Because it was about time I hopped on this bandwagon too...

23 — number of years old my young friend turned this weekend, prompting a celebration

76 — number of years old I felt the morning after that celebration {#canthang #oldlady}

92 — number of doll hairs I spent in Target this weekend {nearly a record low, it's cool}

3 — number of races I'm registered for through the end of this year

2 — number of races I'm looking to add to my 2014 list because I'm greedy

46 — number of days until summer show season officially begins with two nights of DMB on the water

90 — number of delightful minutes spent at a boozy Sunday Funday lunch yesterday, meeting my brother's ladyfriend for the first time {she's a doll!}

16 — number of different types of tea in my cabinet

4 — number of times I've talked myself out of submitting a piece of CNF I wrote recently to any lit mag because I'm still dissuaded by the thought of rejection

7 — number of times I've listened to this song before noon on a single day

3 — number of candles I accidentally bought over the weekend to feed my addiction

4.5 — number of sleeps until I make it to North Carolina for a much-needed weekend in the South with one of my best friends

The forecast for Raleigh during my trip :)

Happy Monday, kids. Let's have us a good week, shall we?


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Any weekend with booze and Target runs are great in my book!

  2. Love this and I may borrow the idea ;) ... Also I thought I was the only crazy person who accidentally bought candles haha

  3. Lurve this! I went on a drink in rampage saturday. hashtag ugh i felt like I was a 87 years old man who had been hit by a train & then the next one too. Sounds like you had a successful weekend!

  4. I'm a fellow tea freak too! Cheers to Sunday fundays! :)

  5. New to your blog and all I can say is I hope you submit that piece you wrote!! :) Congrats on being in so many races - I'm running my first race in May!!


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