Getting Down

Get it? Because it's Friday? Gotta get down on Friday?

Whew, Happy Friday y'all! I've been thinking about how I want to do a weekly wrap-up sort of deal here, and I have to be honest, my favorite Friday posts around the web are from Cait, the genius PF blogger behind Blonde on a Budget. {Confession: Though I can't bring myself to be as ballsy a PF blogger, I adore reading them!}

So to lull us easily into the weekend, I'm going to steal borrow and modify Cait's TGIF posts for our purposes here, like many other smart bloggers have, and hope she doesn't mind sharing with us!

It's been an interesting week — couple of ups, couple of downs, but lots of plans made, things started, and important thoughts thought. Wrapping up the first full week of March feels surreal — didn't we just celebrate New Years? Every day that passes this month brings us closer and closer to my birthday. And since it's the terrifying big 2-5 that we're {I'm} facing this month, that knowledge is a bit tough to deal with.

Ack. We'll have to talk about my birthday sooner or later. But for now:

The low of my week was: missing my grandmother on Monday. It would have been her 88th birthday; we lost her to Alzheimer's back in August. She's the first grandparent I've lost, and was truly the sweetest, kindest woman I've ever known. She's missed terribly every day, but seeing March 3 come and go without watching her blow out birthday candles made things even tougher to swallow.

The high of my week was: coming home, honestly. As much as I enjoyed the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Nashville, leaving home always reminds me of how much I love returning. Stepping off the plane and into the swearing, horn-honking, middle-finger-throwing chaos that is NJ at rush hour was like a breath of fresh air. Ahhhh...

A link I'd love to share from this week is: Whitney's post about looking below the surface and reevaluating how we judge people, and what makes a person "good."

My plans for the weekend include: FINALLY getting some new tires and some repairs done on my car {this winter has been rough on Ol' Stella, guys}, catching up on some things around the apartment {6 days in Nashville = LOTS o' laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning to do}, getting in a nice long run {50 degrees on Saturday!} and toasting to the freakin' weekend with some friends, including one gal I haven't seen in FAR too long. {It's also very possible that I'll run to Target to pick up the Catching Fire DVD set and then lock myself inside watching every second of extra footage, interviews, commentary, and deleted scenes before returning to behaving like a normal human being. But that's not the goal.}

How was your week, and what are you up to this weekend?