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Confession: Most of my posts in the past couple of weeks have been link-ups and some have been quite lazy. Of course, you already knew this. But I'm confessing it because this is me owning up to it. Hopefully, even though you can predict the theme of each from 10 miles away, once you get here they've been remotely decent and worth the three minutes of your life you graciously choose to spend here with me. And if not, bear with me. The end of some of the madness is somewhat sorta in sight!

I talked to new boo about the nickname business for this here blog and gave him a couple of examples of how that type of thing usually works in bloglandia. He threw out a couple of ridiculous suggestions and then took the rest of the day to think about it. I had told him in the beginning that he was described as "a great big bear of a man" to the gals in my office {he's 6'1" with arms bigger than my head}, so he came back a couple of hours later settled on "Bear." Then I had to crush his dreams and tell him that my friend Whitney has already employed that term for her dude and Blogger Code says no go. He definitely thinks I'm crazy and definitely doesn't really get blogging. Oh well.
Another shot from the weekend because hot air balloons are the coolest thing ever.
My landlord & his brother are an odd pair, though the latter is much less so, so I've been happy to mostly deal with him when it comes to scheduling showings of my apartment while they seek new tenants for after I leave. Brother man has been really good about giving me the day's notice that I insisted on and that we agreed upon. 5 p.m. Monday, I'm sitting in PJ shorts and a wife-beater and no bra, relaxing and enjoying my Monday off, when there's a bang on my door and my landlord with a line of people trying to filter into my apartment. Long story short, I gave him sass but let the people in, because it's not their fault, but oh lord was I pissed. I contemplated pulling every prospect aside and telling them all the reasons not to take the place {unprofessional, useless, inappropriate landlord being just one reason of many}, but decided to be an adult and just give my landlord enough sass that they would hopefully realize on their own what a jackass he is and pass on the place. Not quite vindictive but just vindictive enough, I think? I will not feel even a little bit bad if he misses out on a couple of months' rent because he can't lease the place out after we leave.

Yesterday I, in a maneuver I am still completely unsure of, deleted half of my morning's work in an irreversible fashion. The profanities you heard coming from my neck of the woods? Yeah, that was me cursing both myself for whatever the hell it was that I did, and my company for having literally no backup system. We use Macs. WHY DON'T WE USE TIME MACHINE!? Oh and did I mention that I was behind already? I probably didn't need to, because these days I'm pretty much always behind. I hide it well.

Me all day: Happy dances are occurring all over the place around here because it's CHIROPRACTOR DAY WOOP WOOP OMG I'M AS HAPPY AS THE HUMP DAY CAMEL. I typically see Mr. Magic Hands my chiropractor every other Wednesday, but he had THE GALL to take a vacation last week, so this is our first appointment in three weeks. You guys, I am so jacked up, I need his attention so badly. I also miss him because he's cute. But also, The Gentleman I've been seeing is of large body and rock-hard chest {damn straight}, and it's kind of at the point where snugs with him lead to a serious neck injury because I have to stretch my neck so far to get my head into that little shoulder nook. You know what I'm talking about. 

Sarah Palin is getting her own TV network or something, as far as I can tell from people on Twitter, and it hurts me to think of such things so I'm purposely not going off and finding more reliable information about it because a) it's kind of saddening and b) I would hate to know more about Sarah Palin's TV network than I do about the Israel/Palestine, ISIS, and Russia/Ukraine situations. {To be fair, I'm trying to hard to follow all of that, but it's depressing as shit to read about how high the death tolls are climbing every day, and also there's just a lot of intricacies that my brain doesn't know how to get. I'm trying though.}

Last confession: I'm completely addicted to Reddit. And thanks to my friend who's too much like me for her own good, I'm now aware that there's a subreddit for VACUUMS and that makes me{us} unreasonably happy. Vacuuming rocks.


Okay fine, one more confession: I'm grossly jealous that I'm not allowed to enter this amazing giveaway {wait, I'm not, right? Because if I can I'm all over this one, and I never enter giveaways. Someone please advise.} I'm thrilled to be offering you with the help of Amanda and a couple of other ladies I like a little bit a whole bunch. Check out the offer for a pair of Tieks ballet flats below and snag all your chances to win!

