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I'm just going to come right out with it so you can begin preparing yourselves for the devastation. I'm not coming to class tomorrow. *GASP.* Jay Kay, because I suspect many of you won't be either. Happy birthday, America! {Even if we are in a little bit of a fight right now...}

I'm already in holiday mode, so here's a lazy post about some things I've been up to lately...

+ I'm a big fan of Bret Easton Ellis — if you're unfamiliar, he wrote the novels American Psycho, Less Than Zero, and The Rules of Attraction, movies you may have seen — and he's a good summer read for me. I'm currently in the middle of The Informers, and I realized something the other day.
So I've never been to LA, where most of Ellis' novels are set. He mentions locations and avenues I've heard of — Reseda, Mulholland (Drive), etc. — but never been to.. and for some reason, whenever I read over one of those LA references, I hear the lyrics of "Free Falling" where they're also mentioned in my mind. This is probably really weird and I'm sorry I made you guys read that.

+ After some chats with blog pals and even an actual request {who the hell do I think I am?} I decided it wouldn't be the worst thing I ever did to share some headstanding of my own here. I find this way of lifting into the inversion to be a bit easier and way more stable, thus a bit safer, than putting one leg straight up and then the other. But I'm not a professional {yet, though it is in the plan}; this is just what works for me.
{Don't mind the AC growling in the background, the fact that I'm in running gear, and all that cracking you're hearing from my ankles. I'm far from perfect; you can see a couple of wobbles. And I get bored easily, hence the throwing my legs all around for fun ;)}

I try to hold headstand {sirsasana} for 5-10 minutes every day. No, I don't always get a continuous 5-10 minutes; I usually have to come down and reassemble a couple times. But here's why I like to practice this asana so much!

{Please note: If this has inspired you to try sirsasana, great! But please do not do so without any prior yoga practice! It's imperative to wake up and warm up your core, legs, upper back, arms and shoulders and to make sure you're attempting the posture safely and correctly to avoid serious injury. Check out this video if you want to give it a go! [Key info at 7 minutes.]}

+ My boss inexplicably announced that on Tuesday we would all be able to gather in his office for a viewing of the USA vs. Belgium World Cup game — pizza, beer, and margs provided. After we picked our jaws up off the floor, it turned out to be a great way to watch the first half of the game.
My coworker and I caught the second half of the game over drinks with our former coworker and friend, whose birthday we were also celebrating. We were torn up watching the U.S. lose, but the cocktails took the edge off. :)

+ This video. Y'all, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the original #badbitch.

+ Here's another simple-pimple, easy-peasy, inexpensive summer salad. Make with GF pasta like I do and it's gluten-free and vegan!
Cook pasta // I like to add in grape tomatoes, black olives, artichoke hearts, raw pepper, and red onion // Drench the whole sumbitch with zesty or robust Italian dressing // Shake up, let sit, serve cold.

Oh and in case you missed them, here are my guides to doing summer right. And I'm a born-and-bred Jersey Girl, so you know I know what I'm talking about:

Hope those of you celebrating the Fourth have a safe and happy holiday! And those of you who aren't, I hope you have lovely summer weekends as well :) See you guys back here in a couple of days.


  1. WHAT THE ACTUAL EFFING HECK. You just did a handstand in front of my EYES. Teach me! where do I start? I know zero of the yoga. I want to be badass like you.
    Also, that pasta = yum!

  2. That headstand is amazing!! So funny short story - my husband took a yoga class the other day and the teacher said for those of you who want to get into your handstands go for it - and he's all like what, huh, what if i cant lol! it was so funny...sorry i wasn't there either but imagine a man that is not flexible trying this!!

  3. I took my first real yoga class this week and it was so good! Im impressed by your headstand!!! Love it and call it boredom or whatever but I think its actually harder to move your legs around. One day maybe Ill be able to do this haha .. that day aint tomorrow but still! ha!

  4. I vote we take a cross country road trip using rt. 66 to get you to LA. And also you could make a yoga section of your blog to show off your mad skills..."Here's me holding poses that normal human beings can't do" and "hey check out my rockin body while I do things like epic headstands". Just sayin'.

  5. Id probably break something if I tried to do a headstand.

  6. this makes me want to practice my handstands now here in my office. fun fact during my golf lessons last night when were finishing up a group of us were trying to practice handstands haha

  7. You are the headstand queen!

  8. Watching that video made me dizzy! I wish I could still do things like that. STUPID vertigo!


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