...And Another One

Congratulations, guys. We made it through another week! I'll be honest, I wasn't so sure for a minute there.

If you've swung by earlier this week, you'll know that I've had a LOT of demands on my time the past few days, and today is no different. I've gotta get back on the grind and meet my deadlines, but I wanted to just drop in and talk about something real quick.

Last night my friend and I went to an benefit thrown by The William Fund to benefit a NYC emergency shelter called Sylvia's Place. In short, TWF works to fund organizations like Sylvia's Place that offer help and services to the LGBTQ community, and specifically more local organizations, for whom a couple of bucks can mean the difference between shutting down or staying open to help kids in serious need. Joel can explain the roots and efforts of The William Fund better than I can, so click here to learn more.

Sylvia's Place is a small shelter in NYC with only 14 cots, but it does its absolute best to serve any LGBTQ person who comes to the door needing emergency services. As you may know, LGBTQ kids are at a supremely elevated risk for drug abuse, homelessness, abuse, depression, and suicide. When they've been turned away by parents, peers, and their community, shelters like Sylvia's Place give them hope. You can learn more about Sylvia's Place here.

If nothing else, it was probably the only chance I'll have in my life to be in the Norwood.
I'm not fancy, but we had fun pretending to be for one night.
The event last night was inspiring, really. Some people shared heartwarming stories of love over hate, perseverance over everything. These two organizations are doing exceptional work, and very necessary work. If you are in the NYC area and have a bag of old clothes to donate, or some time to spare, or a few extra dollars looking for a good home, here are two very worthy places to look.

Okay, thanks for allowing me that soapbox for just a minute! But now it's a rainy Friday morning, I've got a long list of things to do and a drink waiting on the other side of 5 p.m. Let's get to wrapping up the week! Following Cait's lead once again:

The low of my week was honestly, nothing that I can think of! Not that it was an exceptionally fantastic week or anything, but I can't quite come up with any outstanding lows. I'll take that!

The high of my week was meeting some really impressive people last night, including a possible collaborator for some future work, and taking home some inspiring stories. {I'd include my first race in this one, but I tend to think of the week as starting on Monday. Anyone else?}

A link I loved this week was a two-way tie between Erin's {technically last week's, but I lose track of time, sue me.} and Whitney's. I've been thinking about these ideas a lot over the past few months, and can't agree more. Every day is a treasure, and when we forget about that, we're only cheating ourselves. I'm not suggesting every day has to be the best day of your life, but wishing our lives away isn't the way to go either. I'm working on this.  :)

My plans for the weekend include pushing myself into the next phase of training {10k, here I come!}, hopefully going hiking {help me out here, Mother Nature!} for the first time in months, and catching a meal with my best friend.

Hope you's all had great weeks! I'll see ya in a couple of days. What are you up to over the weekend?