How It's Only Thursday & Other Inexplicable Things

Try as I might, there are just some things I can't understand. Like:
  1. Why is there not yet an app or function of the iPhone or Reddit that allows me to have Reddit threads read aloud to me while I'm running and I can't decide on which playlist I want to run to and there's a particularly good /r/AskReddit or AMA going on at the moment.
  2. Why I actually have to show up to my office every day when working from home is more effective {in my case} and I can do literally everything I need to do at the office from the comfort of my home and without pants or mascara.
  3. Why it's "the future" and we still don't have a method of lightening-fast transportation.
  4. Why people shout things to me from their cars as they drive past me running. Gentlemen, do you think I can hear you? Do you think I can actually understand what you're saying? Do you think I care enough to follow up? Do you think you don't look like a totally disgusting pervert when I can HEAR YOU slowing down and SEE YOU staring with your mouth open when your eyes should be on the road especially since we're in a school zone and there are kids playing baseball right over there?
  5. Why there are people who seem to think dishes are clean if they've just been rinsed under lukewarm water. Here's a Pro Tip: If I can still see what was cooked in it last, the pot isn't clean yet.
  6. Why everyone seems to need more hours in a day and yet nothing about neither the number of hours we have in a day nor the amount of things we have to do in the hours given has changed yet.
  7. Why I went for a swim run in 93% humidity earlier this week and this morning I got out of bed freezing cold. Is Mother Nature entering menopause with these hot flashes?
  8. Traffic.
  9. Why I woke up with my right hamstring feeling like it's one good stride away from completely snapping and sending me into a fit of pain and how to make this not be a thing that happens, while still sticking to my training schedule and getting a couple of miles in tonight. {Tracy? Kathy? Bueller?}
  10. Why it's still not Friday night and I'm still not sitting down to dinner with the person who has been making me smile like an idiot all day, all damn week. 
Me, currently.
What just doesn't make sense to you?


  1. The idiot dudes while running is the worst!

  2. you should foam roll or get a lacrosse ball and roll around on it for that hammy!

  3. haha i yell at runners all the time to use the sidewalk ;)

    i dont understand why not everyone who CAN work at home isn't allowed to me. i am one of these people. i'm an "admin" so they have the old school thought that people are actually calling our offices when in reality everyone emails and IMs each other. SO STUPID.

    and i think work days should be cut to a minimum because there is no time for LIFE

  4. Unless there is a wreck or stalled car, I don't understand how traffic even starts. I'll be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for ten minutes and then suddenly it clears up and everyone starts going fast again. I don't get it!

  5. Yes to traffic. It took me almost two hours to get somewhere last night that usually only takes 45 minutes. Ugh!

  6. hehehe to number 10!!! I concur btw although I did see my person today hence my now reading blogs haha. It still needs to be Friday quickly! Also as for the men honking and cat calling I literally deal with that everywhere and anywhere in the world that I go. I have boobs and apparently its a novel feature ... or men are just apes.

  7. One good thing about teaching, I never had to deal with #2! What is the deal with your hamstring?!? Have I shown you the foam roller to rule all foam rollers yet? Might be worth a try...Also, the more I've gotten into distance running, the more I've learned that "Everything hurts" is the name of the game (withstanding serious injury, of course - definitely not advocating that) :/


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