I've noticed a habit of mine lately; maybe some of you have noticed it too. Over the past couple of weekends, I've been mostly absent from social media. It's been both intentional and not. I mean, it's not like I said to myself, "Okay self, you're not going to check social media at all this weekend!" More like, I haven't wanted to, or had the time to, and I let myself off the hook from tweeting, liking, instagramming, and taking pictures {for the most part} in general.

I'm happy to report that this is mostly because my weekends lately have been so full that there's been little time to be anywhere but where I am at any given moment. Like this weekend for example. It started out with my first "official" half marathon training run {5 sweaty, hilly, humid miles Saturday morning, ACK!} and then I never stopped running. Next up was my friend's baby shower, then speeding down the shore to pull off a couple of surprises for my big bro's birthday dinner, then one of those perfect Jersey Shore nights surrounded by family and friends at Bar A, making memories and having a perfect time. I ended up crashing at my mom's Saturday night {if you can count Sunday 5 a.m. as Saturday night — I'm still exhausted} and spending the day with her, my first real Lazy Sunday in longer than I can remember. We lounged on the couch, watched a Carol Burnett special and just enjoyed each other's company, something we don't get to do nearly as much anymore. I capped off the whole weekend with an impromptu date of sorts — we can get more into that another day though.

But anyway the point is, in the midst of all this, social media was the farthest thing from my mind; and when I finally did get home last night and log in, I did something I normally wouldn't: I just scrolled right to the top and bypassed every tweet and snapshot I missed. And it's not because I don't love reading about and seeing what you guys are up to all weekend; I do! But disconnecting like that makes it so much easier to enjoy exactly what I'm doing when I'm doing it.

I spend all week — between my 9-5 and the time I spend blogging and on freelance writing and editing projects after work — forcing my eyes onto a bright white screen with tiny black text. Good god, does a break from that feel like a green tea detox cleanse for my eyes!

Okay this probably sounds pretty self-serving. Let me clarify — I don't expect that you're tripping all over yourselves to get to my instagram and twitter accounts and see how I'm spending my Sunday afternoon, or notice my lack of updates; I don't mean to suggest anything about people far better at juggling than I am who manage to exist both in real life and on the Internet at the same time. {I've honestly never been good at multitasking, unless we're talking about looking like I'm listening to a person talking and mentally constructing my dream home or writing my grocery list at the same time.} Alls I'm sayins is, unplugging feels pretty damn delightful lately.

I realize I'll be singing a different tune when the summer's over, the weather turns south and my complete intolerance to the bitter cold has me confined to my apartment and I start to get mad because I'm refreshing twitter and instagram roughly 8 times per minute and people are not fast enough with their clever and witty updates to keep me entertained. But I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In the meantime, a few snaps from the birthday celebrations:

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How was your weekend?


  1. heyyyyyyyyyy impromptu date?! you thought i'd miss it, you crazy girl.
    i disconnect over the weekend too. i like to relax and i just forget to check a lot of the time. its nice. i was gonna text you yesterday about running this week (mornings?) but then the thunderstorm of all thunderstorms came in last night and i was like yeah, not running in the morning. hahaha.

  2. I disconnect over the weekend and generally after work too. I spend 9 hours a day staring at a computer screen... I can barely take any more of the brightness and small text by the time I get home at night. Plus, I think it's awesome to disconnect because it forces you back to live in the moment.. instead of worrying about taking the perfect photo of your dinner, you now just enjoy dinner and who you are with.

  3. Nothing wrong with disconnecting to live your life! Glad you had a good (busy) weekend!

  4. I dont get on the internet on the weekends much at all, and when I return Monday I always mark all as read and start over.

  5. Taking time to enjoy your life instead of post about it is never a bad thing ;) Glad you had an amazing and full weekend!

  6. Good for you girl! Seriously sometimes we just can't get it all done there are not enough hours in the day right? Glad to have you back though! ;-)

  7. I love impromptu dates hehe Ive been having some myself *cough* like tonight *cough*. The birthday celebrations look fab ... hope your bro (yum) had a great birthday!!!

  8. YUM. That cake looks awesome... Visiting from Weekending linkup!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  9. i feel myself doing this more and more too especially with nice weather out. i have no desire to be attached to my phone or my comp

  10. tooooootally get it; i'm the same way these days. it's summer and who wants to spend time indoors blogging? also, i've made it a point to not have my phone in my face all day when i'm out - that just means i'm missing all those small moments, right? as for blogging, i looked back and the last few posts of mine and they're only linkups LOL. talk about losing my blogging mojo but i just don't have the time because of freaking work and when i do have any down time, i'd rather spend it away from the computer!

    Vodka and Soda


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