Friday: The Happy Snowman Edition

It's almost Memorial Day {or #MDW to us Jersey folk, and maybe others, I have no idea} which means it's almost unofficially summer and shore season officially begins this Monday and so I'm in a great big hurry to start weekending so let's get down to business. I'm talking about my Friday Favorites:

Favorite Recipe
I'm pretty sure my grandmother would roll over in her grave if she heard me call this a "recipe," but it's something that I cooked this week and it tasted really good, so just let me have it, okay?

Remember the chicken I {finally} defrosted this week? Well I was going to be fancy and make something fancy with it, but then I got lazy instead. Which is not entirely my fault. I saw my chiropractor on Wednesday and was going to make fancy chicken dinner afterwards, but he had an empty waiting room for the first time in like FOREVER so there was no rush and he spent a good 40 minutes on me and I have zero complaints because going to the chiropractor is honestly one of my favorite things to do. Anyway, I live about 35 minutes away from his office and after the three-times-normal-length appointment, I got home too late to get kitchen fancy.

So I tossed half a jar of salsa into a baking dish, laid my chicken on top of that, threw some more salsa on top and covered the whole sumbitch with shredded cheese and shoved it into the 350-degree oven for 20 minutes, and then had a party in my mouth with it all. Sure, not the healthiest thing I've ever made. But so tasty, so easy, so fast, and so cheesy. I like cheesy.

Favorite Workout
Oh, you guys. I am kind of proud of myself. May I?

So I'm a pretty big fan of lists. In case you had no clue. So I make a monthly goal list, usually listing a few items in financial {savings goals, etc.}, running/fitness, personal, and professional categories. One of my goals this month was to run up this hill in my neighborhood that I once almost died trying to walk up. It's decently steep and SO. LONG. It's basically just an asshole of a hill. And I beat it!

Also, since I started running this winter, this whole "running in shorts & a tank" thing is
I actually drove up it a couple days earlier and started rationalizing to myself that if I checked off every other goal I could get away with a FAIL on this one, because I just really didn't think I could do it. WELL I DID SO SUCK IT, PAST ALYSSA AND STUPID HILL STREET.

I'm terribly sorry, that was so unladylike.

Favorite Broken Record
Since I failed to PR in my race Sunday, I'm calling Tuesday's record high of honks, waves, heads out of passenger side windows, and bugs in and around my face area a win for the week. Running is awesome.

Favorite Flavor
Buy this.

You're welcome.

Favorite Song
Because a little bit of summer is what the whole year's all about:
{The only summer anthem I will ever need again.}


And with that, it's time for this little chicky to #backthatazzup right into the long weekend. You'll find me down the shore welcoming the most wonderful time of the year.
And of course, remembering & honoring fallen veterans.
{If  you're feeling so inclined...}

What are you up to this weekend? I hope it's a great one. I'll see you in summer!

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  1. Running is awesome and glad you conquered that hill! YAY! Loving the workout shorts too where are they from? Also that fave recipe might just have to be tried. I like simple. I like cheesy. Win!

  2. I'm a total list maker too! I make lists for everything, it's kinda crazy. And possibly OCD LOL! Congrats on making it up the hill! Thats awesome!! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  3. MDW? and yay for conquering that hill, you go girl! i hate hills with all my hate. and running in shorts and a tank?! my faaaave. in fact, i finally got my booty of the couch and out running last night. woo woo, no hills for me haha.

  4. Yay for all of those favorites! My kinda girl!

  5. Hey Alyssa!! Gotta love these long weekends! And i'll keep my eye open for the Orange Zingers, I didnt even know they HAD that, haha!! Love the new bloggy look as well! Very purrdy!! hagw Alyssa!! ;)


  6. I made stuffed shells the other night - I hear you on liking cheesy. YUM.

    I want to like tea...I try to like tea...I just, don't.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. yay for making that hill your bitch! i love and hate hill training but it's so awesome when you can run it and not die when you get to the top!

    Vodka and Soda

  8. AAAAND i meant to say that 'recipe' sounds deeewishous.

  9. It's like when I made crockpot salsa chicken *open jar throw over frozen chicken for 6 hours* and Mark raved about it.....I mean so easy but freaking delicious right???
    -Yeah for making that hill your bitch! love it!!!
    -love that song!!!!
    -Oh my favorite little fairy snowman ;-) I hope you have a great weekend girl and thanks for linking up!!! xoxoxo

  10. Girl, this post is just radiating positivity and I freakign love it! Judos to you for kicking that hill's ass! I've been doing the C25K thing and so far so good. I repeated the 1st week because I am soooo not a runner, but it went well and I even ran through some of my walk breaks.

  11. Can we talk about how hot your bod is?! DAYUM. Sorry.. was that weird?


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