The Sweet Smell of Sunscreen

Remember when it used to be warm in March?

Or maybe it was that when we were kids we weren't so sensitive to temperatures? Maybe. I dunno.
All I know is that this winter has kicked my ass, and Mother Nature can't grace NJ with some 60+ temps soon enough. 

{Confession: It's not uncommon that I take a whiff of some sunscreen or coconut oil just to remind myself that summer is a thing that exists and it will soon arrive to make me happy and take all of our pain/stiff joints/dry skin away.}

Today I'm linking up with Helene and Taylor because maybe talking about summer will make it get here a little faster or something, or maybe it'll just distract me from the fact that I'm still waiting to break out the maxi dresses and mini skirts that I miss so, so much.

Helene In Between

  • I feel like this is pretty obvious, but.. I mean, summer. Sun. Warmth. No layers. Hair air-drying within half an hour. Bare feet. NO PANTS. Ya dig?
  • Summer shows are the best shows! Hate all you want, but Dave Matthews Band puts on a summer tour like no other and this year my bestie and I will be singing our hearts out with the best strangers in the world at 2 to 4 of the most laid-back-yet-awesome lawn shows of the season, adding to my previous 9 {I think?} Dave show appearances. I'm also crossing my fingers that my love John Mayer comes back around this year to let me have another religious experience. Then there's the country music festival and the rock carnivals and Bethlehem Musikfest in August...
  • Sundresses mean I don't have to worry about matching two items of clothing together. Yeah, I'm that lazy in the mornings. Slip it on, out the door.
NJ Festival of Ballooning // NY Yankees Game-worn gear // DMB @ Susquehanna Bank Center, summer 2013
  • July 4th fun with my family is a tradition unlike any other. I've got some really wonderful cousins and we just have the absolute best time together. Family gatherings down the shore just can't be beat. Our 4th of July festivities, between the food, the yukkas, the boat, the homemade wine and sambuca, the laughs, and the sombreros, always go down in the books.
  • The boys of summer are back — of course, I'm talking about the New York Yankees. This year will be our last chance to see the legendary Derek Jeter at the bat, and you KNOW my bestie and I will be up in them bleachers, rocking the pinstripes to see the cap'n make it happen for one more season.
Gambling on a "morning after" in Atlantic City // Musikfest 2013 // Loving on the boys in blue
  • The Jersey Shore... it's really nothing like you see on TV. And it's one of the best parts of being a #jerseygirl. Fireworks on the beach, sandy feet, bonfires, boats, F Cove, the Bamboozle, the AC boardwalk, little gigs at the Stone Pony, no shower happy hours, beach bars... it's a way of life.
  • Summer romance. :)
  • Long days mean more time to squeeze in all the things I love — spending time with family and friends, running, and drinking on patios.
4th of July fireworks on the beach // Legs, not hot dogs // The boats in Wychmere Harbor in Cape Cod, Mass.
  • I wish I could say I have some great summer travel plans, but as of yet I have nothing set in stone. There will be, of course, trips down the shore {#talkjerseytome}, but other than that I'm not positive what else I'll manage to squeeze in. Hopefully I'll get up to Cape Cod for a couple of days like usual, possibly down to North Carolina to visit my friend, and maybe another one or two that I still have in the brainstorming stages!
  • "You can live a lifetime in a summer, especially when you're young." - Judy Blume
    I love this quote, and I feel its truthiness every year. I guess that means I'm still young, right? #feelingoldat25 :| Anyway, it's so true. I feel like every summer awakens a part of me that didn't exist before, or that had been lying dormant all fall and winter. By summer's end, I've either been able to neatly open and close another chapter of my life, or I've unlocked a new part of me that carries through into the cold months and helps me grow and become the person I'm meant to be. I'm sure this makes little to no sense, so just trust me.  :)
There are a thousand more reasons, of course, but these are the most pressing, I think. Now your turn to link up and share why you can't wait for summer!


  1. ohh yes, this all makes me so happy. music is just better in the summer. i'm convinced. but love me some music shows and festivals! long days are seriously the best. I need it to hurry up!

  2. that is a perfect quote because it's so true! summer makes you want to get out more and LIVE instead of being cooped up during hideous winter weather.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. I totally feel you on the dress front. It takes me 3 times as long to get dressed for work in the morning because I hate wearing pants. So of course I have to try on 5 different shirt/pant combinations and end up wearing the first combo since none of them look good anyway. Bring on the dresses!

  4. I want to see Dave live sooo bad. I love him. But I have always had something going on when he plays near me, which really sucks! Summer is my favorite time of year, there is nothing like it. I always end summer wishing it wouldn't go, but being completely satisfied with everything I did. And I'm always super hyped for the new fall chapter, great things happen off that summer high.


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