Let's Get a Move On


I don't think I've ever been happier to see a Friday arrive. Today has bonus points because it's a payday Friday, and it's the first Friday of spring.

I thought about writing a real Friday post this week — recapping the week, looking ahead to the weekend. But then I realized that it would probably go something like this:
St. Patrick's Day. Running. Work. The "usual" bar. Work. Running. Rain. Icing my sore knees and shins. Chatter. Blogging. Freaking out about my upcoming 25th birthday. The bar.
And really, that about sums it up. It was just a normal week around here. No real lows, luckily, but no extreme highs either. And that's okay.

This was kind of a catch-up week. I missed a deadline at work last week, so I had to make sure I got back on track — which I did, nobody panic. Nothing out of the ordinary really happened, but sometimes you just need a few days to let everything balance out and return to normal before kicking it back up. And since last weekend was drunken and ludicrous a hectic one, it was a good week to stabilize.

So I'm just about ready to dance my ass into the weekend and hope for some high highs. There are rumors of another St. Paddy's Day parade this weekend, and of some nice, springy weather, which means {hopefully!} some good, long runs, and toasting to another weekend with my guys and gals.

Speaking of dancing, and my ass, I need to talk about one thing real quick. Tweets from Jen and Kay may have actually been my favorite thing this week, because they alerted me to the existence of Lea Michele's new album. GURL, I can't. I'm loving this so, so much. And it's not just because I have a huge bias toward Ms. Lea since people constantly tell me I look like her. {I don't see it.} But I shall be blasting this through the weekend aaaand I've already identified my anthem of the summer, aka the Soundtrack to My Shore Drives.

So I'm linking up with Whitney and gonna #backthatazzup to this jam until it's the freakin' weekend:

Cheers! What are you jamming to right now? 

Have a great weekend :)


  1. I can see a slight resemblence. I get told I look like Jordin Sparks... umm, no. Glad you were able to get caught up on everything. I feel as though I'm always playing catch up! Have a great weekend!

  2. i heard that we're getting some freezing rain this wekend. and today is actually nice! sunny and warm FOR ONCE. but now back to bullshit. *sigh*

    have a great dancey weekend :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Yes, you do look like Lea! So pretty!
    Your weekly recap loved it. I have weeks like that far too often. And I'm like this is not exciting. I worked every day, drank too much on a tuesday & watched tv all night the rest of the week. I can't spin this fun or fantastic.
    Did you make it to the additional St. Paddy's festivities?!


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