps on your inspiration and motivation like it’s a bug to be squashed. {Ed. note: I typically don’t squash bugs; I’m more of the “shoo them out the window” type.}

Also, if you liked that tangent, you're gonna love me.

So come on in and make yourself comfortable! I can't really make any promises about where we're going together — I can definitely promise I'm going to try my best here to keep things on some sort of schedule, and to keep things fun — but as far as blog topics go, here's my best guess:
fun things i do or want to do
food/cooking/baking — particularly gluten-free and almost-vegan
tattoos, art, style, makeup, the like
intermediate crafting
work, goals, plans, dreams
writing, blogging, progressing
things that are happening
animals that i think are cute
books that i like and movies that i haven't seen
food for thought
Above all, I'm just hoping to share some good writing about some interesting things here. Give us all some things to think about, ya know? And make myself pause and reflect a little bit more.

I'm really happy to have you here. Drop into the comments section to say hey, let me know if you're an old friend returning to my corner of the blogosphere {hi old friend! thanks for sticking by me!} or a new friend {god help you, dear one. buckle up.}, tell me what you think needs work and if you think I'm doing anything right. I swear, I'd just love to hear from you.


  1. I have been feeling the same way. [Awesome Title Here] fell apart. Here's to hoping it gets up and running again! Love you.

    1. I'd love to see us both back at the top of our games! I have faith in you :) Love you bunches


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