Planned to Pieces

It should be noted by anyone that attempts to know anything at all about me that I am Type A. I am a planner. I am organized *almost* to a fault.

Now, I know what you're thinking. That's gotta get annoying. And yeah, probably. I'm sure it bugs people who want to just "play things by ear." Look, I'm totally cool with spontaneity — but actual unplanned spontaneity. Like, you can't be all "Let's hang out Friday. The what, when, and where will not be decided until game time." No, I can't do that. Because then I'll spend every moment until Friday planning for every possible scenario — outfit, do I need to take cash out, should I clean my car, should I clean my apartment, should I shave my legs, etc. However, if you spring things on me on Friday, I'll have no time to over-plan and I'll be much more relaxed and just go with it. See what I'm saying?

Suffice it to say people give me a hard time a lot for how organized/planned I am. They think I'm uptight. {They're not totally wrong.} BUT — when someone needs a Tide TOGO pen or a tissue, or wants to know how we're getting to that thing we're going to, who do you think they go running to first? THAT'S RIGHT.

But, planning is necessary for my sanity. Because even though I know that my plans may not probably won't work out how I envision them, at least when they go to shit I have something to rebuild from. Ya know?

For example.* I was hoping to get a pretty little tax refund, which would help me scoop up a much needed new computer. The ol' gal is ready for retirement and there's a Macbook Air at some Apple store with my name alllll over it. This has been part of the plan for months now.

BUT GUESS WHAT. Instead of getting my Mac Fund from the nice folks at the IRS, they decided that they haven't taken enough of my money over the last year and they need more of it. A whole lot more of it. Money that, while I technically *have* it, was certainly NOT earmarked to hand over to some big bullies.

But here's the thing. My plan got fucked, yes. And now I have to make a new one. BUT — and here's the important part — I don't have to start from square one.

This is why, no matter how many times the universe proves to me that it, much like the honey badger, doesn't give a shit about me or my plans, I will always continue to make them. I will abuse Google Calendars. I will write lists until my hands bleed. I will itemize everything I have to do and keep spreadsheets and revise, cross off, and rewrite until I'm blue in the face. Because at the very least, I'm giving myself a solid starting point. I'm giving myself something to work from.

So while I'm not getting a new Mac this April, all I have to do to figure out when I will be able to is look at my savings calendar, rearrange a couple of transfers and pick a new pay period to budget it into. Simple pimple.

I'm not advocating that everyone be as obsessed with planning and organizing as I am. All I'm asking is that you give us planners, us over-thinkers, us list-makers a break every once in a while. Because while you may not think there's anything to be gained from writing out a plan that is statistically likely to fall apart, I assure you my lists, notes, and calendar markings are the only things keeping me from lookin' like this:

every time a not-so-pleasant surprise pops up.

And trust me when I tell you, it's better for the world that I stay out of the wine bottle.

Are you a planner or do you just take everything as it comes? What works for you when the universe gives you the ol' middle finger?

*Please note that not getting a new computer is not the worst thing that's ever happened to me, and I realize this is a #firstworldproblem. This is just one example, a simple nugget of a for-instance, and I assure you I have more depth than this post may suggest.


  1. yes. yes. yes. *head nodding* omg she's me.
    that was the series of events that happened while reading this.
    I'm the definition of type a. lists are my favorite things. and don't tell me lets hang out saturday & not at least give me a little bit of an idea! because yes, I will sit there all week & analyze every little thing. Call me at 6 on Saturday, that works better for my life.
    also, the IRS are a bunch a effing asshats. I hate them. not only did they take my money but they also took a lot of my spirit this year. last night I had the terrible terrible urge to put my milk in with the woman in front of me sliding that stupid blue card the illinois government hands out like candy to those who don't have jobs. that makes me a shitty person, I know.

  2. OMG i could have written this. i'm a planner to the core; so much so that when i had my baby, i was like, THIS BABY IS NOT JAMMING WITH MY SCHEDULE OR PLAN FOR TODAY; WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE. BABY, YOU NEED TO SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT CUZ AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT.

    so having a kid was a wake up call for me.

    however, i'm still a planner. i plan my whole week in advance, i do my budget, i allocated my money to where i need it and like you, if something goes to shit, that's ok because i my plan has been put in motion to cover those "oh shit" situations.

    i really don't know how people can just go without plans or do things without planning. don't they feel like blowing their brains out half the time?

    Vodka and Soda

  3. These gifs are having me literally lol-ing!

  4. Hey
    I can relate to this so much! Sometimes I get so obsessed with planning and lists that I get more stressed out about scheduling, and I have to take a step back. Overall, I think it makes me a much more organised person. Sometimes I plan for spontaneity, or I make sure to surround myself with people who are more impulsive so I can feed off their energy.
    Have a good week!

  5. I am definitely a planner, but unlike you I get seriously stressed if my plan falls through. If I have plans to do something I don't want to do, and then those plans fall through, I still feel stressed. I was planning on it! Haha. My boyfriend tells me all the time I'm gonna have stroke by the time I'm thirty if I don't chill out. WHATEVER! ;)


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