I'm Not Here

Good morning, glories.

I wish I had a cheery and happy and sunshiney post today. I really do. Because my ability to muster one up for you would mean that I'm not currently in the stress-and-rage spiral I'm finding myself in. Even though it's a short week for me, "my Friday" {TOMORROW, PRAISE!} cannot come soon enough.

Sometimes you just need a break.

So I'm giving the blog a bit of a break today, but don't worry — I knew you'd be worried — you can find your daily dose of Alyssa over at See You in a Porridge today.

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My sweet friend Kristen has kindly, generously, and hopefully not stupidly entrusted her blog and her readers to me today while she enjoys some time with her family back home in Australia. Big moves, people — my first guest post from this blog!

So head on over to Kristen's to see my follow-up to persuading everyone to spend some summer nights on the Jersey Shore: your packing list for A Very Jersey Summer Vacation.

Grab your tote and get packing. I'll keep the beach chairs warm until you get here ;)
And don't forget to check back here tomorrow for a special edition of Humpday Confessions! I'll see you soon.


  1. Hey Alyssa!! Congratulations on the guest post!! I checked it out and its super fantastic!! I will be tweeting this one out for sure!! Have a great day Alyssa and talk soon my dear!! <33333


  2. loved your guest post today!!! I always forget about bringing bug spray when I go to the beach or really any kind of Summer outing! Thanks for the reminder girl and loved your bathing suit picks!

  3. I feel your rage my dear. I'm super excited for your guest post and will head over and give it a read :) I'm sure it's full of only the best Jersey vacationing advice ever !

  4. hello lovely! i adored your post, it was so much fun and now i'm seriously dreaming of a beach vacation please!

  5. Not sure if you'll get the comment I left over there but in short. Nail... head. Excellent list. I bought the most wonderful, magical summer sweatshirt at the DMB show and can't wait to wear it on vacay.


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