Let it Fly

The function of an arrow is only carried out when it is first pulled backward. Dragged behind. Brought intentionally against the direction it wishes to go.

But it is from this position — this position that seems to delay its progress, that seems counterproductive to its mission, that works directly against the arrow's intended movement — that it is able to launch forward.

Not just any measure forward either. 

It flies.

The things that seem to hold you back in this moment are not necessarily the means to your end. The barriers to your progress. The enemies of your forward momentum.

It is through those moments where you meet resistance that you gain strength.

When you feel your momentum is challenged, look more closely.

Is it defeat, or is it simply a part of your journey forward?

The arrow is first pulled backward before it is able to fly with a strength that could never otherwise know.

It is thanks to the times where we feel the most resistance that we are able to know the greatest progress. 
It is thanks to the things that try to hold us back that we can realize our ability to fly.


tattoo #11 •• three years in waiting
Chris Kast | Powerhouse Tattoo, Montclair, NJ | 5.18.14


  1. Aww man I didnt get mine Friday but Im going either today or tomorrow! Im a little jelly I cant even front hahah

    1. BTW that tattoo is beautiful and the meaning makes it even better. :)

  2. i love the tattoo and i love the meaning! sometimes i really need to remind myself of these things. maybe i should get an arrow as well, to remind myself!

  3. I love the placement of that! Please, give me some of your courage to get a tattoo!

  4. Love the tatt and the meaning behind it :)

  5. Someone else I read just got the arrows too! LOVE them!

  6. Haha... you and I are in sync today... I'm the other blogger with the arrows. Got mine on Friday! Love yours too.

  7. Ummmmm I love that! Such a great place for it! I don't have one but not ruling it out some day ;-)

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE! this is awesome. I'm obsessed with arrows as of late & I'm certain it has to do with being held back by so much in the past year or so. I'm just letting go & flying now.

  9. I love that quote. My arrow's been dragging a bit lately, I'm ready to launch forward. Beautiful ink, beautiful words. xo

  10. I want an arrow now. Like, really want. For all the symbolism you just described it really, really resonates with me.

    Also, how was it in that spot?


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