Good Good Time

I don't even know where to begin.

I'm trying to sum up one of the best weekends of my year in a blog post that will not be a total snooze-fest for non-DMB fans and that will not make me sound like an absolute crazy person and will do justice to the incredibleness that was Friday and Saturday nights.

I'm also trying to get this post done before I pass out with my head on my MacBook.

This weekend was my third weekend seeing the Dave Matthews Band at the Susquehanna Bank Center in NJ and my ninth and tenth DMB shows since I decided to stop being an ass and give the band a chance in 2009.

As usual, the boys did not disappoint. Let me just throw this out there: If you're not a DMB fan, learn a little bit about how they play live and see if that changes your mind. If you appreciate music, musicianship, and obscene amounts of talent on one small stage and STILL can't get down with the band after experiencing a live event {recording will suffice}, then I don't know what to tell you.

A lot of non-DMB fans look at me like I'm a lunatic when I say I see them repeatedly at the same venue two nights in a row. Then I have to explain to them that the set lists each night look nothing like one another and that even if they were exactly the same song lists, they would still be completely different. DMB is a jam band, in case you weren't aware, so of a song that's played live for, say, 10 minutes, roughly three of those minutes are actually written. The rest comes on the fly, and it's such a cool thing to experience time and time again.

I'm one of the lunatics who follows the set lists every tour, because I like to see what they've been playing, what might be released on recording, and what songs might come up in the shows I'm attending. This year, man, I dunno. They've been mixing things up like WHAT. I've had a few moments of glory in my day, being able to call songs before they're played or calling show openers and encore closers. But nope. I managed one accurate call {Grey Street, night two} and that's about it. It was, in a word, unbelievable.

Because I know there are a few Dave fans around here, I thought I'd share the set lists {length played not yet available; show notes still sparse} from DMBAlmanac for Night One:

And Night Two:

Just look at those show notes! They gave us their all, that's for damn sure. B and I were beyond thrilled to get #41, an absolute favorite of both of ours and I have to be honest, a performance that was so charged that I got really emotional during it. It's fine, I'm not crazy. I also didn't almost cry during Grey Street or Lie in Our Graves or Die Trying or second night Two Step.

Fun fact: You Might Die Trying is the reason I'm a DMB fan. Listening to a recording {my old friends were all HUGE fans} from their St. Louis live release, on this song at 4:25, late saxophonist LeRoi Moore {RIP Roi} drops in with my favorite dirty sax jam ever, ever, ever. I was hooked from then on. I've gotten it at a handful of shows in the past, and it is always a sweet treat for me.

Second night's Two Step jammed my whole face off and that's all I'm gonna say about that. It's all I CAN say about that. It was a delight to hear that strum to close out the encore for a perfect bookend on the weekend. There's a section at the beginning of the song where Dave improvises the lyrics differently every time, and Saturday night he gave us a little Time Bomb interpolation in that improv space. What. The. What.

I was absolutely shocked about a couple of songs that made it to our set lists {Good Good Time, Raven, Write a Song} and so delighted to keep some streaks alive. I've gotten Grey Street {<3} and Jimi Thing at every show or weekend that I've seen the band. They're such incredible songs so that makes me more than happy.

And I finally, finally, FINALLY broke a streak that I don't even know how existed for five years. Until Friday night, I had never experienced the band playing Warehouse live. You guys. I love this song. They play it often! But never for me. SUCK IT, WAREHOUSE-LESS STREAK, YOU'RE OUTTA HERE.

Oh dear. I think I've lost most of you by now. Hello?

I'll round this out with a couple of grainy, unedited iPhone shots in which you can't even really see anything:

and call it a Monday. A Monday after one of my favorite weekends of the year. Is it 5 yet?

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. I have this issue called over-researching. haha it could take me 3 hours to watch a movie because I'd stop to google shit. Where am I going with this? So I might have googled the band and YouTubed the songs you mentioned because well I love music and if someone says its good i like to listen. I love the vybe of the band. Didn't expect older guys but they can jam!

    Glad you had a fun weekend!!!!

  2. Sounds like you love DMB as much as I love The Avett Brothers! No shame in seeing them back to back - I'm actually jealous, and would LOVE to see TAB two nights in a row (hopefully I will next summer at the Red Rocks) and I read their set lists after every show, too! There is one particular song I would LOVE to hear live, and whenever I see it on their lists, I am so jealous of everyone who was at that show.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend! I'm also glad you're back today (selfish!).

  3. Day 2 probably had all of my favorite songs of theirs!! We had our first dance to You and Me - so they will always hold a special place in my heart!! So happy to hear you had a great time - but then again we knew you would!! Thanks for linking up doll!

  4. But really though, WHY ARE WE THE SAME PERSON. I've been stalking their setlists since the very first show of this year's tour. I can not even wait until I get to see them two nights in a row, at the same venue. Because they're amazing and I'll never ever understand people who don't love them. Like really, what's not to love? TELL ME!

  5. I saw DMB once in Fenway and it was a cool show. Glad you had fun BOTH times this weekend! :)

  6. So spot on! I actually love going to DMB because you really don't have to be a DMB fan to have a really good time. I told you I go every year with my dad and honestly, those few hours are probably the only ones I spend listening to them all year. They're not my favorite band to listen to regularly but as a music lover and live music appreciator I really enjoy their shows! Their jam times are the best. So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  7. Oh Man! Super jealous. I need to go see them when they play in the Gorge one of these times. I hear the experience there is fabulous!

  8. Sounds like they're a great show to see!

  9. DMB is to you what 30 Seconds to Mars and Taking Back Sunday are to me (I only say this because they are currently tied for amount of shows I've seen/times I've met and or touched a member of the band).

    I think after reading this I need to add a DMB show to my bucket list !

  10. I've never been to DMB, but my fiance is obsessed and has been to a few concerts. He picked our first dance song and we're dancing to "You and Me." I think Day 2 had more of my favorite songs! Thanks for linking up and glad you enjoyed yourself! xo

  11. "And I finally, finally, FINALLY broke a streak that I don't even know how existed for five years. Until Friday night, I had never experienced the band playing Warehouse live." I kid you not, my jaw just dropped, my hand just went up and I was only thinking 'what in the actaul fu@k?!' HOW?!?!?! I got a taste of that amazingness at my first ever show, played at SPAC. I've also heard #41 live, which in and of itself is epic.

    There are no words for DMB shows. If you're not a fan, you're missing out on some amazing music and talent and an overall killer experience. Seriously, next year I'm doing both PNC and Camden. Beign a Warehouse member makes it all so worth it.

  12. i know a lot of dave matthews band fans but i have never really listened - i know, i'm horrible. i have heard they are amazing live though, so glad you enjoyed it :)


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