Friday: The Link Party Edition

We did it. Sweet lord, we did it. I don't know about any of y'all but this was the. longest. week. ever over here! I was supposed to have {ugh} jury duty yesterday and today — and I'm not opposed to performing my civic duty; I'm just opposed to going to Newark at 8:15 in the morning — but some miracle happened and I receive the best text message ever Thursday evening as I was looking through a rack of patterned leggings because omg fall is almost here:
Bullet dodged. Seriously. I mean that literally and figuratively. It's Newark, friends. I love Cory Booker and all he's done for the town, but this. And this. It's actually bizarre to think that a city just 10 miles from where I live is so many worlds away in another sense. Anyway. /tangent. I'm done being morbid on this fine Friday morning.

I'm really all over the place here.
And now, time is of the essence. I {fingers crossed} get the keys to my new place this weekend, and I'm trying to get as much of the "little stuff" over there throughout the week before I call in the big guns {my brothers} for help moving the furniture next weekend. If I go missing, just look under the piles of bubble wrap and newspaper.

So that being the case, I'm sending you off into the weekend with some of my favorite links of the week to keep you entertained since I'm clearly not up to the task...

I mean, you could always start with the archives here at the ol' bang blog. I added a couple links to the Best Of page, if you've been wanting to catch up on the good stuff {seriously, is it horribly obnoxious to call my own stuff "the good stuff"? Whatever.} around here

Nick Offerman reading the best of r/showerthoughts

This song, because I have no self-respect

Actually, this whole website, because it's run and written by some pretty awesome people. Present humble-bragging editor excluded. Ahem

Alison wrote a great post about finding goodness in a world that so frequently goes dark

My sweet friend Kay celebrated her 100th post {!!} with some confessions about blogging

My favorite #badyogi has another yoga challenge coming out in just eight days! If you've wanted to give yoga a try but are intimidated by a studio {or are a seasoned yogi and just prefer home practice, like me}, Erin is your new best friend. Here's her first 30-Day Challenge. Go here to sign up {and unlock more weeks!} for the next one. Please. No, she's not paying me. I just fangirl for her that hard

Peter Rabbit is a plebe.

What have you been reading, writing or listening to this week? I'll need something to read during breaks from packing my life away...

You know what I've got planned for the weekend. What are you up to?

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  1. good luck with the move and getting the keys and whatnot! such an exciting time. just remember - lots of wine will make the mess disappear ;)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Wooo! No jury duty. I enjoy it actually. And most of the time I get dismissed because of my profession.

    Good luck with part 1 of your move, can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. Aww thankies for the blog love!!! hehe. So glad you got out of jury duty, I hear its a pain in the bum. Ill never know because I cant be chosen (win for all the lawyers out there!!) I have to email you soon about the NYC dates!!!!! I wont be there going but ill be there for some days coming back at the end of October and I cant wait!

  4. Phew - thank god for no jury duty - although that's one thing I really want to be called for and never have!! BOO! Hope you have a great weekend - try not to spend it inside packing the whole time!

  5. yay for getting the keys, and yay for no jury duty. i have never and doubt i will ever have jury duty but if i had to go somewhere like that and get shot and killed, no thank you. have a great weekend love!

  6. Good luck with the move! I was surprised to have jury duty earlier this year but it got cancelled too. Whew!

  7. Nick Offerman is one of my favorite human beings of all time. I also like when he reads young female celebrity tweets.

  8. I've missed you. I'm glad you found a place! I need to catch up on previous posts buuuut I have a place too and I get the keys Tuesday! HALLELUJAH!

  9. I hate to admit that I love that song *hangs head in shame* Good luck with part 1 of the move!

  10. THANK YOU for bringing that Nick Offerman video into my life! hahaha

  11. Is it normal to only have jury duty for a week? I had it last year for a month and that seemed excessive? Mainly because teaching isn't really the type of job where you can spend every day until 7pm not knowing if you're going to work or jury duty the next day. It was a very stressful month.
    Hooray for getting your keys! Good luck with the move!!!

  12. I'm with you--longest week ever! Here's to hoping this coming week is so much better!


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