Wind Down

In sum of my last couple days, I present to you a nice, easy Monday morning photo spill.

I might have a slight running shoe problem. Slight. Small. Maybe. 
{Second pair of new Sauconys in less than a month says yes.}

I headed down to South Jersey Friday night to spend a bit of time at my mom & step-dad's. My brother and I swung by the reservoir for a couple-mile trail walk. I'm supposed to be resting my feet thanks to a self-diagnosed {and Google/runner friends-confirmed} case of plantar fasciitis, but I needed to get some activity into my day.

Saturday morning was the Color Me Rad 5k. I was joined by my darling coworkers M and K, and a new friend who joined at M's request. 

It was M's first race ever, and we're so proud of her for finishing and just pleased as punch that she had such a good time. I'm hoping I'll be able to find a shot of us all crossing the finish line together, hand in hand.  :)

As far as racing for competition's sake, or even running for running's sake, this isn't the place to go to try to set a PR. It's not the place to go if you don't like being surrounded by thousands of people.

It's a fun run. Many, if not most, people walked at least part of the course. Which is, of course, 100% fine. {Until they stop in the middle of the path to take selfies without any regard for the people around them trying to maneuver through the very dense crowd.}
But all in all, it was a fun way to spend the morning with these ladies and get in a 5k. I probably shouldn't have even run it, honestly, what with the overuse injury to both feet. But what happened happened.

I was toast by Saturday night, so this is how I spent it... and I didn't hate it one bit.

On Sunday, Claire and I went to SketchCon, an expo for local artists here in NJ. There were all types of incredible artists displaying their stuff, from jewelers to photographers to painters to artists combining media in ways I never would have thought possible. The main event — at least for Claire and I — was Christian Masot.

Christian is a tattoo artist and incredibly talented painter who heads up the crew at Silk City Tattoo, where all my tattoos, except my newest one, were inked.

I've been inked by Christian himself only once — his wait list has always demanded I be patient — but that will hopefully change in the fall. I spoke to him yesterday about #12 and I'm pumped to have him do it.

He's an incredibly kind and generous guy, and one hell of an artist. Even though he's tattooed me only once, I've been in his shop hundreds of times over the years, both for my own work and to bring in others hoping to get inked by the masters, and he stops what he's doing every single time to say hey and shoot the shit with me for a couple minutes. It was great to see him at work yesterday.

I wound down Sunday night with a much-dreaded but much-needed ice foot bath. It was horrible. But hopefully it helps me heal and get back on the run soon. And now it's Monday and it's a short week for me — Philly and Dave this weekend! — so I better get to work.

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How was your weekend?


  1. This inspires me to do some serious running! Perhaps buy another pair of shoes.

  2. I DROVE PAST THE COLOR ME RAD RACE ON SATURDAY! Sorry, I just got SO excited. I saw it going on and put in my notes, "PNC Arts Center - ask Alyssa" because I knew you were running it and I had a feeling that was the same one. GAHHH.

    I need better sneakers, because the ones I have now are terrible. Suggestions welcome!

  3. AWESOME weekend! Love the new sneakers! So umm, Christian looks like a hot buy from the back view. Now I need to Google stlk him to see his face, haha. I wish I were kidding...Anywho! I'm concerned about my sneakers for CMR. I um, don't want to get them dirty.

  4. I've actually been nervous to do a color run because I figured everyone would be hard core and slow folks would be getting hammered by color. So good to know some people walk a lot!!

  5. That run looks so fun though. I would definitely do it even if I have to walk most! I LOVE the new sneaks as well!!

    And you're going on tattoo #12??? Love it!!!

  6. Loving those sneakers! I have never done a color run....they always look like so much fun but I can never get my act together. He does look so talented! You'll have to tell me about this #12 you speak of..... ;-)

  7. You look like you had a blast at the color run ! More power to know I will never willingly be around that many people and bright colors at the same time :P The only thing you didn't put in here was how long it too to clean all that stuff off !!

  8. I hope to do the color run this summer, I just gotta find some people to do it with me.

  9. I have had the color run on my list for a few years now - need to do one ASAP!! Love the new kicks - such a fun color!! SketchCon looks really interesting - pretty amazing to see them doing their work on the spot!! Thanks so much for linking up with us!! Happy Monday!

  10. Sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend. I'm sorry about your injury! Running injuries are the worst because they always come when you're really getting into the swing of things, but on the bright side after reading "Born to Run" I stopped getting injured. I love, love, loveeee that book.

  11. um any reason for new running shoes is a good reason!!!

  12. SketchCon sounds so cool! And I'm loving the Color Run pics! I hope you're feet are feeling better today!!

  13. Love those shoes!! Going to pick up a new pair of brooks tomorrow. And LOVE Born to Run. Let me know when your done and we can geek out about it!

  14. Girllll my heart stopped for a second when I saw those shoes. So beautiful. This is how I got myself in trouble with Kinvaras before, haha!
    I really didn't want to tell you what I thought about Color Me Rad until after you'd done it, but now I can tell you I pretty much had the same experience. It was fun, but not the most fun I've ever had at a race. I'm glad I did it to see what all the fuss is about, but I wouldn't do it again. I do think a lot of people do them as their first race though so I think it's awesome that they're getting more people into running.

  15. Pretty shoes!
    That art show sounds like a blast!

  16. Those running shoes are AWESOME. I didn't really enjoy the Color Me Rad run. I essentially ran/walked it with my friends because it was so crowded and a lot of people were just walking. But, you know, it was still a fun day with friends! Thanks for linking up! xo

  17. i want the shoes please. and i want to do a colour run, though its good to know they arent good for running, but for fun. fun is good! and is that ursula he's drawing?!! amazing. haha.


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