Friday Letters Vol. 1

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Dear Helene, Thanks for going to bat for the rest of us Lifestyle Bloggers. We owe you big time.
Dear People Smarter Than Me, Is it called something when you suddenly hear a reference to something that you've never heard of before and then within the next 24 hours you hear about it another bajillion times? Because that was basically the theme of my week.
Dear Feather Magazine Life Section Writers, You ladies are incredible and your pitches that came in this week were great — again. So proud to work with you.
Dear Feather Magazine Senior Staff, You're all awesome to work with as well, and I can't wait to "see" you all on the conference call tonight!
Dear Baby Bro and His Friend, Thank you guys a million times for helping me move my furniture to the new place this morning. What do you want for lunch?
Dear Optimum, When I said I wanted to cancel because I was moving and my new area is not serviced by Optimum, you didn't need to send me to Sales. And then Customer Retention. Lease is signed guys, you're not gonna sway me. Especially because, ya know, I've had nothing but problems with you for the last two years. GIRL, BYE.
Dear Comcast, LOL nice try. Not a chance.
Dear Verizon, Please don't let me down.
Dear Chiropractor, You never fail to make my week. And then leave me bruised after prying all those trigger points out of my neck/back/IT band/calf/hip with that medieval torture device you so enjoy. Never change.
Dear Tracy, Thanks for reminding me that this Friday Letters thing was a thing and that I could totally do it this week like I've been meaning to for like six months now. (I thought I remembered this being a link-up. Did I make that up? Anyone know?)
Dear Right Side IT Band/Butt/Hip, Why can't we be friends this week?
Dear Running Shoes, I'm so sorry I've been neglectful all week. We had a beautiful 8 miles together last weekend and then I just left you in the lurch. Forgive me; it's been a busy week (and moving boxes up and down two flights of stairs in about 4 gazillion little trips is a legit workout on its own) and summer decided to have its last hurrah and blast us with crippling humidity this week. We'll be together this weekend, I promise. You + Me + 6 miles = Saturday. Cross my heart.
Dear Public Service Electric & Gas, Thank you for being way more pleasant to disconnect and reconnect than my Internet service providers.
Dear Blog Readers, I learned this week that this here blog is one of the top referring sites to Feather Magazine. Thank all of you SO much for being supportive of this project of ours and clicking over to see what these smart, talented girls are writing about. I love being able to share that with you, and I really hope you're enjoying yourselves over there. :)

Next time you guys see me I will be fully moved into my new place! I'd love to promise a calmer, more balanced and stable me, but there's a good chance I'll be completely distracted by unpacking and arranging until everything is just right (for now).
But then there's also a good chance that I might vlog, so there's that. You're welcome slash I'm sorry in advance, depending on what you think of bloggers vlogging.

Whatchu up to this weekend? If you're in the US, do you have any special plans for holiday?


  1. Moving is just stressful all the way around! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Yay!!! Friday Letters is/was a link up. I don't thing she keeps up with it anymore. It was at The Sweet Season that I first saw them. You have Fios now!?! You're going to love them!!!

  3. Comcast is THE worst company ever. EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!! My contract is up in Janrurary... after that BUH BYE Comcast!!!!!

    I used to do Friday Letters years ago! This one is fun :)

    And Helene is awesome for notifying Bloglovin of their screw up. I didn't even vote because it was just a bunch of big time fashion blogs. And half the time I said out loud "who the hell is THAT????!!!!"

  4. God bless the chiropractor, for reals.

  5. eep! i've read tons of bad comcast reviews and comments about their service and customer service. fingers crossed that verizon is better!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Ugh, it band. My right side, no matter how much I stretch or foam roll always screams at me. You are nicer to yours than I am to mine!

  7. I hate Comcast. When I moved, they made me open a new account with them, even though I had $50 under the same name on a different account (different address). AND THEY HAVEN"T GIVEN ME MY MONEY OR CREDIT TO MY ACCOUNT! It's been over a year. SO ridiculous. I hope Verizon works out for you!

  8. Yay sorry Ive been mia hun. I ran to read your posts! Sigh I cant wait to hear all about the new place! Ill be present from this week forward thank goodness because work really bit my butt last week!

  9. I love the style of this post girl! Ughhhh don't even get me started on my cable company. They were suppose to come out last week so naturally I rearranged my life for them and then they didn't show up......still haven't been able to call to reschedule! Hope all your moving has been uneventful! xoxoxo

  10. i cant answer the smarter people question sorry haha.
    love this style of post, definitely going to copy cat one day.
    and that is so great that your blog is directing so much traffic to feather. they are lucky to have you!


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