The Job I'll Never Quit

I never got much of a chance to recap last weekend — I know, you're all so disappointed.

There's not all that much to say, but I do want to share a few photos with you. Apologies in advance — they're all iPhone shots, and there's a lot of bad hair in them.

This past Sunday was Easter, as I'm sure most of you are aware. In my family, it was our first ever Easter without this gal.
That's my grandmother, Mema. Millie. Meems. Little lady. Granny, to the ever-so-clever boys in the family. She spent her last day with us last August, the 16th to be exact, before her years-long battle against Alzheimer's came to an end.

We're still going through our firsts of everything without her. We barely survived our first Thanksgiving without her. Christmas was unusual. For her birthday this year — it would have been her 88th — I was down in Nashville on business, barely managing to keep it together as I waited out the day in my hotel room.

This Easter, we went through the motions like normal. My father was late. The Yankees-loving cousins and the Red Sox-loving cousins battled it out and swore like mad at the TV. My grandfather made a few empty threats with his cane. My cousin M and I were mocked for our dietary restrictions. I forced my brothers to take photos with me.
Three clicks to get one decent shot is actually our personal best.

Not without a few bloopers first, of course.

Just like every other year, even with every single one of us now in our twenties, we hunted for Easter eggs through my aunt and uncle's yard.

We posed for a family picture on the front steps like we always do.

We are always super appropriate and well-composed.

Every year we make wonderful memories together. Every year we grow closer as cousins, make more promises to spend more time together, and make more plans to actually do it. We grow up a bit more and learn to appreciate each other and our relationships more. I feel like we did so even more this year.

Because this year marked the first year without Meems. In all her over-blushed, layered-up, floured-handed glory.

And while we'll never stop missing her presence at our family table, and never let a holiday — or any other day — go by that we don't think of her and love her and wish we could have her back, at least we'll still have everything she gave us: Each other.

Looking back on these photos from Easters past makes me feel so warm and full inside. My family has had our issues and our ups and downs, like any family. We've screamed at each other, yelled, cried. Some of us have less-than-perfect relationships with parents or other members of previous generations.

But my cousins and I have something so very, very special that I know exists only because of the matriarch of our family. The loving, kind, compassionate, sweet, beautiful woman who made all of this for us and gave it to us to protect. And I'll be damned if I ever let that responsibility slide.

Seriously. We heart each other.

How was your week?
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  1. Aw, this is so sweet! I love that you and your cousins are so close. I've always wanted a bunch of cousins like that :)

  2. Hey Alyssa, all such lovely photo's!! I'm terribly sorry for your loss too. :( I know how that goes.. My Boyfriend just lost his older brother a week and a half ago and his b-day would have been the 29th.. Its been really really hard. Sorry to be Debbie downer haha, Have a lovely week my dear and talk soon!! <3333


  3. Aww, love this! Looks like your family is a lot of fun! Especially loving the pic where everyone has Easter baskets haha. Sorry for your loss, but seems like you're doing a great job of seeing the bright side, and what she gave you guys. Happy Weekend!


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