Running Down a Sixer

Before we get into the real reason we're all gathered here today, I do want to say a sincere and heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who offered me respectful and supportive words on yesterday's post. I knew it was risky and that there would be people who wouldn't take kindly to it — indeed; I lost at least one blog follower and had to block two people on Twitter, a small price to pay of course — but I knew I could count on my intelligent, brave, and respectful readers to keep me feeling positive about having posted my thoughts. So, again, thank you.


So here we are at another Wednesday, and another day to air our dirty laundry with all of blog land. You'd think I'd be tapped out after yesterday, huh? ;) But I'm not, so let's get this show on the road.

Vodka and Soda

A couple of weeks ago, I went out for a run right after work — in New Jersey, in June — and when I came home, I collapsed on my bedroom floor from heat exhaustion for a minute or two, leaning against my dresser because my body was useless. The next day, I realized that I had been so sweaty that leaning my back against it left WATER DAMAGE on my antique wood dresser. You have to be pretty damn sweaty to accomplish that one.

Monday night, I miscalculated my 6-mile run, and instead of finishing a clean loop, I was the dumbass you saw running out and backs in both directions from my apartment up and down my {busy} street for 1.3 miles. Sorry, dude with the black lab.

I haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks. I barely have any food in my house. But I'll be out for most of the holiday weekend so I'll be damned if I go grocery shopping before I return. Rice and peanut butter it is for me until Friday!

I'm moving in two months when my lease expires — don't ask me where to, because hell if I know — and you have to know that I spent the other evening sorting through every nook and cranny and beginning my first big, apartment-wide pre-move Sort & Toss.

Oh, I also kinda do that every couple of months anyway. You guys, I just love decluttering and organizing. And cleaning. In fact, yesterday I told Kay about how much I love to vacuum and I don't think she wants to be my friend anymore.

That evening I just mentioned? Okay so it was last Friday. And I had decided early on in the day that I wanted to just call it an easy night, stay in with a glass of wine and take care of some sorting. So I pop over to the liquor store, accidentally grab a $20 bottle of chardonnay when I really wanted the $10 bottle, pull into my parking lot, gather my things {purse, lunch bag from work, liquor store bag} out of the passenger seat and promptly drop the wine right on the ground, smashing it and spilling it everywhere.

You had better believe I turned right around, went right back to the store and grabbed another bottle. I was aiming for an $8 bottle this time, and somehow ended up with a $15 receipt. They should really reassess their labeling system, don't you think?

Okay my sweet little sinners, let's hear your dirty little secrets.

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  1. The wine fiasco of Friday night would have done me in!!! And I'm with you on liking to vacuum - especially when you have a dyson - it just makes it more fun lol!

  2. Wait until you get a dog and see how much you like vacuuming then. And it's nice to know I'm not the only one running in circles around a parking lot or block to get the distance I want lol.

  3. omg the wine...I would have cried! Hahaha I run in circles to add the extra distance too like back and forth to the speed bump and back bc Im too lazy to go all the way around LOL

  4. I haven't went grocery shopping either! The only thing at my house right now is leftover pizza, wine, juice, and a couple tomatoes.

  5. hahahah I will be your friend if you come vacuum for me! And rice and peanut butter deserves a monkey covering his eyes emoticon!! I pray you are not going to eat them together! As for your sweatiness ... girl I swear I left a puddle on the floor I collapsed on after my monday workout. It was a disaster!!!! Im not as fit the running and cardio tricked me into believing I was!

    And I would have literally cried if I smashed a good bottle of wine after the week Ive been having! ha!

  6. Vacuuming isn't my favourite thing to do but when I get into it, I really enjoy it :)

  7. glad to hear i am not the only one who likes to organize and vacuum!!!!

  8. I find something really satisfying about vacuuming too! Guessing from the other comments, we might be normal!

  9. vacuuming is my fave! rice and pb? together? ok. yum. i think you deserved a free bottle of wine after that fiasco, i would have cried. that has happened to me, but with ice cream. and i cried.

  10. Your post yesterday was awesome. I try to stay out of the news because it just pisses me off, so I didn't post there because I probably can't make an intelligence, coherent statement other that MOAR SEXY RUMPUS!

    98% of the time, I'd rather stay home with my rum than go out. I don't even have to be doing any "cleaning" (although thanks for mentioning that, since my stuff is probably getting packed within the next month and I need to start my own "sort and toss" cycle).

    I ran outside today and it was wayyyy too humid and wayyy too hot and I have decided that I have to set some kind of limit on when I run outside because I'm pretty sure I was in the beginning stages of heat exhaustion. Although, I wear a bandanna to sop up the forehead sweat, so I'm sporting a super sexy "fore-tan" and raccoon eyes from my sunglasses. #runnerproblems.

  11. We grocery shop once a week... I'm a major whiner when there isn't "good" food in the house and the way to my heart is through my stomach, so Pete doesn't argue when I say it's time to go! ;P haha

  12. You gotta go what you gotta do to get those miles in! This winter there was still ice on the ground when I had a long run scheduled...I ran around for 5 miles dodging snow and ice everywhere before finally giving in for the second half and ran up and down one block eight times. There were a few people outside having coffee that stared at me like I was lunatic every time I went by.
    I love you for smashing your bottle of wine and immediately buying more. Would have loved to join you for wine night haha!

  13. hell, i would have turned around and went back to get another bottle as well!!!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda


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