One Kool-Aid, Please

This is going to be really tough to publish, so bear with me. There are few topics I've ever approached here that might come so close to making me a total outcast in bloglandia, but what's life without guts, right? Whew. Here we go... I have a big confession to make today:

I never enjoyed reading Harry Potter. I had no desire to see the films and attempted to read the books THREE times with no luck. I set Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone aside in apathy after less than 20 pages every time I attempted to read the series.

Please, don't shoot. There's more!

So I wanted to try again, and give it a real, fair try. My step-brother loaned me book one (I've been staring at it on my bookshelf for a good two years now) and all of you Potter-loving bloggers doing your big summer re-reads have inspired me. So recently I sat down, dusted off the paperback copy and dove in. And I am VERY happy to report that the fourth time is apparently the charm.
Remember that night when laying in my bed, reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was inst-worthy?
Yes, I have drunk le Kool-Aid.
I wouldn't say I devoured the text, because it is still not exactly my genre. But I thoroughly enjoyed all of book one and made a beeline this weekend for my friend's bookshelf to borrow book two. I can definitely see myself working through the rest of the series before I even look at another book — and considering my budget will have to take a bit of a hit over the next few weeks as I prepare to and go through with moving apartments, I'm already looking forward to more than a few nights in with Harry and friends.


So I was thinking about all this and realized that this isn't the first time I've been the last one to arrive at what proves to be a kick-ass party. Some other notable examples of bandwagons I've dragged my feet to join and turned out to be the one steering the buggy, or some other effective way of delivering that metaphor:

1. The Hunger Games. Both the books and the movies I'm talking about here. No hate on J-Law or anything because that girl's da real MVP. Again, this just wasn't my genre. Cut to me reading all three books in about 18 hours each and begging my friend to go see Catching Fire in theaters for a second and third time.

2. Sushi. Yeah, hated it. Hated it, hated it, hated it. Then, one fateful New Year's Eve, many moons ago, my friends sprang for a couple of boats to feed the beasts at our annual gathering. A friend's girlfriend encouraged me to try again, starting with the basics and then working my way up to the real stuff. These days hardly a week goes by where I'm not on a mission for some shrimp tempura or spicy tuna.

3. DMB. I know, so many haters are likely among you. But whatever. See, when I was in high school, it was kind of like we all woke up one morning and everyone in my school decided Dave Matthews was their new BFF. I didn't get the insta-boners for the band so I just pretty much stayed away, not caring about what I was "missing out on." Cut to college when a good deal of my friends, all older than me and mostly (wannabe) musicians were DMB fanatics, having seen the band live upwards of 30 times. Nice guys, but MAN was it obnoxious to be shushed so they could hear (and tap out on their thighs or the steering wheel) a drum solo. I hated the band purely because of the fanbase that tried to force them on me. Then one day on a nice quiet drive with one of the less-obnoxious members of that friend group, I heard "Grey Street." And then I heard this recording and at 4:25, I fell head over heels {#grux. RIP Roi.}. Ten shows of my own later I see no reason not to shout my love for Dave from the rooftops.

4. Chipotle. I had never had it, not even once, until I came to the company I work for now, a little over two years ago. The office had a birthday lunch with Chipotle and that was my first experience. Now, like with sushi, I have a weekly debate with myself about whether or not I can justify a burrito bowl for lunch.

5. Guacamole. Related. Hated, hated, hated it. Then I dipped one of Chipotle's magical lime-and-salt corn chips into my friend's little cup of guac and, well, since then, let's just say it's serious.

So if we've learned anything today, it's that my own deprivation of wonderful things that I was too stubborn to admit could possibly be wonderful are indeed punishment enough, so please don't throw things at me for only just now adventuring into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and even saying the word "hate" in the same sentence as the aforementioned wizard's name. I'm on book two now, guys. Let's be civil about this.

Please take some of the pressure off — what's something you were hesitant to try, or even adamantly against, that you ended up loving later?


  1. I tried to ready Harry Potter when I was in middle school, but it didn't do anything for me. I haven't tried again in the last, oh, 15 years, but I'm not sure that it would be any different. My husband, on the other hand, read them starting in middle school and has read all of them and seen the movies and everything. It might be worth another shot but I just don't think it's my jam.
    Also, I feel you on the guacamole. I didn't like avocados or anything made with them for the longest time, and then about a year and a half ago my mom made me try some guac she had made. Now I would be a-okay eating it for every meal.

  2. I'm so glad you're on the sushi, Chipotle and guacamole bandwagons...I however am not on the Harry Potter train nor will I ever be LOL!

  3. I'm planning on giving in to the hype and try Chipotle while I'm on vacation next week. What's your favourite thing to order? I used to hate guacamole too but then I went to Mexico and it instantly became one of my favourite foods ever!

  4. It took me a long time to read HP. I didn't want anything to do with it or the movies, no desire what so ever until late last year I started the first book. I then promptly read all of them and really enjoyed them! I still haven't seen the movies, but plan to soon!

    I don't like wine. Never really have and never really will probably.

  5. It took me a while to try sushi too! I am actually mad at myself for being so resistant because everyone used to go to this apparently awesome place in college and I'd just take a pass! Now I would love!

  6. I did the same thing with Hunger Games! It just didn't sound like something I would be into, but I ended up loving it!

  7. Never read HP. But LOVED. The Hunger Games. Read all three in a day. Chipotle....I could eat there every single day!!!!!

  8. I was the same way with The Hunger Games, and quickly grew obsessed once I dove in! HP has never held any appeal for me either, so you are definitely not alone in being late to the party on that one.

  9. hahah maybe my first confessions post ever I posted that I never finished the Harry Potter series, or watched more than one movie because I HATE IT!!! you could imagine the comments haha. I love you for this. I cant forgive the sushi though. We're going to have to have a sushi date in October to change your mind on that one ;) Guac, I can understand, avocado is a hit or miss. I love it but I know many who dont. And Hunger games? I loved the books and read them all in one weekend. I saw only one movie because meh.

  10. ok I was about to lose my shit and say we cannot be friends anymore.
    I promise the HP books get better. Well, I thought they did.
    But I avoided the books for several years because they were so popular and I didnt want to jump on the bandwagon, and when I finally did, I read all 6 in the week before the 7th came out. No sleep lol.
    I don't like DMB but I haven't really tried listening either, just don't think it's my jam. I also have never tried Chipotle, my husband LOVES Qdoba though, so we can't cheat on Qdoba, no siree.

  11. don't worry i never finished the harry potter series. you're not alone there

  12. This post right here is why I know we'd make great IRL friends. I fought HP and DMB for the longest and then I decided to give each a try, and the rest is history.

  13. Haha, I was the same way with Hunger Games, and before that the Girl w/the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. I never made it past the first book of HP though. Nor have I seen any of the movies. Just not my cup of tea. Chipotle and sushi however-- my mouth is water just thinking about them!

  14. so i'm finally getting back around to blogging and yours is on the list to absolutely catch up on! i have to go back and find out that your moving, and why!

    but in relation to this post, i too was against chipotle... i didnt want to like it because everyone was obsessing over it. but slowly and surely (and without having qdoba around anymore) their burritos are sucking me in on a bi-weekly (almost weekly...) basis now!!!! im still pissed they don't sell queso dip though.

    and harry potter. i tried so hard to read it a long time ago, and couldn't get into it. now that my mind has matured and i appreciate literature more.... i am now restarting the first book and actually enjoying it!! ;)


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