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Do you ever go into a store, or a couple of stores, or the mall, and then check your bank balance later that week, have a miniature panic attack as you input the numbers into your budget spreadsheet, cross items off your To Buy lists {yes, plural — they're separated by store, obviously}, sweat profusely, calculate the days til your next paycheck, and think "What in frog's name did I actually buy?"

No? Just me? Moving on.

I'm not really an impulse purchaser — anymore. I used to be pretty good/horrible at the same time with money. Meaning, I could manipulate it pretty well to make sure my bills were paid on time, but that didn't stop me from charging shit I didn't need far too often. I've had buyers remorse a time or two, let's just say that.

So now I rarely venture into a place where money can be exchanged for goods without a list, budget, and plan of attack. I do a pretty good job of sticking to my budget most months, and talking myself out of purchases I haven't planned ahead for.

But that didn't stop me from having a rough time as I punched the price of all my recent purchases into my budget spreadsheet the other day. {Of course I have a spreadsheet. Have you met me?}

In fairness, just about everything was a planned and permissible purchase. Doesn't mean it didn't hurt. But when I have days like this, I like to stop, take a second and actually think about what I spent all. that. money on, so it doesn't feel so much like I just set cash on fire or threw my credit cards into the abyss.

Today, I decided to bring you with my on that Journey of Purchase Review. #getexcited

{Note — I'm not rich. I work full-time and am financially independent, and have been for many, many, many years now. And I'm not braggy. Not that any of this is really brag-worthy anyway. Whatever. I hope you know that about me by now, but I still felt the need to clarify, because I like overcomplicating things.}

So here's what I've been buying crossing off my To Buy Lists lately...

First and foremost was this guy. Or gal. Not sure yet.

Anyway, my new baby here was purchased because I finally had had enough of carting my work computer home every day that I wanted to use a laptop after work hours. My old Mac, Sal, finally went belly-up. Allow me just a moment to reflect on all the late nights he spent up with me, IMing {#throwback}, writing papers for school, illegally downloading music, Skyping, and of course, blogging. My first, second, third, and fourth blogs all sprang from Sal's loins. I've edited so many drafts of papers, novel chapters, short stories — of my own and of others', including Yve's — on him. He saw me out of high school into and out of college, through my first writing job, through my sometimes-hellish freelancing career, my endless shuffle of job applications, resumes and cover letters. Thank you for everything, Sal. You will be missed.

And welcome aboard, whatever-your-name-is.

So now I have a new little mouth to feed who is in need of a name. Any suggestions? We're open to any and all of them.

Next up was the meticulously thought-out trip to Target, which still ended up costing me a solid hundy more than I thought it would. Oh well. I needed almost everything I got, right? Like a whole bunch of stuff for my mama on Mother's Day, some grocery items, household things, skin care stuff.....

peach daiquiri
and a new Essie, because I am the definition of #obsessie...

Yes, I'm just about incapable of smiling in selfies.
and new sunnies, because my old ones were seriously scratched up {maybe I should invest in a sunglass case?}...

And yes, this bed spread is also from Target. Should I be embarrassed?
and some more shorts and tops.

In my defense, I wear a cardigan almost every day, and I've actually worn out my old black boyfriend cardigan. This was a necessary replenishment. Like toothpaste. Also in my defense, I drop clothes off at Goodwill every other month or so, so my closet certainly does not runneth over.

ALSO in my defense, sales, coupons, Cartwheel and 5% off everything with my Target card. BAM.

Moving on.

I have some problems that make the very notion of me as a runner almost laughable, the most prominent of which is that I have terrible knees, and always have. In some miracle of fate, though, running hasn't made my knees any worse, despite what all the non-supportives in my life had said. In fact they've even felt a little better, for the most part, since I started running, since I'm taking better care of them now to prevent injury.

ANYWAY, a few issues have started to crop up over the past couple weeks and I determined that I wasn't running in the best shoes for me {which I told you was a no-no}. I corrected that on Saturday and strode out of Fleet Feet with these bad boys

which feel like Jesus himself came waltzing over and wrapped his power-wielding hands around my tired feet and made everything okay. And pretty. So I traded my Ride 6s for some fresh Guide 7s and my knees, ankles and toes have been pretty happy with me ever since. Worth the money, of course, right?!

{Bonus: The running shop pro complimented me on my stride and said it looked like I'd been running forever, though it's only been about 5 months, and I shocked the shit out of basically everyone I know when I clocked my first mile. His comment alone was worth the money I spent in there!}

And I'm not sure if these technically count, since I ordered them a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday I finally had these cutie pies in my possession.

Please excuse the bizarre look of my ankles, as I was bending over at the knee to awkwardly take this shot,
and then was too lazy to take a better one. #YOLO.
My coworker's mother sells Avon, and my coworker wore these shoes to work one day, and naturally I freaked out about them and demanded a catalog, wherein I found those polka-dotted numbers on the adjacent page and my whole world was turned upside down and so yeah then I ordered them. And now they live in my home and it's a happier home than it was before. Because how can a person not be happy with polka dots on her feet?


Wow. See, that worked. I feel better. Whenever I come home from a shopping trip just about anywhere, the first thing I do is restore order in my place. I cannot stand having things laying around or waiting to be put away. I am organized and neat almost to a fault, and everything has a home. So it should always be in said home. I'm not weird, guys. Shut up.

So anyway, as soon as I come home from shopping, everything immediately gets put away and that usually means hidden from sight. So when I'm inputting massive numbers to my budget, it can look a little like "WHAT THE HELL DID I SPEND ALL THIS MONEY ON THERE IS NOTHING NEW HERE WHATSOEVER" but in reality, there is, and it was stuff I needed, and I had no need to freak out like that, did I? Thanks for talking me through that, friends. This was good. I really needed this.

Anyway, go getchu some Essies and cute tops right now because they're on sale at Target, is what I'm trying to say.


  1. i say all of these purchases are winners! lol. we all know i have a shopping problem, and i keep a spreadsheet as well. money stresses me the heck out, but it also makes me feel really good when i spend it (for like 5 mins).
    love all of your target purchases!
    name ideas: sue, sadie, sam, bob, zandeebar, hal, hank...
    thats all i got.

  2. #obsessie, you have me literally laughing out loud here at work! Love that color, by the way. And it's nice to treat yourself every now and again. Enjoy your new laptop!

  3. Every single one was a good purchase! ahhah I want a macbook soo bad!

  4. I think I need you to be my accountant. I have never even attempted to budget and am always kicking myself in the ass about it later. I'm opening up to the idea though. Do they have Spenders Anonymous meetings that I can attend??

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I purchased a Mac last September, and had to mentally prepare myself for MONTHS leading up to it. I'll never regret it, though. That's my baby (who is also nameless, but I think maybe I'll just call her Mac, after my favorite character on The Newsroom. /side note).

    I love those shoes! I had an Avon catalog in my hand the other day, but put it down because I really don't need anything...but those shoes...

  6. SO jealous of your MacBook Air!! My laptop is soon to head into retirement (which makes me sad) and it makes me even more sad knowing how much a MacBook costs haha. I recently got an iPad Air though and that thing is attached to my hip!!

  7. I get buyer's remorse like a mother! It's so frustrating. I rarely buy myself things, even when I need them. I've needed new sneakers for over a year and have refused to break down and buy them. But then I found a pair of Saucony's at Marshall's for $35, so I bought them. Your new sneaks are Saucony right? I love their color!


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