Fest My Life Away

I sat down to write this post not knowing really where to begin. Should I recap the real events of my weekend?
  • Celebrating my pal at his birthday party {hey Dan!}
  • Annual voyage to Bethlehem, PA for Musikfest — a seriously good time if you're ever in the area this time of year — with my cousin, aunt, uncle, and some new friends 
  • At said Fest, feasting on the best thing to ever tickle the taste buds: Aw Shucks Roasted Corn {I seriously look forward to this stuff all year. I walked out of my office Friday telling my coworker M about how much I couldn't wait to get my hands on some. #sick}

Not exactly lookin like a million bucks after the hour-long drive home, but trust me. This gluten-free, vegan chocolate peanut butter cake is one of the most delicious things ever created.
  • Turning my living room into a war zone {by that I mean packing/sorting/organizing} in anticipation of the end of my lease on the 31st
Should I gloss over the lowlights?
  • Driving my bro & his girlfriend to the airport at 3:45 Saturday morning
  • Having my landlord scream at and threaten me over the phone Saturday morning because I tried to, ya know, hold him to landlord/tenant laws and not letting him once again show up unannounced with prospective renters in compliance with our perfectly reasonable {as I've paid my rent through the remainder of the month} and legal one-day's-notice agreement. {I triple checked the laws and he's guilty of breaking SO many, particularly ones pertaining to my security deposit and forcible entry, the bastard.}
  • Missing a four-mile run on Saturday because of all the chaos and last-minute scheduling surprises
Or should I just get to the really good, really happy, all-I-can-think-about news?
  • I'm not going to be homeless in 20 days! I went to look at two apartments on Saturday and one of them is it. I found my next place! Signed the lease and I'm going back tomorrow with the security deposit and hopefully to snap some more {read: halfway decent} photos!
I really was starting to get nervous about the apartment hunt. But I'm so relieved, and this weight off my shoulders has me feeling super good about what's to come for me.

The place is a studio, but a decent-sized one. More importantly, I won't be sharing it with a roommate, so nothing else really matters. But to add perks to perks, it is literally in the perfect location for me. I'll be right in the center of a town I absolutely adore with wonderful running routes right from my front door. I'll be walking distance to a couple of bars, a couple amazing restaurants, my running shop, tons of other stores, boutiques, cafes and yoga studios, a Whole Foods {god help me my wallet}, parks, and tons more. I'll only be adding about five minutes to my {currently six-minute} commute to work. I'll be just moving one town over so everyone I love having close by will still be close by. Ahhhh.

And now that I'm finally back {I feel like my weekends have been stuffed to the absolute gills lately!} and can settle down some {not much though, because now it's time to condense a full apartment's worth of belongings into an organized studio. Time to be ruthless with my sorting!}, I've gotta get back to mentally arranging all my furniture in the new place. Ya know, the one I'm not living in for another three weeks. It's all good.

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What was the highlight of your weekend?

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  1. that dessert thing looks like 2 million bucks, thankyouverymuch. yum! i need to go there. oh my gosh your landlord sucks balls! seriously, what a dick. thank Zeus you are getting out of there. YAY NEW PLACE OMG I SQUEALED OUT LOUD I am so happy for you!!!! I am so relieved for you, I wasn't worried for a second ;) Oh I just love the idea of a studio, I always wanted to live in one in the city on my own, but then I up and moved to KY and got married instead, boo. Lol. Please take 1000 photos and do an apartment / studio tour asap. when we were house hunting i would stay awake at nights mentally placing furniture we didnt own in houses we didnt buy. yep.

  2. What a fun weekend!! Congrats on your new place!!

  3. forcible entry???????????? Your landlord would have gotten so many legal words thrown at him he would have to duck for cover. That is beyond my comprehension.

    On another note I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Yay for new apartment-ness... I cant wait to hear all the moving in/decorating stories. PS. that vegan cake looks amazeballs as well!

  4. First off with a big congratulations for finding your next place!!! that is so exciting!! Your LL is terrible and he knows it - I feel sorry for anyone else that plans to rent from him!! The bright side is - you have the most perfect place for you to call home now!! Happy Monday doll!

  5. That's good you are moving away from your terrible landlord!! What a jerk. I would love to see pics of the new place!! We moved from a bigger apartment into a much smaller one, but we are sooo much happier here. No roommate and better apartment.

  6. Ahhh, congrats!! So glad you won't be homeless :) I'd have offered you a place in Iowa, but you know, not that fun, really. :P

    Music Festivals make me happy. I wish I had the funds to go to one more this summer (I attended a really small one in Minnesota in June - it was amazing), but alas. Funds are tiiiiiight. Glad you rocked it, although I really wish you would have airmailed me one of those vegan peanut butter cakes of deliciousness.

  7. Yayyyyyy for a new place! Congrats! And I love MusikFest- I went to Lehigh so I used to go every year! Looks like a super fun weekend!

  8. Your landlord is unbelievable. OMG. So glad you are getting out of there and into a place that sounds AWESOME! I honestly think you are going to love moving in to a smaller place. I definitely have! All the perks sound like a definite upgrade. Congrats, lady!

  9. So glad you found a place!! Love love love love love WF! I spend way too much money there on a weekly basis. I am sure thats such a relief!!

  10. Yay!!!! So glad you found a new place!! Yes, God help you with whole foods. I haven't been in 2 weeks. It was getting out of control.

  11. I was also at Musikfest, but on Thursday night! I've never been before, but I had a great time. Definitely my favorite concert of my trip.

    Congrats on finding a new place!

  12. YAY for finding a new apartment! And a big BOO to nasty apartment manager people. I've had the same problems lately and I gotta say, it's a huge pain in the rear. Can't wait to see you new place!

  13. I'm so happy you found a place!! And it sounds totally amazing and perfect. And getting to be on your own, with no roommate is even better! Can't wait to see pics.
    Your current landlord is just evil. :(


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