Lightening Up

Listen, I know I can be a little aggressive. And take myself a little too seriously sometimes. And just take things in general a little too seriously sometimes. And ramble on just a little bit too much. But all that's not the whole of me, I swear.

So to follow up post numero uno on this here blog, here's one that's a little less annoying and rambly and weird. Well, it's probably still weird. But in a different way. Hang on tight, new friends, I'm weird in a whole lot of ways and I have zero intention of pretending that I'm not here.

So if that last post was a little too meta/serious/aggressive/self-involvey for you, this baby's for you:

Hi there! I'm Alyssa, and alyssagoesbang {2.0, if you wanna be technical about it} is my triumphant {bahahaha} return to the blogosphere.

Come along for the ride. There are snacks off to the right — gluten- and dairy-free options for those of you like me — and we ask that you keep your arms and legs inside the Caravan o' Dysfunction at all times. We are not insured and we do NOT like blood. Flash photography is really, like, whatever. Follow your heart. I'm not here to tell you how to live your life.

So welcome to my hopefully-not-lame-ass attempt at a life{style} blog, where you'll get to know me, hopefully I'll get to know you, and we can all waste some time together! :)