I'm Concerned About My Coccyx

I promised you guys I'd be back in the Humpday Confessions saddle today. {Big thanks for letting me get a little mellow yellow last week.}

I'm pleased as punch to be linking up with Kathy yet again for our weekly tradition of unburdening our consciences of all our sins and confessions. And especially because we've got ourselves a new piece of eye candy to enjoy this week ;)

Vodka and Soda

Let's get a move on...

I still haven't watched season two of Orange is the New Black, but I am almost through my nineteenth run-through of the entire series of Entourage. Priorities.

I may or may not or may definitely have gotten all the warm fuzzies ever in the world after you guys were so supportive and encouraging yesterday after I announced my newest race goal. You give some great advice and are the best cheerleaders in the world. Thank you, beautiful people.

It's incredibly inappropriate how often I contemplate moving my pre-scheduled chiropractic appointment up for the teeniest tiniest reasons just so I can see my dream boat of a chiropractor sooner. Also, like for chiropractic stuff. Sore coccyx. Ya know.

I definitely giggle to myself 67% of the time I say or hear the word "coccyx" because maturity has no place here.


Since I came back from my four-day weekend on Monday, I've been counting down the workdays until the 4th of July. You know what definitely doesn't make time go any faster? Counting down days.

I TOTALLY blogged from the bathtub last night as I soothed my achy, injured feet in an ice bath. So if you got a blog comment from me after 9:30 p.m., yeah, chances are I was in le tub when I wrote it.

I loved it, loved it, loved it for a solid six months. I backed my azz up to it all winter long. It was my go-to jam. It gave me all the good feels and was good enough to ignore that it gave me bad feels too. It made me belt and close my eyes while singing. But I think if I hear "Latch" one more time I might start twitching. Can we start listening to other Disclosure songs now please?

And other Sam Smith songs too?

Back to running. It finally happened. Lost a toenail. This is so gross, I can't believe I'm writing it on the Internet. But I think it gives me street cred as a runner so it stays. #ashamed #exceptnotreally

I made a quick tomato/cuke/red onion salad last night and my ratios were horrendously off like some kind of goddamn amateur. I had twice as much tomato as cucumber and three times as much red onion. It may have been thanks to running-in-heat-induced delirium. My apartment was 88 degrees until 10:30, so I'm going with that.

I still and will always love Boone. :'(

Yes, I just made a reference to Lost in 2014 due to the picture above. Don't worry, I am appropriately ashamed of myself.

Just kidding. Lost rules.

Spill it, ladies. what are your confessions?


  1. I feel sort of special that I got a comment for the bath tub!! :) Loosing the toe-nail is no bueno, but it happens to the best of them... you know the marathon runners hehe! Don't feel bad about not watching OISTB - I have watched Newlyweds (yes with jessica and nick) on repeat because I refuse to believe they are not together anymore haha!

  2. Oh gosh you lost a toe nail! I know it happens but I hope to God it never happens to me because nobody likes a drama queen and Im fairly certain I would turn into one. haha
    Also if my chiropractor was hot Id be there every week. No joke ... miracle hands I tell ya!

  3. That is too funny about your chiropractor appointments! I also find the word coccyx to be rather humorous :D Yikes about losing a toenail! I feel like that would hurt.. how does that happen?

  4. Ok, umm how did you manage to lose a toenail?? Never knew that could happen. Speaking of never... I've never watched Lost or Orange is the New Black. #NotTrendy I'm spending the 4th down the shore so I'm defintiely counting days until I can get my coccyx in the sand! (commence giggles)

  5. Ugh Lost! That show! I never watched it while it was on & then it showed up on Netflix once upon a time so I started watching it with my ex...then they took it off Netflix for awhile...I bought THE ENTIRE series just so I could finish it only to be completely pissed off by the end. Just so I don't end on a rant: I was glad you said coccyx makes you giggle because I was just reading your title.

  6. What do you use when blogging from the bathtub? I have such a hard time leaving comments on anything but a computer.

  7. So many people talk about Lost, and I want to watch it, but isn't 10 or so seasons? That is commitment! I gave up on Entourage about 2 seasons in, but not because I didn't like it. I just had too much going on. Definitely have to get back to that.

    I confess that I stayed up too late last night and one cup of coffee isn't doing the trick this morning.

  8. My husband is obsessed with Lost, still, and I still don't get it. I watched Entourage til the last season when I just stopped caring about the guys. Is it worth going back to?

  9. Hey Alyssa!! Have not watched OITNB yet!! But I hear amazing things. And blogging from the tub sounds terrible relaxing lol!! :) XO


  10. Omg, I loved Boone! I hated that they killed him off so early thank goodness for TVD so Ian was back in my life ;)

  11. I'm still working on S1 of OITNB- almost done though! And LOVE the Lost reference. And Boone. He was so freaking good.

  12. Ommggg Orange Is The New Black is my crack these days! And OUCH lost a toenail?! How???

  13. I havent lost a toenail but I got some gnarly blood stains in my brand new running shoes from blisters the size of texas.

  14. wait, what is this 'maturity' thing you speak of? Also I LOVE SAM SMITH SO MUCH

  15. i watched the first season of lost (which was amazing) and then the rest totally sucked!! so i have no idea what happened to them. and OITNB is pretty good this season :)

    thanks for linking up

  16. Oh Boone, that is exactly what I thought of when I saw that picture! Lost was a strange creature of a show but I loved the first few seasons so much!

  17. I haven't watched the new season yet either! I'm still trying to finish How I Met Your Mother. And blogging from the bathtub? So jealous. I need a new laptop so I can do that too.

  18. I just finished the 2nd season of Orange is the New Black and now I'm just depressed. Not because the show depressed me, but because it was amazing (duh) and now I'm sad it's over.
    Haha I totally blog from the tub too!

  19. ok i thought Boone as in Lost, but then I thought I must be wrong and I wasn't! yay. I used to love Lost.
    coccyx makes me giggle too.
    i have never lost a toenail! i could be wrong (never) but i think... maybe your shoes are too small?! i always wear a size bigger, and my friend didn't and she lost like every toenail (slight exaggeration) and then upped her size and now she has toenails. coinky dink? i sink not.
    no idea what songs you are referring to. oops.
    um, im not sure if i got a bathtub comment but i'm gonna pretend i did, k thanks love!


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