Friday: The 'Tiny Hamster' Edition

I'm not going to dwell tooooo much on the fact that it's Friday, because I'm pretty sure I have to tell literally no one about the fact that it has arrived. You're all aware, yes? And by now, you're also aware that I'm leaving on a jet plane in just a few short hours for a mini-vaca with one of my favorite ladies down in North Carolina. I doubt this needs to be said either, but I. Can. Not. Wait. I'm anxious enough to get there that I just typed that and I'm not even sorry.

But before I get lost in the airport get through airport security checkpoints with grace and class, I must pay some respect to this week. It's been a doozy. Each workday took approximately 487 hours to get through, but each hour in between flitted by way too quickly, though they came with some sweet highlights and wonderful surprises.

One surprise came my way this week that was so far beyond unexpected, I actually bolted upright in my bed, cartoon-style, when word of it came through my DM inbox. It's certainly not a bad surprise, but a very unexpected one, and if/when I can share more, I'll stop being so annoyingly vague. For now, though, if you guys wouldn't mind sending some lucky thoughts my way, I'd be absolutely thrilled to bits and sure to return the favor any time.

Now then, onto my other five favorite things about this week:

We've entered May {were you unsure?}, which means that my self-imposed month-long clothing spending freeze is over. Time to go get myself some goodies. Maxi lengths, chambray, and patterns, oh my! {One of these days I'll get around to making some Polyvore boards. Until then, use your imagination or follow me on Instagram for some terribly low-quality #ootd shots every once in a while — or three days in a row, depending on my commitment level.}

On Monday, I set out for my run and was planning on keeping it short. But I found my second wind and kept on going, only to find myself in a position to bump into my uncle, my cousin, and her daughter who were out on a walk! Despite living so close, this side of the family doesn't get together nearly enough. Seeing the little peanut and my uncle and cousin were a welcome interruption to my run and a nice little Monday pick-me-up.

Quest Bars. Oh my god, you guys, Quest Bars. I finally tried them this week and I'm obsessed. Gluten free, ingredients I can pronounce, and they taste ahhh-mazing, without the grainy protein bar after taste. I am in looooove.


I know it was in good part due to my linking up with Kathy for Humpday Confessions, but Wednesday and Thursday brought me more page views than I've ever had on this iteration of the blog before. Enough that I thought it was broken or something!

Now, I'm not someone who strives to be blog famous, but as I said in an email to a blog buddy of mine this week, I write almost exclusively for the hope of my words affecting someone in a positive way. {Remind me to write more about this some day.} Of course, the more people who see them, the more likely that is to happen. So seeing that number climb, and the handful of new blogging connections I made this week, all made me really, really happy, and feel even a smidge proud of this little operation I've got going here.

Can you feel the love? I can. And I can also feel the beat creepin' up inside me, making me chair-dance #backthatazzup the rest of my way through this day. Let's do this:

Linking up all over the world today: Whitney || Lauren || Amanda

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Good luck girlie!!!! I hope its something great and happy for you. can we talk about those hamsters too cute! I begged my parents for a hamster as a kid. My mum is not a fan or 'rats' so it was a no go whomp whomp

  2. quest bars sound amazing, i think i need to check them out! sending happy and lucky and all the good things thoughts your way my dear. and how awesome that you got a surprise little get together on your run! thats awesome.

  3. Lucky thoughts being sent your way! I bet you are excited to be able to buy some cute new outfits! I wish I had the determination to go on a spending freeze. I've heard so many great things about Quest bars, I really need to try some. Humpday confessions can really bring people together I've noticed! Have an amazing trip this weekend!

  4. SQUEEE!!!! Love the tiny hamster!! So freakin adorable. And I now love this song- thanks for sharing! Have fun on your mini-vaca!

    1. Also, sending lots of positive vibes your way! I hope it works out!

  5. I'm pretty late to the Quest Bar train. I'm always wanting to try a new protein bar, but the grainy after taste is never worth it. I'll have to buy some Quest Bars this weekend! Sending some lucky vibes your way!

  6. Yeah for linking up!!! I love Quest bars especially microwaved for like 8 seconds....but make sure you don't put them in there with the wrapper wasn't a good idea oops!!!! xoxo

  7. Quest bars sound awesome! Good luck at the airport and hope you have a wonderful vacation. And sending tons of positive vibes your way.

  8. Well, you've affected me positively with your blog. After trying to hold it together all day for my kids, when it's time to write at night I just unleash all my worries on my blog (3/4 of the posts will forever remain in draft form). I write such depressing shit that I forget there's good in the world. But your posts are always so uplifting; they make me want to blog about happiness instead. So, there :) Hope you're having a great time in North Carolina!


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