Pit & Peak: Running on Sunshine

Last week I took a page out of Cait's book, but to wrap up this work week I'm gonna dip my toes into a different pool — I'm joining in on the Pits & Peaks linkup today, hosted by Allie & Jen. {Hi ladies!}


Like any other week, this one has been a cocktail of highs and moderates-to-lows. Here are a couple of them:

PEAK || I am officially registered for my first race! Some day I'll tell you all about my journey to becoming a runner, but let's start with this: Until December 26, 2013, I had not run at all. Ever. I maybe jogged a grossly long lap around the track once or twice in high school when they made us do it in gym class, but I never thought I'd be able to run for real. My first race will be a 5K this June, and I couldn't be more pumped to get #1 {of hopefully very, very many!} under my belt. I wish it weren't so far away!

I Macgyver'ed this situation to ice at work. My boss thinks
it's ridiculous and hilarious. I guess he has a point.
PIT || I've been battling a rough round of shin splints, which I'm going to blame mostly on the treadmill I had to run on while in Nashville. I did as I was told and rested and iced them, but my first run after 6 rest days on Monday was still BRUTAL. I barely made it 2 miles, and my legs were screaming at me the whole time. I haven't been running long enough to take 6 days off and not suffer the consequences of lost fitness, but I didn't want to risk more damage by running on shin splints that bad. Sigh. After Monday's disgrace I pretty much slogged through my runs for the rest of the week, but I remember where I was three months ago and how far I've come in such a short time. This #struggle is just temporary.

PIT || Without dragging all of the Internet into the drama {ugh. Is there any way to say that without sounding like a high schooler/The Hills character?}, let's just say I'm stressed. out right now. A lot of things came to light over the last week or so — not all of them good — and the lack of answers and the ever-presence of confusion and questions has been threatening to wear me down. Hopefully the next few days bring some answers and clarity. Fingers crossed...

PEAK || The weather here in NJ was unbelievable to start off this week! By that, I mean I was reminded of what grass looks like, as the snow's finally started to melt. I'm usually a 70-80 degree kinda gal, but when it's been approximately 4 degrees for so long, the mid-50s make for basically beach weather. Don't underestimate how much impact a few warm days can have on my psyche! Even with all the stress I've been under, I've felt much happier this week than I have in a while, and more effortlessly so. No doubt it's thanks to the fact that I saw short sleeves again.

PIT || ...But apparently Mother Nature is still a little bit upset with us. The beautiful weather could only last so long before torrential rains and temps dipping back into the twenties on Thursday. I gotta say, after the few lovely days, it hurt real bad. Have you ever read Flowers for Algernon? It's like that.

PEAK || For what may be the first time in FOREVER, I went a whole week without a single headache. I'm extremely migraine-prone and have been ever since I can remember — elementary school, at least. I'd gotten used to having a migraine or severe chronic tension headache on average 5 days a week, if not 7. My mild headache was your no headache. I've had eye exams/glasses, changed my diet, had MRIs, and been referred to specialists — nothing. Long{er} story short, getting me headache-free was one of the main goals of my chiropractor when I started seeing him earlier this year, and damn it, he did it! I never thought I'd see 7 straight days without a headache. Getting to tell the Doc "mission: accomplished!" felt almost as good as my head this past week! :)


Anywho, the pits of this week are the price you pay for the peaks and for great weekends like the one I have planned: the St. Patrick's Day parades and following festivities, keeping up tradition, and celebrating a holiday that has absolutely nothing to do with my life with my nearest, dearest, and drunken strangers I'll never forget.

I'm really good at making friends || St. Paddy's Day 2012
What's on your agenda for the weekend? And what were your Pits & Peaks this week??


  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my site! Every Friday is weekly confession day....it helps me to know that I am not the only weirdo out there!

    Weekend plans....soccer game, long run, and chores. Nothing too exciting unfortunately, but that's ok. Have a great weekend too!

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