You Know the Drill

Hey there, Wednesday. You know what it is.

Vodka and Soda

I'm so grossly behind on my blogroll that I might just shut my eyes and hit "mark all as read." Thanks, vacation. Anyway, don't think it odd if over the weekend you get comments from me on week-old posts.

Related: Thank god for Humpday Confessions because otherwise there would be no post here today because y'all, I'm still tired.

I don't see the point of or even remotely want to be a part of Google+. Why hasn't it gone the way of MySpace yet? I haven't shared anything on it since maybe the first few months it was a thing and it completely doesn't register on my radar as a tool I might need to use for my blog/life/anything.

Still, whenever I get a notification that someone has added me to their circles, I add them back, because I am a slave to Google Apps and I just do what they tell me. {Luckily this statement is only true about Google Apps. However that's probably bad enough as it it. Le sigh.} And also because I still think it's cool when people want to be my cyber friend and I don't want to jeopardize our budding relationship so early on by not adding them back. {I need help, friends.}

Sometimes I wish I had been Canadian so I could get away with writing "cheques" instead of "checks." It just looks so much fancier and getting paychecks paycheques would feel even better.
I haven't run since Saturday. {X-eyed emoji face here.} #YOLO {JK I'm totally gonna make up for it tonight.}

I thought of something really good for this week's confessions yesterday, and because I didn't write it down and can't remember what it was, the world may never know the clever nugget that briefly passed through my mind. Sorry, everyone.

My friend L and I watched Frozen twice in three days while I was visiting her in NC and I'm not even a little bit sorry about it.

My nails look like absolute rubbish right now, and I feel really sorry about it.

I have an appointment with the lust of my life my chiropractor tonight and after 3 nights on an air mattress, two flights through turbulence, and whatever mystifying weirdness is going on in my coccyx {heh} right now, it might just be the highlight of my week.

I drank exactly 0 margaritas and ate none of the guacamole on Cinco de Mayo.

I just Googled "sad guacamole" to try and find a good gif for that last item.


Linking up with Kathy, but of course. Now it's on you guys: Spill 'em! I wanna know what you've got to confess.


  1. you poor tired thing!

    i'm aussie and we write cheques! except, we dont use cheques (or checks) at all. everyone is paid by direct deposit.
    anyway... lol.

    yay frozen!

  2. Google+ is just not my thing, I totally don't see the point in it. And no guacamole on Cinco de Mayo?! That's got to be a crime of some sort, but don't worry, I think I ate enough for the both of us!

  3. 1) mark all that shizz as read. i've been on vacay since yesterday, neglected all blog things and guess what? I REGRET NOTHING.

    2) google+ is like fetch - it's never gonna happen

    3) thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Hahaha that is a perfect sad guac gif! I didn't have any margaritas either...but I did have a Dos X's & Corona so that's close right?

  5. I've marked all as read quite a few times, I don't feel bad. I don't think that Google+ is ever going to be popular, but I let it stick around just in case. Yay for chiropractor appointments!

  6. Im not Canadian but all commonwealth countries (including mine) spell like that. So I say 'cheque' and 'colour' and 'favourite' and 'theatre' and 'centre' haha weird but i love it!

  7. Hey Alyssa!! I had not one drink or one chip on CDM! I felt bummed out though bc I didnt even know it was CDM and all the bars the weekend prior were celebrating and we missed it. Every bar we went into was packed and we couldn't figure out why. Then day of we were both like ''ooooohhh'' lol!! So sad!!


  8. I don't understand Google +. I never click over there. Just can't deal with another social media site!

  9. I didn't do anything Cinco de Mayo-ey either. FAIL!
    Google+ needs to die a slow and painful death. But quickly b/c I want it gone.

  10. This has been my favorite post today. All of it.. Just all of it. You're kind of smartassy.. I like it.

  11. Yeah, no Cinco celebrations on my end either. Not even Taco Bell. And don't you just hate not remembering?? Especially when it's reaaaaaaalllllly good. Stupid brain farts.

    ♥ Duckie.

  12. I like that you said "rubbish" :) Google+ is lame, and yet I still have it. And I still add people. And once every blue moon, I post something. It's ridiculous. Let's just delete it and then not have to have this weird guilt.


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