My Romance Bone is Broken & Other Revealing Things

For my 100th post I wanted to mark the occasion symbolically, because I like to pretend I live in an over-written novel and give excessive meaning to things that have none. So I thought about something on theme — 100 facts about me? 100 things you didn't know? 100 reasons I'm blogging here like an idiot? — but then I realized that I didn't want to actually mark my 100th post by losing all my readers because I finally pushed you over the edge.

But I am a "lifestyle" blogger, and obviously quite enjoy talking about M-E me, and I'm not even gonna feel weird about saying that because for what lifestyle blogger is that not true?

Do I still have you? Okay, great. So I decided to mark post nĂºmero 100 {wooo! I haven't abandoned this blog yet!} with 10 things you don't know about me, and I'm trying my best to keep it not aggressively self-aggrandizing. You'll have to tell me how I managed on that one.

Even on a holiday I can barely get them to cooperate
1. I am the middle child in my family, both biologically and when step-siblings are taken into account. I have two amazing brothers {one older, one younger} who mean more to me than any other man ever has or ever will. My big brother is one of my best friends. We have so much fun together, and we take care of each other. My little brother is a little less family oriented, but I love that little shit anyway — even if he is too busy enjoying his first legal summer to spend much time with me these days. I also have a step-sister who's two years younger than me, and a step-brother eight years older. Just call us the Brady Bunch — except not because my step-siblings are each on different sides of the family.

2. When I get very angry or frustrated, I tend to cry. It's just a physical response to the emotion that I have a really hard time controlling. I hate this because I feel like it makes me appear weak, and signals to other people that they've affected me in a way that they actually haven't. I'm also bothered that I'm bothered by that.

3. I currently have 11 tattoos and am working out the budget for adding number 12 this year. You've seen and heard about this one, got the scoop on another here, and I've shared sneak peeks of two others, and definitely plan on sharing more about the rest in the future. At a point in my life, I had many more piercings than I do now, but today the count stands at three/five {depending on your view}: two holes in each earlobe and one ring in my right rook. I used to have another rook ring, but it just kind of disappeared one night. I had my bellybutton pierced since freshman year of high school, but took it out for my surgery and never put it back in. I've had my nose pierced for a collective total of about four years, I think, but just kind of got tired of it and took it out. Having experienced both, I have to say I'm way done with piercings, but just try and stop me from getting inked every chance I get.

4. I started doing yoga about nine years ago, when I was 16. Until then, I was a ballet dancer and a cheerleader, but I worked a part-time job all through high school and couldn’t attend rehearsals or practices, so I picked up some yoga DVDs and discovered it in the comfort of my living room. I finally went to a studio years later and took a yoga class for my phys ed requirement in college, where I really committed to my practice and started to really, really love it. After college I slacked off a bit but over the last year I’ve recommitted to my practice, and I plan to pursue my instructor certification next year!

Yeah... You can tell that my books are, let's say, "well loved."
5. No matter how old I get, I will always love to read YA fiction. I've been a fan forever, and I consider Judy Blume to be the authority on the genre, and a true pioneer. I learned so much about life and the world from reading her books growing up, and she has a really special place in my heart. {Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume is a collection worth reading if you're with me on this — edited by one of my absolute favorite YA authors, [Jersey-born & raised!] Megan McCafferty.}

6. Speaking of books, there are a couple I read every year. I read The Great Gatsby at Christmas time, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, On the Road and anything by Bret Easton Ellis in the summer, and The Catcher in the Rye in the fall.

7. I am an empath and a "highly sensitive person" {HSP}. For a lot of people this is kind of a difficult concept to understand or take seriously, and they make me feel crazy when I try to explain it. Good thing I know I'm not crazy {well, not about this at least} and I don't need anyone to believe me for me to know that I'm an empath. The wonderful thing is when people who do recognize these types of things tell me they know I am before I've said it to them myself — it's really heartwarming, honestly. Anyway, I think this explains a lot about me and makes it a bit easier to understand why I am the way I am — but perhaps this is more apparent if you know me in real life.

