Picking Things Up and Putting Them Down

This weekend, pretty much all I did was pick things up and put them down.

Well, if you want me to be more accurate, what I did was pick them up (in my apartment), put them down (in my car), drive 3.6 miles, pick them up (from my car), and then finally put them down (in my new apartment). I should mention that this involves two staircases, three outer doors, a cramped parking lot, a busy parking lot, and hunger pangs that sound like something fairy tale characters hear coming from the forest right before they're almost eaten by a wild animal.

But it was a good weekend nonetheless; moving just sucks. And it's hard. Especially when you're doing the bulk of it alone because you know how much moving sucks and you don't want to be the person who asks others to sacrifice their Saturdays to such an activity, knowing that all the free pizza and beer in the world doesn't make moving someone else's stuff suck less.

Know what else is hard? Running 8 miles. But I did that this weekend too.

Wait, hold on. I need to be more clear about that. I ran 8 miles — and I did it without stopping — for the first time ever in my entire life on Saturday. I can't explain why, but this felt like a huge leap from the 7 miles I ran not long ago, though 7 didn't feel like a huge leap from 6. (Yes, I am aware there's just one mile difference between each. It's weird though.)
Long, long, long live the #sweatyselfie. 
I was flying higher than high after this run, guys. And then I foam rolled my quads and legit almost cried. But after the feelings of frustration that come with moving, I needed a strong release on Saturday and a really big win. Sweet lord did I get that. And then I went to my friend's house and watched The Dark Knight Rises and drank rum + Arnie Palmers because that's what a coupla twenty- and thirty-somethings do on Saturday nights. #can'tholdusdown

I can pretty much sum up Sunday with the same, except 86 the running and add a Slurpee (Coca Cola, of course) because there's nothing like moving into your first 100-percent-mine, no-roommate-to-split-rent-and-utilities-with apartment to make you hanker for the tastes of your childhood, I guess. I took a photo of my Slurpee in my car in the 7-11 parking lot and the dude in the car next to me definitely saw but YOLO.

Then I picked up, put down, unpacked, and packed more of the things, all while periodically scanning both my current living rooms and wondering to myself, "I've done a HUGE purge of my things. HOW DO I STILL HAVE SO MUCH STUFF?"

And now today I'm exhausted because I was up late last night tossing and turning about where I'm going to place my ginormous antique dresser that I totally need for the storage but that is also 22" deep thus making it awkward as hell to place near almost any other piece of furniture that is about half as deep as it is. I really wish part of me was even remotely kidding.

I was also a terrible blog friend and terrible editor and terrible everything but mover because I answered one email all weekend and read zero blogs. I'm sorry, I suck, but so does moving so this week I guess I'll just try to suck less.

Also please be advised that although this probably sounds like a huge downer I'm actually in great spirits, if not a little stressed but when am I not, so don't worry about my sanity. I have just about as little of it as I normally do. It's just in about 60 different boxes in two different living rooms in two different towns.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a jam-packed weekend! I remember moving into my apartment on the third floor. It sucked.... but luckily I had a few boys move all the heavy stuff while I decided to put the frozen pizza in the oven and look busy in the kitchen haha

  2. Girl 8 miles is amazing!! The most I've done is 5 and that was for a race lol!! Hopefully I'll be at your level soon!! Congrats on getting so much accomplished in terms of packing this weekend - and i bet the packing was a great workout too! xo

  3. Great job on the run!!!!!
    Yes, foam rolling is the worst and best! It helps so much but hurts so so bad.
    You deserve a massage after the weekend you had! Busy girl!

  4. I am so excited and happy for you, hurry up and get your shit put away in that big ol dresser and take tons of photos. um so was i the one email because i think i was and i feel super special! do you know i havent had a slurpee or slushie or whatever in like 17 years (ok slight exaggeration) so i need one now. i would have absolutely helped you move but for free dessert or ice cream please, pizza doesnt entice me haha.
    and HOT DAMN go you and your 8 miles! you are so awesome and should be so proud. I totally get you - I think it's because even numbers. 5 miles seems like nothing, 6 miles is OMG 6 miles. 7 miles, eh. 8 miles SHIT. 9 miles whatevs. 10 miles - I MAY AS WELL DO A MARATHON ok but not really cause I almost died.

  5. Oh man, I feel your pain! Last summer I moved TWICE. One from an hour away and the second one from 15 min away. Having my stuff all divided in boxes and bags was terrible. Because I had to move quickly both times (long story), I didn't have time for labels/sorting, so I just kind of threw everything where it would fit (which was sometimes straight in the garbage- yay purging!). It sounds like you're making great progress though- in all areas! Good luck with the rest of your move!

  6. Woo good for you for getting yourself moved! I hate hate hate being asked to help people move, and therefore I hate hate hate asking people to help me move. So I just don't anymore. We actually hired movers this time since we are real grown-ups and all...that's not to say they did 100% of the work but it was nice to not have to worry about most of it.
    Hahaha I think Kristen is on to something...the even numbered miles do seem like a bigger deal, why is that?

  7. I'm glad you're all moved! Moving is such a freaking pain. And I super impressed by your run! I really wish I could run, but I really reallyyyy hate it. Haha!

  8. Congrats on 8 miles! That's a big accomplishment, 1 mile difference or not! Yay for moving. Now let's get to those "after" pictures!

  9. Moving sucks, I cant even sugar coat that but Im so glad at this point you're all in! I cannot wait to see the place! I miss you ... cant believe I barely chatted with you all week!


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