Bless Me, Internet, For I Have Sinned's been a minute or two since my last confession.

1 || I have been the best procrastinator of all time lately. It doesn't help that I'm able to talk myself into or out of anything in five seconds flat. I'm seriously hoping my mini-vacation this weekend will snap me out of this and get me back on the grind.

2 || There's someone I really need to let go of — I know this, the tarot reader I spoke to a few weeks ago knows this, my friends know this — and yet I just can't. This person keeps popping up in my mind, in conversations with others, in the faint memories I'm trying to forget, and even though logic is telling me to let go and move on, my heart is telling me I'm having so much trouble doing so for a reason. I'm not sure where that leaves me, though, because I'm not the only person who determined months back that it was time to give up on each other. Sigh.

3 || I ran over to the library the other day to grab some books for my flights this weekend, only to realize that one of the two books I picked up... I had read already. Less than a year ago. And unlike me, I actually remember the plot of it quite well. {I tend to forget 95% of the plot of a book/movie/TV show in less than a year, unless I've read/watched enough to memorize it.} I'm really smart, guys.

4 || I made a goal this month to submit a piece of writing I'd penned back in January to something — Thought Catalog or some other lit mag type thing, because it can be best described as creative non-fiction — and I still haven't done it. The piece itself is really emotional for me, but most of my CNF is. And I don't think that's quite why I'm hesitating. I happen to think that this piece is quite special, too. I'm a writer, rejection is a familiar concept to me, and yet I still fear it deeply. I need to get over that.

5 || I don't like Bloody Marys. {Can I still be a lifestyle blogger, please???}

6 || My old gym sends me an email about once a month asking me to come back, each time with a new promotional rate, new perks, et cetera. I know I won't go back, because I prefer running, yoga, and bodyweight workouts to the gym, yet I keep a stack of these emails tucked away safely in my inbox, just in case. They typically only make me feel guilty, yet I keep them around. 

7 || I've just realized that my email inbox is an excellent metaphor for the rest of my life. Go figure.

8 || I despise taking baths of any sort, but since taking up running, the suggestion of {shudder} "ice bath" has been tossed at me many times to ease my angry lower body. Oh, I also despise being cold. But I bit half of the bullet and went ahead with an Epsom salt bath the other day and I am a changed woman and can't understand why I never did this earlier. {Is this really a confession? I dunno, it just felt right.}

9 || As much as I can't wait to be in North Carolina with my sweet friend L this weekend, I'm starting to bug a little about the whole "getting there" thing. My flight is at 6:30 a.m., which means I need to be at the airport at 4:30 a.m., which means a 4 a.m. wakeup call, and I have to be somewhere until 11 the night before. Oh and I have no idea who's taking me to the airport and am so reluctant to hire a car.. for no good reason, really. Add this to the list of reasons I'm not a good traveler.

I feel cleansed, you guys. This was good. Let's do this again. Same time next week?
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  1. I'm with you on not liking Bloody Mary's, or any form of tomato other than ketchup and pasta sauce. I just can't do it. I believe you should not drink tomatoes. I just can't. That is all.

  2. i hope your getting to the airport works out lady. i wish you luck! i hate bloody marys too, though i dont mind tomato juice, i just hate everything else. i have never tried an ice / cold / epsom bath. maybe i should? i find a normal hot bath does wonders for my running pains. and as for letting go of someone - honestly, the only thing that helps is time. i know thats stupid and boring, but one day you'll wake up and realise you didnt think about them yesterday, or its been a month since you cried (or whatever). been there, unfortunately, too many times.

  3. Im not going to lie, number 2 is my life right now. Sighs

  4. ugh bloody marys are gross as are baths. they're boring and aren't you basically just marinating in your own filth? #sorrynotsorry i said that.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Hey Alyssa!! Oh I totally agree, I HATE bloody Mary's lol!! Ekk Everyone seems to love them but me haha! And as to the love interest, its always so hard to let go. But you know what, if your heart is telling you its not over than don't give up. :) Only if he was unhealthy than maybe think about it, and I know even then its hard. And I am sooo anti bath, shower please.. It's just gross lol!! ;) Great post lovely, and talk soon! XOXO ;)


  6. YES someone else who goes to the library! AND who almost reads books twice. ahhh i do that all the time and get so frustrated. i guess i need to utilize my goodreads app more! ew i do not like bloody marys either. blah

  7. Ahhh I relate to so many of these, especially number 2.. sigh. Relationships are so frustrating. And the whole not being able to leave your car at the airport without paying a fortune is RIDICULOUS. I hate asking for rides! I've struggled with this four times just in the last month. I hope you find the courage to submit your writing as I'd love to read it. xo


  8. Girl I totally feel you on #2. Sometimes letting go is just way too hard.

  9. Ok glad you are coming to like the bath. I love them! I actually hate showers!

  10. Ugh, I hate Bloody Marys! They are so thick and take forever to drink!

  11. #3. I totally am the same way.. I read so many books that I forget and get the same book until page like, 50. haha.

  12. I forget a lot of the plots/stories in books, movies, etc. a month or so after I've read or watched them. I have a horrible memory. I don't like bloody marys at all! I hope they don't take my lifestyle blogger title away. Hope you are able to get your airport plans figured out :)

  13. I've gotta start doing these memes too. You've found some good ones. Okay, so my reactions are as follows (the number corresponds to the number of your confession):

    2. Him again? I've already given you advice and stuff on him before. Now I'm just rolling my eyes :)

    3. Gasping because you know I'm thinking this means you've forgotten the plot of my book (if there is one) :)

    5. Swear to god I'm drinking a bloody mary right now!! A spicy one! I'll send you a pic on facebook RIGHT NOW to prove it. Why does everyone hate them?! So nutritious.

    8. My husband takes epsom salt baths for his shin splints too.

    9. Don't hire a car! In the middle of the night! Omg. If I were a psychopath that'd be a great job: picking up cute girls at 4 am to take them to the "airport." Yeah. Come on now.

    But have fun in North Carolina !!! :)

  14. Girl I run and have yet to take an ice bath. Maybe that makes em dumb, or maybe that means I don't run enough to need one? Either way my leg and times haven't suffered lol

  15. I am a complete procrastinator! Always have been. Always will be. And I totally don't like bloody marys.


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