Road Trips are Better than Airplanes

I really, really, really wanted you to read that to the tune of Reindeers are Better than People. Even if you didn't, please lie to me and say you did. I need that from you today.

If you follow me on the Twitterspaces or 'gram shacks {and if you're not, why in the world is that??}, you might know that my flight back to the dirty Jersey, which was supposed to take place Monday night, landing me snuggly in my bed last night, was cancelled for literally no sensical reason, and replaced by a 6 a.m. flight this morning. Guys. I'm so tired.

Mind you, my flight to North Carolina was also a 6 a.m. flight, which meant I was up at 4 on Saturday, moving allllll day long, and then I was sleeping tossing and turning on an air mattress for 3 nights — one of which was unexpected — and then up again at 4 a.m. this morning. AND my plane landed in Newark early, leaving me less time to sleep while on it.

I. am. beat.

The struggle. It is so very real.
Oh and also, due to the lack of sleep, my full day of work today got turned into a half day of work today which means I'm the busiest bee you ever did see right now {check this post for typos, I'm firing it out like it's a hot hot hot potato} and the North Carolina trip recap will have to wait for later this week. I'm hoping to get some of the million things I have to do in the meantime off my list over the next few days, so stay tuned for some other fun stuff.

In the meantime, if you're a new friend here on the blog, why don't you check out some of these "older" {hah. This whole blog is like three months old but whatev} posts you might have missed? They're favorites of mine and apparently others, according to pageviews, and I think they'll fill you in on some things that go on around here.

I'm Not a Good Traveler {because currently relevant}

Also, have an Olaf. I want you to have a good day.



  1. i didn't originally, but then when you said it, the song got in my head and now i'm singing everything in that tune 'going home is better than working' doesnt quite have the ring to it... lol. you poor thing! i grant you all day sleeping pass. lol.

  2. Take some rest girl! You sure do deserve it!

  3. Olaf for the win, always. :)

  4. Olaf is my FAVORITE ever. Thank you for that. Catch up on them zzz's, lady. Stoked to hear about your trip. xo


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