Kill the AC & Other Head-Shaking Things

Weird? Or just different? Inspired by this post by my friend Amanda — who was inspired by this post from my darling Kristen — I've been thinking about quirks of my own. And then wondering when they officially stop being "quirks" and start being the things that make you ineligible to be part of the human species.

10 things I do that usually make people shake their heads or look like this:
  1. Prefer to drink hot coffee and tea on 90-degree summer days, even outside in the sun and in my un-air-conditioned apartment.
  2. Cancel plans or skimp on sleep to finish a really, really good book. See: every single time a new Jodi Picoult novel is released.
  3. Sleep with socks on in the cold months and with something — usually an open-stitch homemade blanket from my mom; I'm drowning in crocheted blankets — covering my waist in the warm months.
  4. Lift up into dancer pose or drop down into pigeon or ballet stretches on the floor in the middle of conversation or while watching a movie... just, ya know. 'Cuz.
  5. Crack my left thumb at least once an hour, and every other knuckle, my neck, back, shoulders, knees and ankles multiple times a day. I'm paying for my chiropractor's next trip to Puerto Rico.
  6. Write yearly, monthly, and daily To Do lists, along with a running task list {which gets divvied up among those three} and running shopping lists broken down by Beauty/Personal Care, Health, Clothes/Shoes, Running, House/Home, Personal/Misc., Gifts, and Grocery. Type A, anybody?
  7. Detest air conditioning, save for a quick cool blast on an obscenely hot day. I'd rather a breeze or a fan and an ice pack at the top of my spine. I get cold too quickly, and I already spend 7 months of the year trying not to freeze to death. Give me my summer heat and just a little sweet relief; that'll be plenty.
  8. Organize my spices alphabetically and by bottle shape.
  9. Not organize my obscene personal library alphabetically, but rather grouped by author and arranged in a size-and-color organization scheme that I am completely unable to put into words. I've tried.
  10. Take off my makeup every night before bed, even if I'm buzzing or dead tired. {How do I manage that, you ask? Makeup remover wipes 2 feet from my bed and the motivation that only comes with having white pillow cases.}
What makes people give you that look?
{And if they actually look like Jason Stackhouse, GIMME.}


  1. I'm very guilty of giving you "the look" when you ordered hot coffee on your visit. But for some reason the straw made it better ? Who knows. Part of the reason we're friends is because we share in our weirdness.

    Biggest thing I get looks for is from my trainer at the gym. He'll tell me to pick something up or sit down (I've learned now to always do this in "proper" form or he will yell at me, even if i'm just putting a weight back) and I'll do it dancer style - bending from the waist, not sticking my butt out. Apparently the fact that sticking my butt out is the opposite of natural for me shocks and surprises people on a daily basis.

    Otherwise everyone pretty much knows that I'm insane so I basically get that look by just existing :P

  2. Why haven't I thought of leaving makeup remover wipes next to my bed? Such an easy fix!

  3. air conditioning makes me skin feel weird and cold. I like to have it on but then still have a nice regular breeze too

  4. I used to be awesome at taking off all makeup even if buzzed due to white pillowcases. Now I have dark ones sooo.... I should take it off more often, because wrinkles and skin care or something. And I'm with you on always being cold- I detest AC (especially at work) and always need to sleep with some sort of blanket on,... can't do socks though! I want to see this library of yours :-)

  5. Lol I do weird stretches and bends mid conversation too HAHA
    Girl Id die without my AC in this southern humidity!

  6. I am super impressed by half of your list esp spices in alphabetical order. I can never find which spice Im looking for ... heck Im lucky I found myself today. I also need to be better with lists. I write them and then walk away.

    I love AC though ... not sure I could survive without it!

  7. SO much yes to staying in and staying up late in order to read a really good book! So guilty of that. But oooh man I can't live without AC on some days!

  8. I crack errythan', too! My ankles, my elbows, my neck... you name it and that shit's getting cracked on the DAILY.

  9. um absolutely to staying awake to finish a good book! heck even if it's a book i've already read, when i don't want to put it down i don't want to put it down! and girl you know how i feel about the AC, blecccch. I crack my knuckles but not anything else - I don't even know how! lol. Not weird, just different ;)

  10. 2, 3, 6, 9, 10 so much yes!
    I break out into dance in random moments.
    I also talk solely in movie quotes and song lyrics from time to time.

  11. It is weird that I don't find any of things to actualyl BE weird?? I'm definitely with you on #6 and #7. Someone please kill the AC!


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