I'm On a Jet

Because it's not boating season yet, duh. Although, holy shit, I can't wait until boating season. Then I'll definitely be on a boat.

But I'm on a jet, which is still cool, because it means I'm getting a few much-needed days out of New Jersey. This situation is even cooler because this whole trip is fo' freeee!

I've always wanted to go to Nashville, and I was totally going to plan a trip for 2014... and then my bosses were all "Hey Alyssa! There's a conference in Nashville in 2014! Wanna go?" and I was all "HELL YES!" even though I know they were pretty much just like "Sorry we gave you a former editor's entire workload and doubled yours; please forgive us by attending this conference that wouldn't be relevant to you if we hadn't given you this whole second set of publications to write and we'll call it even?"

Verbatim, by the way.

So I'm off to Tennessee for a couple of days, and this trip couldn't come at a better time! The last week or so has been pretty stressful and full of new things, transitions, and quite full of bullshit. So I'm happy to have a new place to explore, maybe some new friends to make, and plenty to do to keep my mind off of my Jersey troubles, even if only for a handful of days.

Have you ever been to Nashville? Tell me what I should do while I'm there! I'm pretty lucky in that while there's a ton to be learned at the conference that will help me in my job, I still have plenty of free time after sessions to explore. Time to bag me a cowboy.