I Believe We'll Be Okay

You all know this is going to be a Friday post, wrapping up the week and looking ahead to the weekend. I don't need to fill this space with some introductory blabber to prepare you, do I? Let's get right to it, I'm on deadline...

{as always, thanks to Cait for this #TGIF format}

The low of my week was learning the hard way that I really do need to take rest days more often than I thought. I was under some delusion that I could run five days straight — which I could when I was only going 1-2 miles at a time! — but I can't with the mileage I'm able {yay!} to do now. I've gotta embrace a good rest every three days.

This just felt like a good place to put this.

The high of my week was learning about today's surprise half day at work on Wednesday! We weren't expecting it, but because of the holiday, the bosses are letting us skadoodle at 1 today. Usually when we get a "surprise" half day before a holiday, we're informed by the boss walking into the offices around 2 p.m. with a "you guys can leave if you want." I'll be spending my afternoon at the DMV, but at least I don't have to do it tomorrow, so, yay.

Oh and high of the week #2: Finding this guy I had forgotten I'd saved on Reddit. CUE ALL THE AWWS.

He just wants to say hi and love you forever!
A link I loved this week was this brilliance from Nicole. Even if I weren't aspiring to be a marathoner on her level, I'd still be crazy about this blog. Though she's talking specifically about her training for the Boston Marathon {go girl!} in this post, I find that a lot of these are applicable to anyone in the running game. Especially #26 :)

My plans for the weekend include a bunch of errands, a run with my new running buddy and one with my big bro, FINALLY watching Frozen with my favorite gals {while sipping frozen cocktails, because of course #frozenparty}, and gathering with the family for the annual Ammirato Easter, egg hunt included.

To help me gear up for the next few fab days, I'm gonna #backthatazzup to this feel-good tune:

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you celebrate Easter? Can you beat the lunacy of a group of 20-29-year-old cousins darting through the yard hunting for Easter eggs filled with Jelly Beans that no one wants? :)


  1. That little elaphanty is cracking me up!! Plus he reminds me of myself in that GREEN STUFF?! NO! I want this, I'm probably not supposed to eat it! I might suggest the adult egg hunt, we only have like 2 little kids. Let the big kids play too!! but my family is a bunch of sticks in the mud. I'm not sure how I came from that, but I did.

    Have a good weekend, girl! Hunt eggs for me :)


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