Into the Devil's Den

To hear me tell it two weeks ago, the day I turned 25 would begin a long, slow, painful spiral toward death.

Well, nearly 2 weeks later, I'm happy to report that I may have overreacted a little.

Because 25 and careening toward death or not, I'm still kicking, having "firsts" and everything!

Like last night, for example.

A friend of mine works for the Prudential Center in NJ, home of the New Jersey Devils and a bunch of other things like Disney on Ice and Walking with Dinosaurs and Taylor Swift concerts but mostly, the NJ Devils hockey team plays there and that's mostly what he's concerned with.

So anyway, as a super important guy at the arena, he always receives a certain number of tickets for games to hand out to friends and family members at his discretion. He tries to spread it all out pretty evenly and has offered me tickets before, but I've always declined. See, I'm just not a hockey fan. {However you will pry my NY Giants and Yankees fan cards out of my cold, dead hands.} And I don't know many people who are, so I didn't anticipate being able to find a game buddy, especially on short notice. #grownups need to plan ahead and stuff.

Last week my friend sent out the text offering me the last pair of tickets he had for the season. In my new-found spirit of embracing life and sort of starting over/kicking everything up a notch now that I'm 25, I grabbed my gal M and said we'd be there.

So last night, M and I — both in our mid-twenties — both attended our first ever professional hockey game.

As a big baseball and even bigger football fan, I just never really had time for hockey, I guess. I also didn't grow up watching and loving the sport like I did with the former two. But after last night's game, M and I quickly decided we want more tickets and we're going to find our happy asses at more Devils games next year.

It was just fun. The energy was crazy, the athleticism was unreal, the excitement just kind of wrapped its arms around us and sucked us in to the fun.

And M and I just about died when this started happening during the first intermission {is that the right term?}:

THE LITTLE ONES! Oh man they were so freakin' cute, with their too-long jerseys, and their falling down, and their huddling in little pint-sized packs. We literally sat there squealing. That happened.

Afterwards we met up with my friends from the Center for a quick drink and intros all around, and altogether an inappropriate amount of fun for a random rainy Monday evening. M and I toasted to new experiences, to friendship, and to LIVING WITH MY BITCHES HASHTAG #LIVE.

{I'm sorry. I'm obsessed. Also this song came on approximately 463 times in the arena and I chair-danced in each and every instance. #LIVE.}

Are you a hockey fan? {Be honest, do you just go for the fights? :P} Or are you more into baseball and football like me? {Basketball fans, I'm not sure how you do it, I could never get into it. Please tell me your ways.}


  1. Devil games are always a blast, I didn't get to any this year but always have gone in past seasons. I lover some hockey (also basketball, baseball, and the foozeball). Since you have decided to go to future devils games I recommend when the devils next make the playoffs try to get to a playoff game, or next season when they play the rangers or the bastards from Philly.

    P.s. I will always be willing to go to a devils game even if I have to call out of work

    1. I think for now I'll only be going to Devils games that I can get gratis tickets too, but I'll definitely keep that in mind :) And when the opportunity comes around next year I'll be calling you to come with! {I'll probably annoy you though since I actually still don't know "the rules" and M and I chattered quite a bit about non-hockey topics haha}

    2. I will be there, and if I ever get tickets and new someone to come with m I will call you. The questions won't bother me I'll be more than happy to explain the rules and answer questions; as long as you don't mind me yelling at the players as refs like that can hear me.

    3. Haha I won't mind. That's how I watch Giants football so I wouldn't blame ya one bit :)

    4. Great. Sounds like a plan, I look forward to next season when you get some freebie tickets!

  2. i'm into hockey for the fights and if the Leafs are in the playoffs. other than that, i boo and hiss at the leafs because most of the time, they suck! #truthbomb.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I have been to 1 hockey game & my friend got the tickets in a similar way you did! That's kinda cool. And those precious little ones OMG! How freaking adorable!!! As you know, I am 500% OBSESSED with baseball! Football - meh. Basketball if UK is playing I'll get obnoxious. If they're not I will a) not give a damn or b) choose a team & get obnoxious!

  4. I'm not a huge hockey fan, but I have been to a game or two, years ago. Love that you jumped at the opportunity to experience something new!


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