I Take Dumb Photos

After beautiful weekends like the one we just had in NJ, Mondays are usually extra tough. I've just had two warm, sunny days, spent outside, with family and friends, welcoming spring and just feeling happy and free.

But today I'm still feeling happy and free, even though I'm typing this from my desk chair with a calendar full of deadlines right in front of me. We have the windows open, my officemate and I are in floral shirts, and we're having an office lunch of sushi to {belatedly} celebrate my birthday. As Mondays go, this one is pretty sweet.

Before I go attend to those deadlines, let's rap for a sec about this amazing list of blog post ideas Kay shared with us. I'm going right for number one and showing you some of the recent shots* I've taken with my trusty iPhone camera. Let's have some fun.

When M and I went to the Devils game last Monday, this is what the ladies room looked like — and yet there was still no wait. I guess only at an NHL game is 3 working ladies room stalls sufficient. The sight made us chuckle, which made us take pictures, which makes us really lame.

My officemate K and I have been really, really pumped for today's sushi lunch since we heard the news on Friday. She drew me a picture to celebrate.

And then I took a step back after taking the sushi picture picture and again chuckled to myself at the sight of our office. This is really the best representation of our typical workday: K and I looking at each others foreheads, drawing each other pictures & passing notes, and Bloglovin open on my computer. #breaktime

Remember that time I had a vegetable garden on my legs because sometimes running sucks? Those are peas on my left and broccoli on my right. #runnerproblems #whatsfordinner

8:27 p.m. 76 degrees. 8:27 p.m. 76 degrees. Life is finally worth living again. Hashtag dramatic.

*Kay asked that we not delete any shots, but I decided to skip the photos of other non-blog-aware friends' faces and ones that have already been shared on my Instagram. Gotta keep things fresh for y'all, ya know? 

Hope your Mondays are sweet and sunny. How was your weekend?


  1. I take pictures like that too!! I'm glad you had a great weekend & hope your shins are better soon. Happy Monday & have a great week, love!

  2. These pictures made me smile! Happy Monday and happy late birthday.

  3. So I totally just sent this to one of my friends because I know she's going to laugh so hard at your bathroom picture at the top! We went to a minor league hockey game a few months ago and the women's entire restroom was out of order.. I mean, really? Oh and I've totally put a back of mixed veggies on my shins before. Vegetable garden legs for life.

  4. lol @ the title, and i love the first photo. and hells yes to the veggies on the shins. that sushi made me laugh too hard.


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