Onward and Upward

Maybe one of these days I'll outgrow the need to come 'round here every Wednesday and cleanse my soul at the mercy of bloglandia. Maybe I'll stop committing such misdeeds that I feel the need to confess them each week with all you fine, upstanding, sinless members of the bloggerverse. But that day is not today. Today is Humpday, and these are my confessions:

Yeah. So. Remember this? Item one specifically? Well, let's just say... go ahead and smack me in the face. Ya know, sometimes a sweet, funny, smart, sexy guy is actually just a great guy who you can totally get serious about. And sometimes, your name is Alyssa and you've actually never, ever met one of these people for real and instead they all turn out to be literal nutcases who may or may not pull some Buffalo Bill shit on you if you're not quick to see the bright, cherry red flags. Moving on. Let's not dwell on it.
I am moving out of my apartment in 25 days and I don't have the faintest idea of what my next address will be. As I mentioned Monday, I have a lot of balls in the air. I would be lying through my teeth if I said the Type-A planner in me wasn't starting to seriously panic. I am going to have SO much packing to do, and while I don't so much mind packing, I'm always nervous to start too early because I'm afraid I'll pack something I need and will never be able to get it out or something. But I need to start packing soon or else Labor Day Weekend Me will hate Rest of August Me, but Current Me doesn't want to start packing until these boxes have a place to go, and if you're a little bit lost and confused from reading this, imagine what it's like to be in my head right now.

Despite those first two, and the fact that my job is still my job, and I have jury duty at the end of the month, and I may or may not have health insurance right now, and my car is a death trap on wheels, life is good and I actually kind of feel like a lunatic for being so positive and legitimately happy right now. And if that isn't the biggest reason I need to be medicated/straight-jacketed and thus an item perfect for Humpday Confessions, I don't know what is.

Okay, let's switch gears...

My officemate is out this week for a cross-country wedding and since we spend a good amount of our time chatting and checking in with each other while she's here, you would totally think I'd be more productive and not forget what I was supposed to be working on every 30 seconds, right? RIGHT? You'd be wrong. What is work.
Totally jay kay if you're reading this, boss!
Yesterday I ran for the first time since LAST WEDNESDAY OH MY GOD that's embarrassing. Mostly I skipped runs because of the heat, too many places to be/timing conflicts {I refuse to run before sunset in the summer because dying of heatstroke/suffocating in the humidity isn't on the agenda for me right now}, pain that I wanted to get under control first, and any other excuse I could think of for a couple days there. After six days of rest I had a terrible run and I almost cried because that's what emotional stability looks like.

I got myself on that Amazon Prime kick last week and I've been watching nothing but Sabrina, the Teenage Witch since then. I'm approximately none percent sorry about it. The college years are everything except I miss Harvey :( #NEVERGROWINGUPBYE
Just realized this show ended its run over a decade ago, and now I feel nauseous.

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Vodka and Soda
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    is everything ok? do I need to beat someone up?
    haha you are so funny, I am so the same - start packing things you know you don't need like out of season clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff etc but leave the boxes in their origin so you know where stuff is if you need it.
    aw boo to your crying run, but it will get better! i didnt run this morning and I am SO mad at myself but I am - I MUST - go after work today. I WILL.
    hey girl no shame about Sabrina, I own all of them. No spoilers but don't worry someone you miss shall return... mwahahaha (evil laugh a la Salem)
    2 things. I want to win free shit, and I am so sorry for all the CAPS in this comment.

  2. That Sabrina gif. I stared at it for awhile. Also, I used to dress like that! FROM HEAD TO TOE!!!

    And now I will go watch Office Space.

  3. This is the perfect way to start my Wednesday morning. Oh my goodness. It made me giggle, although I'm sorry some boy was an asshat to you.

    Sabrina will always, always make it better. I also really love that Britney Spears is in that gif. Oh, the good old 90s days when life was simpler and music was bubblegummier.

  4. "I got myself on that Amazon Prime kick last week and I've been watching nothing but Sabrina, the Teenage Witch since then." SHUT THE FRONT DOOR THAT IS MY FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME NO JOKE I HAVE THE FIRST 2 SEASONS ON DVD

    And with that, we have our next girl date planned already: sushi + wine + sabrine = you and me time, girl.

    Also, 25 days is a long time. Take it from someone who has been counting down days since May 27th. Love you. <3

  5. Ugh what happened? your first one upsets me because I want to kick him for not being all he should have been! You know what though your attitude is perfect! I need that attitude when Im faced with crap. Honestly positivity in the face of negativity is the best answer!

    As for your run, it happens. I skipped the gym for a few days and almost cried when I went back. I felt horrible and unfit and like "omg how is it that everyone has this exercise thing so easy". But I went back and it was better and I know you will rock your next run!

    Love ya chick and love that your chin is up! :)

  6. I was such a fan of Sabrina the Teenage witch and loved that the college years were filmed in Boston!! :) And you have plenty of time to figure out the living situation - all is good!

  7. oh man did you have the curse of death with the new boy by talking about him on bloglandia!?

  8. Boo about the guy! I've heard of that curse about talking about a new guy on the blog.. The struggle is real.
    That's kind of crazy that you don't know where you are going to be moving to!
    I refuse to believe that Sabrina ended ten years ago. REFUSE.

  9. now i want to take back my comment that i wrote to him because he seemed cool. HE'S NOT COOL!

    sorry that happened; but at least you got out before the crazy really set in!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  10. Love Amazon Prime. Sorry to hear item one- but onward and upward as my grandma always likes to tell me!

  11. "Because that's what emotional stability looks like" You continuously crack me up.


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