Stink Boo Chicken Face & Other Weird Things

I do strange things around people who are special to me. The friends-who-are-family, the soulmates, the ones I like-like, the ones I adore. If you make my heart smile:
  1. I'll call you a weird term of endearment. Favorites: Nugget, boo face, stink, lady face, bbz, chicken pants, and especially — seriously, only the really special ones get these — you or face
  2. I'll show you the writing I do that doesn't make it to the blog or my customers.
  3. I'll let you drive.
  4. I'll take my makeup off in front of you. This isn't the same thing as being bare-faced in front of you. The transition from makeup to bare-faced is an intimate thing.
  5. I won't apologize for you being offended by something I said sarcastically and you misunderstood. You can keep up.
  6. I won't groan and think of reasons to quickly hang up if you call me on the phone.
  7. I'll talk to you about my grandmother.
  8. I'll run with you, or invite you to run with me.
  9. I'll let you be within 100 yards of me when I watch The Notebook, the pilot episode of Friday Night Lights, the series finale of Friends, or anything else that makes me bawl like a baby.
  10. I'll do my best to make sure you always know it.
This post was inspired by a conversation with Kay, wherein
I expressed my weird inclination towards item number one
and by last night's post-pub run pink lemonade margarita,
which led me to think about weird things for a few hours.

What weird things do you do around your A-list?


  1. ahhh i love this. i call people weird things too, but i try to keep it in a little sometimes lol. my husband and i call each other the weirdest things because he knows of my weirdness. that didnt make any sense. but moving on.
    omg yes the transition from makeup to bare face - that is crazy intimate!

  2. If we're good-good friends, we'll talk about poop, and we can sit in silence and not feel the need to break it just becasue.

  3. I love this idea! And I hear you re: the make up. That's not an easy step to take!

    The #1 thing I do around my "A-list" is make fun of them..relentlessly. And that's how they know I like them.

  4. Hahaha we exchange mean MEAN insults... I think we've gotten this backwards LOL

  5. Show my straight up crazy pants side.....I reserve that for those dearest ;-) You are so right that transition can be a little's like that red and angry face before all those lotions set in hahhaha

    What a great post girl! Definitely tucking that way away :)

  6. I love going through this list and going "check, check, check...YAY WE'RE FRIENDS !" like for some reason my brain was worried we weren't ?! It's okay though. We're all good over here.

  7. Hahah yess!! When I actually want to spend time with the person its kind of a big deal lol! So when I show interest in a party of your or any get together that's how I know I like you loll!! Great post Alyssa!! XO


  8. Lol at #6! For me, if I pick up, you're on the A List haha! And I will cook for you and sing in front of you if we're close. I know I can't sing, and I'm always nervous about my cooking, so if I do these things, you know you're in!

  9. Awwww yay!!! I have soooo many terms of endearment (as you can tell). When I get comfortable with people the babes and hun and girlies start to roll out. And then if we're really close, booboo, anything -magoo, Woman (strange), Man, love. I just love it. Also yay to everything else. Imp to note, I rarely let people drive me but when I have a bf he does alllll the driving lol

  10. Because of #9 I'm going to start distancing myself from you. This bitch doesn't run. Period.

  11. I'm really thinking about watching Friday Night Lights this summer. I've never seen it. So thank you for that heads up. I'll be sure to watch it when I have time to cry.


  12. I call people weird things too! Nugget is a favorite.
    The makeup thing - YES!
    I do my really weird dance moves - like the penguin.


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