8. I am not at all romantic in a traditional sense. I appreciate thoughtful gestures, sure — but I enjoy them from friends, family, and love interests all the same and don't consider taking five minutes to give a damn about someone a romantic gesture. But I don't swoon over typically gooey romantic stuff. Back in high school, I had been dating this guy for a couple of weeks. {We were totally falling for each other and would go on to date for two and a half years.} One day in the summer — I remember this so clearly, I'm weird — I was home laying out in my back yard when I get a call from him and he says he's out front: He'd just dropped by because he "had to" see me and just wanted to say hi. You guys, I was so irritated. SO irritated. Flash forward a couple years later and a guy I'm crazy for asks for my opinion on a manuscript he's drafting... the look on my face would have made you think I'd just gotten a proposal. That's the kind of "romance" I like. Yes, I realize, I am unfit for human interaction.

Embracing it for Halloween 2013 as Rosie the Riveter
9. Though I embrace the term "feminist" now, there was a long time where even though I looked like a duck and walked like a duck and sounded like a duck, I refused to believe I was a duck. This was because I never had a woman in my life, ever, identify as a feminist. I never knew women who were feminists, at least not on an intimate level, until well after I graduated college. I sort of "discovered" feminism for myself — way to go, Internet! — and showed myself the ropes of being one. In a way, I'm really glad. This way, I know my beliefs are indeed mine, and that though they are controversial within my family and I am very much alone in them among certain groups of people I know, I believe them with conviction and with intelligence behind them. I'm proud of this, if I can be honest. I am educated on the issues, I am fully aware of opposing beliefs and will gladly justify my position on what I think and feel and believe. I am a feminist, and one day I'll sit down and tell you all about what that means to me, and why I think we should all embrace the F-word.

10. If I'm stressed out, anxious, nervous, uncertain, or overwhelmed, the first thing I do is make a list. This usually turns into a whole bunch of lists. It helps me to keep track of all the things swirling around in my head and when I put them down on paper, I can sometimes get my thoughts a bit more organized. It doesn't always work, and sometimes all I do is feel anxious about when I can start doing the action items on my list, but I do know that if I didn't have my lists, we would all be in big trouble. My name is Alyssa, and I'm addicted to lists. AND I SWEAR TO GOD it didn't even occur to me until just now that this is item number 10 on a... list.

Sometimes, you just gotta see if you can fit in a beverage bucket.

So there you go. Ten things you might not have known and probably never, ever wanted to know about this little ol' blogger. Do we have anything in common? Share with me something I don't know about you yet! The whole part of this is so that we all become best friends, right? :)

Ninja number 11: My two best friends in high school and I went to see Ashlee Simpson perform at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC when I was a sophomore and we made shirts for it and it still to this day is one of the most fun nights of my life. Hate away.

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  1. judy blume all the way! i read her stuff when i was a wee kid (superfudge anyone?) and her recent stuff too...although i liked her older stuff better.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Girl I am so with you on #5 and even watching ABC family and those shows...I just can't get over it lol! You totally nailed the Halloween outfit!! I'm with you on the majority of these, especially being highly sensitive!! Congrats on your 100th post!!

  3. I'm the youngest in my family, and unfortunately still have to be the more mature one like I'm older. It's not fair :) I feel your pain when it comes to your bro's though, I have one that's 3.5 years older than me and even though he's an ass, I still love his punkass. Your brother is a cutie! I have books that I read every year too, sometimes when you find something amazing, you just hold onto it! People are just going to have to get over the fact that you're a HSP, it's just you!

  4. yay for 100 posts!
    i'm a middle child too! yay :)
    and yes to crying when i'm sad, mad, bothered, frustrated, happy.. any of the emotions really.
    judy blume is the winner of life. i am adding all of those books on the list to my to read list. i havent read any of the megan lady's books. i also havent read any of the books on your #6. i feel uneducated.
    I LOVED Ashlee Simpson back in the day.
    Also, lists are my favourite things in the entire world.

