I Can't Dance

You know what happens here. Let's to this.


I finished college three years ago this month. On the one hand, three years isn't that long in the grand scheme of things. On the other, I feel so far removed from college and everything that life was about. I feel old like a full-fledged adult.

Re: my previous point: That is 100% okay with me. I like it.

Related: I kind of a little bit judge people around my age and older who are able, financially & otherwise {crucial element of this sentence} to move out of their parents' homes and do not. {Caregivers and cultural norms excluded.} I know there are thousands of financial reasons many millennials can't — and I feel for them and do not judge them. But if your parents' house is Neverland and you're trying to ride the Peter Pan train right into your thirties, that's a whole different story.

Also related: I have a momentary rage blackout when people tell me that I'm "throwing my money away" on rent when I could "just stay home and save money to buy a house." Ahem. I could go into a 50,000-word explanation of everything that's wrong with that "logic,", but I want you guys to still come here and read me. Suffice it to say:
  1. Buying a home is not by default a better financial option for SO MANY REASONS I CAN'T EVEN and seriously why is this myth still being perpetuated?
  2. I am home. My home is where I live comfortably, happily, safely, and on my own terms.
  3. How's that working out for ya?
I could actually talk about personal finance for days, now that I kind of feel like I actually know what I'm talking about. But I don't because my friends won't listen and I worry my readers won't like me anymore.

I hate guys who work in finance. Well, no. I try not to harbor hate for anyone. More accurately, I hate when guys come up to me in the bar in their straight-from-the-Wall-Street-office suits and say, "I work in finance," with that smirk, as if it's some magic elixir that will make me swoon for them. Your money impresses me literally zero percent.

It seems I've fallen down a rabbit hole and I don't really know how to get out now. Moving on.

The other night I was running on a rather busy street and when "I Can't Dance" by Genesis came on in my headphones I could not stop myself from smiling goofily, singing along out loud and making corresponding facial expressions.

I have no idea how I have not mentioned even once on this blog that I'm running a race this weekend.

I'm running another 5k this weekend! I beat my PR from my last race in a timed run a couple weeks ago, and I'm hoping to blow that time away too on Sunday. Wish me luck, because I have no idea how that's gonna go.

In the days leading up to #HumpdayConfessions, I sometimes jot things down that I want to include in this weekly post of shame as they come to me/as I do something I should confess. 

Vodka and Soda
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  1. I can't stand anyone who tries to give me advice on how to live my life, or what I should be doing with my money. I'm 27, not married, with no kids...if I mess up here or there, I'm not hurting anyone but myself.

    And by mess up, I mean, go to Target too much in one week :)

    Good luck with the 5k!

  2. Good luck with the race this weekend! I have one coming up and am nervous. Running is not a strength of mine!

  3. the housing market in my city is way too expensive right now and the better option is to rent. in my culture, it's perfectly ok with living with your parents until you want to leave; most of the time, parents never want their kids to leave because that's just how we are raised. when people used to frown on me for living with my parents after college, i was like bitch please! we take care of each other; that's what families do. it has nothing to do with mooching off parents because i paid my own way. and even if i didn't, my parents wouldn't care; to them i am their baby and always will be whether i'm 3 or 30. i see kayla in that way too - she can live with me until she's 50 if she wants; she will forever be my baby and i will always take care of her.

    /end rant!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. Hey Alyssa! Oh don't even get me started on that crazy ish! Once by boyfriends brother told my b/f that I was ruining his life by making him spend $$ on rent when he could still be living at home. MY B/F IS 31!! I was like ''wwwuuuuhhhhhh''.. He's lucky he made it out alive that day. So yea, I totally agree! lol


  5. haha! i start my post like, a week before. no shame. i think of things will reading other peoples posts, not copying but like oh yeah, that reminds me...
    anywho. people who live with their parents. my husband lived with his mom when i met him, but he didnt work besides the military and was in school. he wanted to live there for a little while longer and i was like hell to the no.
    yay 5k! you go girl! i couldnt come close to beating any of my PRs right now womp womp. haha i always sing along or smile when a good song comes on, no shame in my game!

  6. I hope your race goes well!

  7. I hate those guys too. Like saying that alone will make me want them. Though I work in finance---- in the finance dept at a college. Still friends? Also, do a post on personal finance!
    Good luck on the race!

  8. Stay home for as long as you like girl and save that cash!

    I also jot things down on my phone's notepad, just in case I forget. This week I didnt hence the short post but I usually do!

  9. I rent and I constantly hear how I need to buy a house. I'm sorry, but that would actually be the worst idea for me right now ever. Talk to me about personal finance, I need help. Seriouslyyyy.

  10. We bought our home much later than all our friends. You have to do what's right for you. If people don't like your decisions than that's just too bad. It's your life and your money so they don't get a say.
    And good luck on the 5k!

  11. I rent and I don't have a 400,000 mortgage hanging over my head.....thank you very much! I 100% agree with you girl!

  12. I graduated college 2 years ago this month & I feel the same way. I miss it though. I've definitely contemplated grad school just because I miss being in the classroom.

  13. YES to Genesis!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT SONG! hahaha


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