What's My Age Again?

After reading this post by Helene {and contemplating how simultaneously immature and old-lady-trapped-in-a-young body I am, proven by my desire to live in a new place with nice countertops and fixtures but feeling too lazy to call a damn realtor}, I decided to go ahead and find out what "My Mental Age" is.

It should be noted before I go on that a similar quiz {although this one was presented by Buzzfeed, so keep that in mind} told me a couple of months ago that I was a solid 45 though I was actually 24 at the time, and at first I was almost tempted to be upset but then the picture they used to illustrate the results page was one of Tina Fey as Liz Lemon and I just really couldn't argue with that at all.
So anyway.

Whatever highly qualified minds there are making these things took all my answers to very important questions about Twitter and Barack Obama and Miley Cyrus and fine dining and decided that my mental age is 27.
I gotta be honest, this one took me by surprise.

I have to wonder. Do most 27-year-olds worry {or "think" if you want to be an optimist} about things like:
  • When am I finally going to be able to find an apartment that allows me to have a dog?
  • LOL I'm never buying a place, am I?
  • Nah it's cool, I don't need roots. Traveling should take precedence for at least the next couple of years.
  • I need to get my friend a baby shower gift.
  • I need to get my friend a wedding shower gift.
  • I need to figure out how to let my friends and family understand that I'm not suicidal because I have no impending wedding or baby shower.
  • Where is my career going? Shouldn't I have a little bit more of that thing figured out at this point?
  • 401K? ROFL
  • Why is it so hard for me to take a decent goddamn selfie?
  • Should I say yes to this trip to Savannah? I probably should, right?
  • God, dating is torture. Can't we just start things off from a couple of months in already so you can just come over and hang out when we both have free time instead of scheduling actual dates in advance because shit's getting pricy and I just don't have that kind of time these days but I don't want to give the wrong impression by "hanging out" with you on my couch so I guess dinner it is.
  • I have washed my car maybe five times in the seven years I've had it but apparently, if my fellow bloggers are to be believed, normal people do it way more often than that even though it's just going to rain in a couple days anyway.
  • God I need to see my chiropractor, my back pain is out of control.
I really don't know what a 27-year-old {or even a 25-year-old, for that matter} is supposed to concern his/herself with, but consider this a not-even-remotely exhaustive list of concerns thoughts I've had just while writing this post. Which is, in summation, to say that I don't know if I'm actually 25, 27, 45 or anywhere in between. Oh and I did take my RealAge a couple months back and it said I was 28, so can I just call myself 21 again and start over from there? Maybe my timeline just needs some recalibration.*

Or maybe this is just what your mid-twenties are — at least for a Millennial in this decade: A great big old mixed bag of adulthood and teenage years, stuck halfway between college and career. Most of the time I feel like I'm one of the few people I know straddling the balance between being married with kids and an unmanageable mortgage {suckas} and drinking my face off and waking up in hungover oblivion five days a week {ugh}.

I'm a productive adult in that I am 100% financially independent, hold down a steady full-time job, maintain healthy habits, keep houseplants alive, contribute to a savings account, and send people cards on their birthdays. I'm fine with staying in on a Friday night if there exists no better option than getting a good night's sleep and and early Saturday start — going out for its own sake is no longer fun. I keep a budget, know my limits with alcohol and other indulgences, can have extended conversations about politics, and make my health a priority.

But I'm also completely unsure now of "what I want to be when I grow up," considering a huge career change, driving a car that may or may not explode on it's next trip down the Parkway, and haven't had a successful relationship {read: healthy} in ohmygodlet'snotevengothere. I'm nowhere near remotely ready for children — hell, I'm not sure I'll ever decide to take that plunge. I will spend hours getting lost in the Internet and still do laundry at my parents' house whenever possible.

So am I doing something wrong that has me pulling life choices and habits from both my teens and my thirties, or is this just what it means to be smack dab in the middle of them?

*I don't actually know what recalibration means completely and I didn't want to google it. Add age 15 to the list of ages I might possibly be.

What's your Mental Age? RealAge? Do things sound about right to you? What's my age again? #confusedsendhelp.


  1. I definitely think that's what our mid/late 20's are for figuring out bigger decisions and also feeling nostalgic for the past like high school and college when things were so much easier!! I'm probably closer to a 70 y/o grandma than a 27 y/o haha!

  2. Oh man.... I'd like to be back in my 20's. I am almost in my mid-30's. Getting old sucks!

  3. As a new 27 year old I know I don't think about much except paying bills, eating, and drinking coffee,. Though that test told me I was 37 which sounds about right. . . so yeah.

  4. Hmmm... just went and took it. Apparently, my mental age is 44. Oops!

  5. i dont want to know what my mental age is, lol. i'm 27 and i worry about some of the things you listed, and some i have never worried about. i think the older i get, the more comfortable i am with myself, which impacts every decision and aspect of life because i make smarter decisions to benefit me. i still cant take a decent selfie though.

  6. ok i took the test. MY MENTAL AGE IS 75 WTF.

  7. Ok I just got 36 but at least I'm not Kristen with the 75...yikes hahaha. Mid-20s are the weirdest time ever. I'm 28 in real life and feel 10 years older than when I was 26. Weird

  8. My mental age is 31. I'll be 31 in 4 months. And I have many of the same or similar thoughts to your list. Mid 20's was such a confusing time overall, but I think you're exactly where you're supposed to be!

  9. Im afraid to take this test. I know that depending on the questions Id be either around 50 or 15 hahah Im an enigma to myself!

  10. Yes, 25 is definitely an age where you're still thinking like a teen but starting to think more like a 30-year-old. And I think alot about how hard it is to take a decent selfie too, and I'm 31. It's just so frustrating because I swear I'm pretty cute but there's not a selfie anywhere to prove it. I'm just not photogenic. I haven't given up but I'm running out of time. Pretty soon it's going to be too pathetic of me to be taking selfies. FTW. I think you're doing just fine, by the way :)

  11. Ha, about to be 30 and I still have those thoughts!

  12. i just turned 29 and i feel like i should have things together but i'm still confused about life just as much as you.

    i am happy to report that i've finally gotten over house parties, and drinking more than 1 or 2 beers, going out just to go out, and all the likes.

    i dont even know if this comment makes sense but i can just say that i'm in the inbtween college and being a career woman ( idont know what i want to do with my life, for real) but i'm pushing 30 now and feel like i should know this crap!


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