Happiest of Springs

Happy First Day of Spring!

It feels like I've been waiting forever to say this! And now, even though I'm saying it and it's an accurate statement, it just doesn't feel quite right.

It's "warming up" here in NJ, which just basically means it's not in the single digits every day, but it still isn't warm. 50-ish isn't warm, especially when it isn't accompanied by some sunshine! And seeing as we've only had one actual 50-ish day in the last week while the rest have been in the 30-degree range, that's a moot point anyway.

I don't mean to sound ranty. We're all dealing with some crappy weather lately. Except for you guys in places like Florida or California. You don't get our #struggles and we're I'm resenting you for it.

But regardless of whatever the thermometer says, the calendar says it's officially spring. And even though I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER, spring 2014 holds plenty of promise too...

  • My 25th birthday is in just over a week! I'm equal parts pumped and absolutely freaking out. No one seems to get this really, and I'm not sure why. Isn't 25 everyone's "scary age"? Of course, until you turn 25 and then I guess 40 is the next "scary age." Maybe it's different for women too. Anyone with me on this... at all?
  • Spring is the best time to be outside {well, it will be when the thermometer catches up to the calendar}. Longer evenings and warmer {but not yet oppressively hot} temps mean I can really put in the hours and up my running game. I took my very very first stab at running in the bitter cold that was this past December and have been trucking along through winter. After how far I progressed in just a few months — months plagued by a polar vortex, unrelenting snow, and ice — I can't wait to see what the spring air does for my run.
This? I'm over it.
  • Speaking of running, my first race is scheduled for this spring! I can't wait to finally put my training to some use and slap that number on my abdomen. A year ago, I would never even fathom saying these words.
  • I have a secret that I can't for some stupid reason don't want to reveal. And it's driving me crazy! But I will very soon, and then I shall be very happy, because while I can keep a secret, it's as physically laborious as holding in a sneeze for me.
  • Easter is next month, and though I'm not the most terribly religious person out there, Easter gatherings with my family are just too much fun. The youngest of the cousins will be 21 this year; the oldest are closing in on 30, but you had better believe we still participate in the annual Easter Egg Hunt.
I just love our collective reaction to something one of our elders must have said.
// ready positions! {we're really competitive for plastic eggs full of jelly beans we don't even like}
  • I'm expecting a tax return any day now, which HOPEFULLY {all the fingers and toes crossed} means I get to upgrade my sad little computer, who I adore and have had by my side since graduating high school in 2007, but who really needs to be laid to rest at the Great Genius Bar in the sky. You've been swell, baby, but mama needs some new.
  • The first appearances of spring colors, patterns, and cuts make my heart happy. Maxi dresses! Sundresses! Pastels! Neon! I don't care what's "in," I just know that these things start happening in the spring and I am tired of having to look past the florals and polka dots for the more seasonal items that for WHATEVER REASON only exist in dark solids. Well, at least in my wardrobe they do. You had better believe I'll be pulling out the maxis as soon as it's even remotely reasonable.
  • Memorial Day Weekend, the Official Start to New Jersey Summer, even though it's still a month before the actual season begins, comes in spring. That's when the beaches "open," the parkway becomes a nightmare every Friday through Sunday, but it's all worth it anyway. Kicking off the shore season on MDW is a tradition here and it's almost like New Year's Eve, setting the tone for the next few months and filling you up with hopes of good times ahead. I can't wait.

What are you looking forward to this spring? Is the weather where you live starting to come around?


  1. i think spring missed us because it's SO COLD and WINDY. at least it's not polar vortex cold but damn, i just want to some sun and temps above 10C!!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Today as if right on cue it's sunny & sorta warm! I hear it's supposed to be cold again next week, but for today, it's warm. I can't wait to hear your secret! Props for holding that stuff in, I'm awful at that nonsense. At 25 you can rent a car. Go ahead and celebrate that! I plan on it!


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