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Bless me, blogosphere, for I have sinned; it's been a week since my last confession. {That's how that goes, right?}

Seeing as Humpday Confessions needs no introduction, I'm diving right in.

Ugh, that half smile. #ded
So remember the wine fiasco from a couple of weeks back? Well it looks like I wasn't charged for the second bottle {I'm obscenely on top of my finances, I notice these things} and I don't even feel bad about it. At least I'm not like {most of} these people, right?

That was a lot of links in one little confession. Two of them were shameless self-plugs. Woops.

So True Blood was a great show for about three years. And then it was an awful show. And then it was an okay but kind of pointless show... and I can't stop watching. BUT... I am beyond grateful that it will be over after this season and I can be set free.

Actually, that's my attitude toward a couple of shows. HIMYM, glad that's over. Glee, ugh. I still have to catch up on the last season. But the thing is, as much as a show annoys me, I can't not see it through to the end. It's like Stockholm Syndrome. But with something really stupid.

This Jersey humidity has been absolutely kicking my ass lately. If I can't get out for a run after sunset {but really, like 9 p.m. when it's nearly dark is preferable} I'm not running. Because as much as I love running, I like being able to breathe more. So needless to say, I'm falling a bit off on my schedule lately.

Speaking of which, this Saturday is the official start date to my half marathon training program. Holy. Balls.

Today is a chiropractor day, so today is a good day. Seriously. I'm a maniac. All it takes for me to have a smile on my face, apparently, is knowing that I've got an adjustment coming my way in a couple of hours. Mmmmmm.

And that's about all I got for ya's today. The rest of my brain that I would use to write a tippy-top notch post has been melted in this heat and is in a puddle on the floor — enjoy that visual. Later skaters, I love you like XO.

Oh but before I go — what are your confessions? I want to know the dirt.

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  1. i'm the same with true blood. i've invested so much time watching it and even stuck through the shit seasons because i'm hanging on to that one thought that maybe, just mayyyybe it'll be good again like the first few seasons. so far, no go. and after the last episode, i'm about to quit.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. i stopped watching glee when they went to college.. i just couldn't continue!

    the humidity IS bad. i really don't want to complain about these heat but it is hard.

  3. CHIROPRACTOR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am the same with true blood, I mean it is beyond ridiculous but I can't stop watching. I just want it to end.
    I know you do yoga in the morning, have you tried running in the morning? Or is it too hot? Man I cannot do anything after 7pm. That's bed time.
    When is your half marathon again? What training plan are you using?

  4. I used to watch Glee and True blood and then completely lost interest in both, although Kristen most definitely made me wanna catch up on some true blood the other day.

    And most importantly "today is a chiropractor day" ... I dont need to tell you what to do. Get that hot doc girl!

  5. I feel the same way about most TV shows I watch and I haven't seen the final season of HIMYM. I just want Grey's Anatomy to end (or Shonda Rhimes to quit that other crap and come back to Grey's to finish it off so I can be free again).
    I'm in MD and the humidity here.. omfg. I usually go run around noon and after my Monday run where I'm pretty sure I had heat exhaustion and should have had someone come pick me up at the halfway point. I was in bed with a dehydration/over heated headache for the rest of the afternoon. I finally decided that I can't keep doing that and I'll have to suck it up and go to the gym with the meatheads. :(

  6. It's so hot here too! If I don't get up and run before 6am, then it just won't happen.
    You will do great with your training! I think training is more fun than the actual race!

  7. Ive never seen True Blood, but Im like that with The Vampire Diaries, Im already so invested I have to follow it until the end.

  8. I've never seen True Blood, but it looked really good! Good luck with your half marathon training!! :)

  9. What total win for not getting charged on the other bottle!! Woo hoo! It's really humid in Boston too - such a pain - but whatever better than snow lol! Congrats on starting the training this Saturday!! xo

  10. Hey Alyssa!! Good luck with the marathon!! :D And this heat is brutal but I cant imagine running lol!! Kudos to you girl lol!!


  11. I'm in the same humidity boat with the slacking. The good thing is (at least this is what EVERYONE keeps telling me) is that if we can run semi-decently in this kind of weather, we will be SUPER prepared for fall races. Keeping the fingers crossed !

  12. I am so with you on True Blood! I loved the first few seasons, then it was just eh, then it got a little better, now I don't even want to finish it but I have to see how it ends. Ugh. There are quite a few shows like that, like Weeds! I loved that show but as the seasons progressed it got dumb, in my opinion of course.

  13. TV show is a REAL thing! I know, because I am the same way with Sons of Anarchy. Except I have always loved it.

  14. Don't hate me for saying this but I totally had TV Stockholm Syndrome with Lost.
    No worries about falling off schedule a little bit! October (right?) is still a ways off! Also all your summer suffering will pay off - you'll be amazed at how speedy you are in the fall!

  15. I completely agree about Glee. I feel like it should have ended when they finished school now I watch it out of loyalty but I'll be glad to see it end lol

  16. I imagine training for a half marathon might increase the need for back adjustments… maybe?

  17. Something crazy must have happened on true blood because everyone is up in arms over it. I only watched maybe the first two seasons and fell off. I love chiropractic days, wish I had a dreamy chiro man.

    1. And that was my wrong account for that comment ;)

  18. oh i used to love glee, and then something happened and i just didn't anymore. i never got into true blood, so no harm no foul there. good luck on your marathon training!


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