Friday: The 'Hello, Gorgeous' Edition

You must know that I am a sucker for tradition, and the Friday linkup party has become one of my absolute favorites — no small thanks to great hostesses. But I dig me some variety too; it is the spice of life and all that. So I'm turning this High Five for Friday // Friday Favorites // Back That Azz Up post on its ear and going with a fun little theme in honor of Saturday's most holiest of occasions, the long-anticipated arrival of the lovely and scandalous minx herself, the First Day of Summer.

ONE // Living in the garden state, you bet your ass we have more than our fair share of delicious fresh produce. There's a farmer's market every time you turn around and plenty of people grow their own. {Thanks to apartment living, I am not one of those people, sadly.} Biting into a fresh fruit is never easier than in a Jersey summer, and this super easy summer salad is on my rotation all season long:
Grape or cherry tomatoes, quartered // red onion, sliced // cucumber, sliced and quartered // generous drizzle of olive oil // small splash of red wine vinegar // a couple good shakes of Italian seasoning {basil, parsley, oregano} // salt and pepper to taste // toss, chill, enjoy within two days!

TWO // There's something that happens when summer hours set in and the nights stay light til 8 p.m., and then dusk dances over your neighborhood setting the perfect light for a chat with someone you love on a patio or deck. The unassuming light is the perfect backdrop for the most intimate conversations — you know the ones I mean: Where looking directly into their eyes is just a tad intimidating, them looking at you leaves you a bit too vulnerable, but a gentle light on a reassuring glance is all you need to keep on going. Some of the most important conversations of my life have been had in summer evenings on the cusp of darkness.
THREE // And I love that those nights are followed by warm, sunny mornings. No matter if you're waking up with your patio partner from the previous night or by yourself as you gear up for another day of the grind, the morning light of summer and the warmth that comes with it is so much more inviting than those cold, gray mornings of January. It is remarkably easier for this night-owl to wake up, ready and raring to take on another day, on a June morning, and it makes all the difference.

FOUR // Since we know it'll fade before we know it, it seems like everyone gets outside to take advantage of the sun and the warmth while we have it in the summertime. Last night after our group run with the running shop, Claire and I moseyed a couple of blocks down and cursed ourselves for not tossing our yoga mats into my car earlier: A local studio was hosting a big outdoor event on one of the cutest blocks of shops and restaurants in town. We watched from the sidelines for a bit as dozens of yogis made their way through sun salutations before hopping in, sneaker-clad and sans mats, to move through a couple of asanas. Things like this only happen in the summer — next time hopefully we'll have a heads up and come prepared.

FIVE // Someone, please, tell me what is more relaxing than a good summer cocktail — gin & tonic is my favorite this time of year — enjoyed while the sun sets before your eyes? Nothing, that's what. And one of the sweetest places to do that in my area is a pub called Fitzgerald's 1928. Which leads me to my honorable mention number six: racing season.
Sunday will be my fourth race, another 5k, {apparently I'm gonna be the girl who goes right from 3.1 to 13.1 — it's cool} hosted by Fitzgerald's. We're really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, as the running shop we love partners with the other race sponsors for this event, and enjoying some cocktails and fun after — the event is also sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, and the evening race always wraps up with some summery sips. I'm hoping for a PR in this race, but given that I've been nursing some foot pain for going on two weeks now, I'm aiming to stay healthy more than anything else.

Tell me your favorite things about summer! Do you have any plans to officially welcome the season this weekend?
Y'all are welcome.

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  1. Is it bad to say that I am starting to hate summer and I am ready for winter??? Yes? No??

    Don't kill me for saying that. LOL

  2. drinks on a patio -- gimmie more of that!! our weather has been nice; not too hot, not too cold although i'd like it to be a bit warmer in the mornings. but at least there's no humidity!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. oh how i couldn't agree more with these jersey bullet points!! it's just the best in the summer. and i eat that salad ALL the time :)

  4. Farmers markets are oh so amazing in the summer - just fresh stuff all around!! I love sunsets but agree summer sunsets are something else!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I miss LFO. I can't wait to get back to my parents' place in MN where I can watch the sunset & sunrise in the middle of nowhere. It's so much better watching it come up & go down over a field than buildings & power lines.

  6. Gin and tonic?? SIGN ME UP. Excuse me while I have a few of those later tonight.

    Good luck on Sunday!

  7. gin and t's are a go to. Have you ever had a Moscow mule?! You would love them if you like Gin&ts!

  8. There is nothing better than drinks and good conversation on a patio! Have a great weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  9. Have fun at your run on Sunday. I'm so excited for the official first day of summer. Bring on the patio drinks!!

  10. Great minds think alike! My post was in honor of the first day of summer too! Good luck on Sunday!

  11. Hey Alyssa!! I love me a good cocktail in the Summer! My favorite's has to be Tequila Sunrise's and Mojito's! XOXO


  12. Love me some evening convos, good cocktails, and everything 'summer'. Said it before but NJ really does sound like a fantastic place to live.

    Umm is your foot all healed up already? If it is then yay for Sunday!!! If you feel any pain please dont push it. Good luck!!!

  13. Mmm happy hour in the summer on a patio is my FAV.

  14. That tomato, cucumber, red onion salad is my absolute favorite for summer. Heaven!

  15. Happy summer! Hope you had (have?) a good race today! I love me some Brooklyn, I'd run just about any distance for some of that goodness afterward ;)

  16. I'm a little behind but thanks to you I know have LFO stuck in my head. Damn it.

  17. ok i need that salad in my life. YUMMO. and now i want a gin and tonic and i dont even like gin.


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