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Since I'm really doing quite terribly at this "being a blogger" thing lately, I thought it was time to call in reinforcements. And by reinforcements, I of course mean a link-up prompt. Today's apologetic-but-not-quite-good-enough post is brought to you by Juliette and her pals during a delightful little adventure called Blog Every Day in July.
The Other Juliette

I'm about to drop a big ol' shocker on you guys: I think a lot, even encroaching on what some would call "overthinking" territory. I KNOW ISN'T IT UNBELIEVABLE? Jay kay, that's been made pretty clear since day one here. And since my intelligence does have its limits {ANOTHER HUGE SHOCKER FOR YOU I KNOW I KNOW CONTROL YOURSELVES} I, unfortunately, don't have all the answers I seek. And those orphaned thoughts are...

The things that make me go "hmm..."

++ Why do mosquitos seem to be drawn exclusively to my below-the-hip half? I swear, every time I wear shorts — or hell, even pants and sandals — I come inside after as little as two minutes with a new archipelago of bug bites swelling into the size of golf balls on my legs or feet. It's so very attractive.

++ Am I actually as swift with the Command+Tab as I think I am at the office, or are my bosses actually fully aware of how much time I spend blogging, commenting, and Redditting during the day and are just not saying anything because I do an obscene amount of work regardless?
Painfully accurate these days.
++ Is it really possible that this new little romantical thing I have going on is actually so freaking new and yet I'm more comfortable with this person than I am with many people that I've known for years? And is it any coincidence {or red flag} that similar feelings came at such a pace last year with someone who turned out to be a great big ol' flaming bag of crap?

++ This is pretty much the first mention of my romanticals that's ever been here on my blog. And yet I've talked to you people about my back sweat. Is there any more evidence needed that the romantical life has been pretty unconsequential when not downright non-existent over the past couple months? Also if I have a sir to talk about occasionally here does that mean I'm allowed to be a Real Blogger now? #singlebloggerproblems

++ Whenever I see posts that I'm not promoting anymore or anything still getting a pretty solid number of hits daily {this one and this one, because I'm shameless like that}, I kind of go into panic mode wondering where they're being shared/have been sent/getting clicks from. And this makes me go "hmmm," and then it makes me go hide behind the couch.

++ HOW IN GODS NAME ARE THE OWNERS OF THE APARTMENT I SAW LAST NIGHT ASKING FOR SO MUCH FOR THAT TINY, DINGY, 100% SLOPED-CEILING SPACE?? As if that wasn't bad enough, the realtor showing me the digs mentioned the {owner-occupied — not ideal, but not a deal-breaker} first floor is home to a couple with four kids and then I noped right the hell out of there. BYE.

Seeing as my blog is basically a{n almost} daily collection of things that make me go "hmmm," I'm throwing on the brakes right here because I just got in from a run and I need a shower before the health department comes knocking on my door. How's that for a Tuesday morning thought?

What makes you go "hmmm?" Linking up with Juliette — why don't you do the same?


  1. Crossing my fingers for your new romantic news...and also I'm that same way at the office - do so much work, but able to get blogging in - win win!! xo

  2. oh what a fun post! oh my gosh to the second one, absolutely! i always do my work, and then some, but even I am unsure of how I get so much work done because I am always on the internet. I really should stop.
    Also, I really hope that this does not turn into a flaming bag of crap. Honest. And 4 kids? Screw that shit sideways 'noped right the hell out of there' haha perfect :)

    1. "i always do my work, and then some, but even I am unsure of how I get so much work done because I am always on the internet." ---->> ME TOO! As in, right this exact moment...

  3. Yay for romanticals!! Im so happy for romanticals ... even young ones! And as for apartments... I pay an obscene rent for my 3 room apt. Obscene.

  4. I'm currently wondering how I have a job. I've become very adept at making them think they've given me an insane amount of work to do when really, I just spend my morning blogging and my afternoon facebooking. I swear I do work but just enough to keep a paycheck coming in. AND STOP BRINGING UP ROMANTICS IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE THE TIME AND FILL ME IN BECAUSE I'M DYING OVER HERE ! And by dying, I mean I've started making up my own story about your love life. Love you :)

  5. Hahaha- totally agree on #2! I try to pay attention to when people are walking by, and may have turned my computer screen a bit so they can't see it from behind me as well! And I want to know more about the romanticals! New relationships are my favorite!

  6. I really want a new apartment too but I think the landlords of the world are conspiring against us. So much money for so little greatness!

  7. Apartment hunting is so fun! The actual moving part sucks a lot. If you can, hire very attractive men to do the heavy lifting :)

  8. not going to lie my ears perked right up when I read about love interests over here......

  9. Hahaha I loveeee the Command+tab one!!! I wonder the same thing all the time!!!!


  10. oh i am SO with you on wondering about if the bosses know how much blogging i do on the regular at work. but i too, get all my work done at a fast yet quality-work rate and so why do they care anyway???

    the stupid mosquitos. they find me EVERYWHERE. ugh. but i dont swell up from them thankfully.

  11. Oh man I would have noped right out of there too! And what idiots...they're renting out part of their space when they have FOUR kids??? I'm currently apartment hunting too and it's just insane...I clearly need to start whoring myself out with these high rates...

  12. Yeahhh that apartment with the 4-kid couple is definitely a giant no. Just no. I don't know if the price I'm renting my condo out for is a lot (another person in our building charges the same thing so that's how we priced ours), but I do know that it's way more than I'd ever pay in rent...oh well, sucker!

  13. romanticals! I've missed so much! I must catch up! And the mosquitos. I feel ya. And they itch for days.

  14. I'm such a horrible blog friend. I've been MIA from everyone for what feels like months. I'm the same way with mosquitoes. So annoying. Romanticals!? Im so excited for you over this!


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