Friday: The "Are You Serious?" Edition

I'm not even gonna try to lie to you nuggets, this is about to be one disjointed collection of favorites. But I've had a mixed week — some ups, some downs, and a whole lot of are we serious with this shit? — and so picking the highlights led to a whole of weird. But that's okay, because it's finally Friday, and I was off work yesterday and I'm off today, because B and I are driving down south today and in just a couple of hours time we will be standing on the lawn for a very special evening with the Dave Matthews Band. And then tomorrow after a day in Philly with friends, we're gonna do it all over again, bringing my total DMB show count up to 10 since 2009 — six of those being at this same venue. #tradition. Woo!
It pays to get to an 8 p.m. show in the middle of the afternoon: This is GA. // Citi Field, July 2010
Thanks to all of you for staying with me this week — I know I've been less than great about showing up here with something worth your time, but I'm back on track and dancing right into one of my favorite weekends of the year. Now let's get this Friday Favorites show on the road!

Favorite Announcement
I'm so happy to share some news with you guys. Feather Magazine, a brilliant women's online magazine headed up by genius Editor-in-Chief Brianti Downing, which I used to be a part of, is coming back from hiatus at the end of this summer!

I'll be back in the saddle over there as Director of the Life section, which means I'll be contributing as a writer and section editor on the senior staff level. I cannot wait to rejoin this incredible group of women, meet some new, talented writers, and bring great content to readers everywhere.

I'll also be contributing to the editors' blog, Ruffled Feathers, about once a week starting next week. That means I might not be able to show up here every day, so make sure you're following me on Twitter and Instagram so you can find my posts over there so you never have to go a day without me! ;)

Better yet — why not go ahead and follow Feather Magazine on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr and subscribe yourself to the Ruffled Feathers blog?! I promise, you'll love it, and we'll be so happy to have you over there. Help us spread the word — #FeatherIsBack! 

Favorite Kitchen Adventure
The top thing on my To Do list Monday after work was go grocery shopping because there was pretty much nothing at all for me to eat in my house. But I was quite cranky on Monday due to a lack of sleep {busy weekend!} and it was rainy so of course, the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day was grocery shop. So I went home and convinced myself I didn't even want to eat anyway and then it was 9:30 p.m. and I couldn't lie to myself anymore. In my fridge: fake butter {dairy/soy free "buttery spread"}, iced tea-lemonade, lime juice, vodka sauce and half a package of mini corn tortillas. A recipe for starvation, basically.

I remembered this post I'd found over at Delightfully Tacky, dug out the corn oil, and made these perfectly crispy, slightly salted, tasty, tangy tortilla chips.

Favorite Workout
In case you missed it {what do you mean you don't hang on my every word?!} I've been sitting the last couple of days out from running thanks to a case of plantar fasciitis IN BOTH FEET. It's been fun. I got back in the game last night when Claire and I went for another group run with our local shop, and seeing as I haven't run since Saturday's race and I've been nursing a foot injury, I felt wonderful. It was also my first real run in my new kicks! Feelin' good, feelin' strong. Ready to get back on track!

Favorite Purchase
If my six-month-long running career has taught me anything, it's that a gal of 25 — especially one with a ballet dancing past and absurdly high arches, knee problems, and weak ankles — can't keep prancing around town in flat shoes all the live long day. I love my Chucks, but they don't love my achy arches back. It was time to pick up a new day-to-day kick, so I went Nike.
Don't panic, I'll never give up my Chucks or my flippies. But for the days where I'm on my feet, these babies are my new best friends. Ain't they cute? I think so.

Favorite New Thing
Okay I really had no clue how to categorize this but I wanted it to get a mention. Wednesday night I saw my chiropractor {If you're new here: He's a dream boat and a miracle worker and I adore, adore, adore him.} who is not only, ya know, a trained medical professional, but a pretty legit athlete himself and shares my mentality on natural healing and wellness. So anyway, I gave him the injury report {see above} and he helped me out with some kinesio tape.
I've heard of and seen this stuff before, but I've never used it myself and wasnt sure if it was effective. Since this post is getting aggressively long, let me just stop it here and say: Um, yes. Yes it is. #PRAISE.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

{Fun Fact: This performance from 4:23-5:55 is the reason I became a fan of this band. RIP, Roi.}

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  1. This week was rough, wasn't it? But I'm glad it's over. Have fun at DMB! I'll be spending my night at the grocery store (I know what it's like to have no food in the house!).

    Also, I have to look into this kinesio tape for my ankle - thanks!

  2. Yikes to both feet being on the mend. Hopefully you're back to running around soon!

  3. Love the new kicks. I hope your feet heal up quickly and you can take a nice long run soon! Also yay for cute doctors. My dentist is yummy!

    1. Oh wait you didnt say he was cute ... awks

    2. she did, didn't she? 'dreamboat' to me is cute ;) that's what i'm believing, and i want a dreamboat please.

  4. WOOOOOO!!! Also, we need to go to a show together. Perhaps next year. I always go to PNC but you know, seeing both venues is totally doable.

    I hope your feet are healing... I'm in the midst of week 3 of C25k and I feel amazeballs (God, I hate that word) I had to run for 2- 3 minute sessions and I did it. #smallsteps

    I'm loving the new Nikes. I feel like you've bought nothing but sneakers lately - win!

    Have so, so, soooo much fun this weekend.

  5. Hope your feet are feeling better :)
    Congrats on being in an online publishing!!!

  6. ahhhhhhh so jealous of your DMB concert this week and can we talk about how awesome kinesio tape is?!?

  7. My brother went to the DMB concert in MA last weekend and he said it was absolutely he played for 3 hours. I was wondering that that peek of blue was glad to hear it is helping so much! Thanks so much for linking up!!

  8. Have SO MUCH FUN at Dave!!! My dad is stupid in love with DMB and we go together every year they come through Virginia Beach. It's kind of our thing.

    LOVE your new Nikes! That reminds me how glad I am that in my throw out ALL THE THINGS frenzy I didn't get rid of a pair I don't run in anymore but can def use for walking around purposes, yay!

    KT tape is so amazing. I would always see people at races with it and be like...seriously? But then I tried it and I was like HOLY SHIT WHAT HOW?!?!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Dave Matthews Band? I AM JEALOUS!!!

    I tried on a pair of those exact same Nikes, and I didn't like them. My toes stuck out really weird. But they look fab on you!!

  10. loving your blog, now following you! :)
    hoping that you can get back into working out soon! i love your new shoes!

    love, taylor

  11. Those tortilla chips look like the ones you get at Chili's... love when they come out hot - YUM!

  12. So jealous that you saw DMB! Jealous! omg I still haven't seen him live and I need too. Is he as good as he was in like 2006-2008 days? Does he still sing his classics like Two Step and Crash? I love my chiropractor and totally believe in chiropractic.

  13. yay for new shoes! what is kinesio tape? i need to google. those tortilla chips look yummo. and hells yes to the magazine and writing stuff! way to go girly!


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