7 Things

What is the point of blogging, if not to be heinously self-absorbed and talk about yourself all day, e'rry day, in the name of contributing to the lifestyle blogosphere? I do not know, my friends. I do not know.

In truth, since this is the first blog I've ever had where the goal was to let people into my life in an honest way — rather than invite them to read my creative writing and beg them to believe me when I labeled certain things "fiction" and "non-fiction" — I'm interested to see what kinds of things spill out of my fingertips as I strive to show just enough of myself to make you want to come back and chat and hang out with me, without over-sharing to the point of being completely unemployable and even more embarrassing to my friends and family than I already am.

So here are 7 things I think it's important for people to know about me as they attempt to understand what in god's name I'm doing on the Internet.

Why 7? Because when I wrote 10 I realized just how obnoxious I can seem when I go on talking about myself for 10 points.
1. My name is Alyssa {in case you were still unsure}, my Internet name is alyssagoesbang, my family nickname is Allie, and my name is Mom to my hedgehog Oliver
2. I work as a writer & editor for an educational publisher by day, and as a freelance editor by night, mostly of literary fiction for now. My own creative writing catalog consists of an endless series of tabled projects, defunct blogs, half-scratched outlines, abandoned notebooks, and lofty dreams.
{I'm actually quite a versatile writer & editor — we should totally chat if you're looking for some help in your editorial communications!} 

Just a couple of us one 4th of July on the lagoon.
Nope, that's not even all of us. There's a good chunk missing.
Yes, it's impossible for us to all take a good picture at the same time.
3. I live in New Jersey and I'm Italian. Yes, I spent my summers growing up on the Jersey Shore. No, I've never been to Karma. No, I don't fake tan or tease my hair to the heavens. Yes, my big Italian family is one of the most important parts of me. 
4. I strive to live... mindfully, if I have to fit it all into one word. To me, this means that I think about how what I do affects the people I love and the world my hypothetical children will inherit. I try every single day to be compassionate and kind to everyone and to "do all things with love." I think a lot. I try to do at least as much. 
5. Health and healthy living is important to me. I work on my yoga practice whenever I can, I {as of recently} run, and I spend as much time {in the warm months!} outdoors as I can. I eat cleanly {most of the time} and gluten-free // dairy-light // red meat-free. {Do yourself a favor and never invite me over for dinner.} I'm not a snob, or trendy, or new agey. To put it simply, I put my body through hell in my younger life, and I've spent the last couple of years trying to make amends for my earlier stupidity. {Hint: it's working!} 
Just a sample platter.
"Love,"  left inside bicep // lilies, right front hip // 18, left shoulder blade // rose vine, right hip to shoulder blade 
6. I have 10 tattoos. I got my first when I was 17, and the first four within 13 months. I'll tell you more about them all someday. As of now, I'm going on almost 3 years without being tattooed, and it's slowly sucking my will to live from me. Soon...
7. I made over and relaunched alyssagoesbang because:
  • I've missed having a blog to keep up with, but the kinds of blogs I've run in the past just weren't built for longevity. I think this one is.
  • Sometimes I think I'm pretty creative or insightful, and there's a chance that something I've done, experienced, or felt like writing about might inspire or inform someone else in the world. Maybe?
  • I enjoy writing, period. All parts of it. Even the feel of my fingers gliding over keys is exhilarating to me, and the sound of Macbook keys is better than a lullaby. {At least once a week I convince myself I have ASMR based on zero real evidence. This may be something I should have kept to myself.}
  • As a professional writer who hopes to one day publish real live books and stuff, I know how important it is to keep my instrument in tune. My day job helps me do that to some extent, but writing in my own style had gotten a bit lost before I {re}started this blog.
  • And finally, as an avid life/beauty/food/style/personal finance blog reader, it dawned on me one day that I actually might have something worth contributing to all those conversations, a little bit at a time, and I wanted to give it a go.
Hah, I totally thought I'd be able to write this post kind of briefly. I should really work on learning how to just shut up. But then I probably wouldn't be the type of person who blogs. Which, honestly, would probably be better for the world. Sigh.

Now your turn.. tell me something about you!