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Vodka and Soda
Oh and I'm linking up with Kathy, like everyone in their right mind on Humpday. What are you confessing this week? Join the party, there are plenty of snacks and someone's out on a beer run right now.


  1. When navy internet blocked Reddit, it was a sad day in my life. The greyhound forum is my ffaaaavvvveeee.

    My roomie is staying in my townhouse after I leave and my landlords are trying to be difficult about the move out stuffs like touching up holes in the wall and painting and I want to be like, BITCHES, I found you next tenent who is planning on being there for at least a few years. Think you could just thank me and give me my deposit back without a freakin' hassle, mmkaythx?

    My ex's nickname on Teh Blog was Teh Bear. Maybe you can make it more personal by making him (first initial)-Bear? Although if snuggling is causing you to have to see the chiro, maybe you should just call him Mr. Solid. :)

  2. I've been doing a whole lot of link-ups lately, probably because I'm lazy, but mostly because I love linking up with you girls, reading what y'all write, and talking about all of it!

  3. i think everyone is in the same boat - linkups galore. it's just easier to churn out a linkup post during these lazy blogging days.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. ew sarah palin's name should not be on your blog. double ew.
    Bear is cute, but I agree totes weird with Whitney's man. What about Moose, like Supernatural? hehe. Also it's so not fair he is 6'1. I have never had a boyfriend taller than me. NO FAIR.
    heyyyy chiro day!

  5. I'm unsure of why they, whomever they are, keep giving these people TV networks. As much as I love watching things about Alaska, I'm pretty sure Destination America has it covered. And most the time you don't have to listen to people talk, you just get to look at the pretties.
    For the record, I had no clue she was getting a network until now. Therefore I have no clue what they intend on showing. I was only being stereotypical ;)

    Have fun with Mr. Magic Hands!

  6. I would have been SO pissed at the can't just invade someones privacy like that without notice.

  7. I think bear as a nickname is cute and you should use it lol!! My husband has been to a chiropractor before and said it changed his life - I think I need to see one after being in a chair for 9+ hours a day!! I'm glad they gave Sarah Palin her own network - now I'm certain I won't have a subscription to that channel - THANK GOD!

  8. I love the name Bear! 1) My boyfriend calls me "boo-bear" and 2) my dog's name is Bear. Anyway, that sucks that you lost half of your work! I hate when that happens. The worst thing to happen to me at my old job -- I shut down the entire company's email system. It was horrible.

  9. I wish I could have cute nicknames. You should call him Googly Bear or Schmoopsi Poo (watch Monster's Inc). Maybe I should ask the boy if he wants a nickname. Or I could just keep referring to him as "the boy".

    I'm also going to ignore your Sarah Palin comment just like I ignore Sarah Palin in real life.

  10. I'm with you girl! I have felt so lazy because I only post during link ups but then I was like ... who cares?! Life is taking over *sigh*

  11. oh gosh i would be very upset if i had to put a bra on and leave the apt!

  12. I read Reddit almost every night. It's so good for the most useless things (like stories of people left at the altar. I eat that up!).

    And just call the guy by his first initial. I'm a fan of simplicity.

  13. Ugh your landlord! We're renting for the first time in 3+ years and I am super paranoid about management just barging in. Mostly because we have 3 illegal pets :X

  14. What in the what? RUDE about your landlord! Like wtf?! I always hated it when management wanted to come in when I wasn't at the apartment. Like my shit is in there along with my pets who don't know you. Not a great idea. Move it along sir and schedule a time when I'm there. lol

  15. Most of my posts have been linkups recently too, but that's ok because it's summer and everything is slow.

  16. Most of my posts the past couple of weeks were link-ups too! I cant wait to get back to regular blogging next week and I hope people havent forgotten me!

    As for the landlord... Him and his potential renters would have had to come back another day. That is crazypants! PS ... Im still loving you blogging about the new boo!

  17. I just call my boyfriend by his first name because it is common enough that a nickname didn't seem necessary. He okayed the decision though :)


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