There's something funny going on around here this week. My officemate K and I are both completely lacking in motivation and actually working at work this week has been the realest struggle you ever did see. At least K has the excuse of cold- and cough-medicine-fog to fall back on. I'm just procrastinating because... I have no because. I just am, and I'm going to hate myself for it sometime around 3:24 p.m. tomorrow when I try to get 5 days worth of work done in an hour and a half in order to meet deadline.

Right now I'm assuring myself that I'll just take a lot home with me tonight and work really, really productively out of the office, but as long as there is a Reddit to read or a Bloglovin' feed to clear out, I can't make any promises. The other day I noticed how much my butt hurts from sitting all day — I hate, hate, hate sitting all day! — and decided I need a standing desk. So I researched standing desks and how to DIY one {since there is no way on earth my bosses will spring for one to save my lil' ol' rear end} for a good hour. Ish.

This happens every now and then: I get really apathetic about my job. Which makes me feel terrible, because I know I'm lucky to have one, especially one that, on most days, I really like. I'm convinced it's the monotony of my calendar that gets to me, if I'm being honest. I work on a revolving cycle of publications, with my schedule set for the year in January. If you asked me right now, I could tell you in 5 seconds what I'll be working on on June 10, September 9, November 24.

And while I enjoy what I do, where I work, the people I work with, the fact that people pay me to do something {write} that I would do for free, and that I get to write about things that {for the most part} are important to me, isn't variety the spice of life? I feel like any routine, no matter how sweet the results it brings, gets old to the point of hazardous every now and then.

Luckily, I can say that routine is only applying to work lately. Since spring has decided to grace us with her presence finally, all of our adventurous sides are ready to come out and play. I went to my first hockey game this week, caught up with friends over trivia and drinks, got outside for some glorious runs and have some fun plans for the weekend. It's just the work part that's feeling a bit like a broken record right now.

I know there are much worse problems to have. And to be sure, there is so much about my 9-5 to be grateful for, and ultimately I know how lucky I've been. We're just having a bumpy week. Maybe I need to go on vacation and readjust. Then I'll be so busy catching up at work that procrastinating won't even be an option. I better go look at some deals on TravelZoo for the next hour or so...

Please help me out — what do you to motivate yourself at work when you're feeling like a high school senior on May 31st? I think senioritis has followed me into adulthood...


  1. Hahaha I think this hits me every Spring/summer- I have no motivation to do real work, I just want to be outside and hang out with friends! But I also know that whenever I plan to do work at home, it never ends well. Hope you find some motivation soon!

  2. What do I do to motivate myself at work, you ask?

    I quit :)


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