  5. SO much of this is me too! I'm the exact same way about crying when I get mad. Ugh! Just yesterday I had a run-in with a partner at my firm. I was absolutely FURIOUS! But all I could do was pray he would get the heck out of my office before the tears started! Because naturally, he'd think, "Oh poor little girl. I made her cry." When really it is more like, "Aww shit! I just pissed this woman off!" haha

    And I was the same way about the term "feminist" too. I am so, so grateful that college gave me a chance to get out of a small Texas town and learn that it isn't a dirty word and that really, I had been one all along. I actually swell with pride when Adam proudly tells me, "Of course I'm a feminist!" That gives me high hopes that my own children won't live in the kind of "ignorance bliss" state I did!

    Congrats on 100 posts! WOOO!


  6. congrats on your 100th post! #8 is so me. My friend was telling me about this date she went on that she described as "everything being done from a romantic comedy" and i asked her "in a good way or a bad way?" and she was so baffled that i ever thought it coudl have been a bad way. if someone tried to pull that stuff on me, i'd probably feel uncomfortable or laugh at them.

  7. Lists definitely hep me when I'm feeling anxious! This was a cool idea to celebrate your 100th post :)

  8. I'm slightly sad because I did know a lot of those things about you. But when I saw that Step Bros gif, I immediately remembered our breaks in Women's Prose Writers and how that is basically exactly what happened with us :D

  9. Judy Blume is definitely a favorite of mine. And I appreciate thoughtful gestures more than romantic ones too.

  10. did we just become best friends after reading this list! ps. i have been itching to get another tattoo! like whoa.

  11. I'm with you on the romance front. Flowers and candy? Meh. Doing something nice/helpful? YES!

  12. First off two things ... My 100th post is next week!! I didnt know we were so close in blog age haha Second I hate to read your blog so late at night because of a busy day sigh.

    Anyhoo.... Judy Blume was my childhood. I cannot count how many of her books Ive read. So good and always will be. Im a romantic but not in the traditional way. I like the small things! I think giving flowers is pretty pointless and they die and I dont think thats cute ... ill never get it. But give a an unknowing kiss on the cheek or put your hand on the small of my back and Id love that.

    P.S. I rarely cry but if I do its probably because Im angry.

  13. AHH!! Angry crying, I hate it! I do the exact same thing and it's incredibly frustrating because people think they have hurt my feelings when in fact they have just enraged me to a boiling point.
    I'm totally getting a new tattoo and extra ear piercings after I start my terminal leave to get out of the Navy. I can't even wait.

  14. Girl I say that all the time! My biggest character flaw the minute I get frustrated I get those rage tears and it's so hard to get your point across when you're crying right? Congrats on your 100th post so exciting!!!!

  15. Happy 100th! I have definitely had a few frustrated cries this week. And list-makers unite! That is definitely my response to pretty much everything. When did you get your first tattoo and what was it? What's your next one?

  16. Hahaha! Oh, Ashlee Simpson. When I lived in England we only had two tv channels so we had to watch whatever was on and for some reason 7th Heaven was always on and I wanted to fucking strangle someone, sometimes even myself, when she was in a scene. I'm tensing up as I write this. Her face. The expressions on her face were aaawful. It's all coming back to me. I'm so irritated. And then she got with Pete Wentz who I found oddly sexual. Omg! Fun fact about me?! Pete Wentz from years ago served as slight inspiration for one of my characters in the character's initial creation stage :)

    And I love that you were so annoyed when that boyfriend had to see you. That shit IS really annoying.

  17. You know how I feel about lists... And reading! I agree though, sometimes not being able to stay things on my list makes me irritable and anxious. And the crying because I'm SOO pissed of, That happens and then I just get more mad.


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